Girl's Gone Bad

I was initially shocked by the video of the McKinney pool party gone bad, however it is missing context.  The police were called because of the fight that broke out.  Now lets look critically at what prompted the police officers to show up.  They had a report of a physical conflict.  When they arrived, there were dozens of kids running all over the place. Why run if you were invited to a party and weren't doing anything wrong?

At the point the police arrived on scene it didn't matter who started it.  What mattered is that they heard there was a fight and saw a bunch of kids running away when they arrived.  The police don't have some sort of magic crystal ball.  They don't know what sort of situation they are arriving into. When told to sit down on the grass, nobody was listening to them. Even the two boys got up and were told to sit down again.  When the cop tells you to sit down, you sit down, it's not rocket science.

In the video, the officer's name is Cpl. Eric Casebolt, and he is currently in hiding due to death threats.  To be honest, the video was shocking the first time I viewed it. I had no understanding as to why that officer pulled his weapon the way he did, even the other two officers that flanked him seemed taken aback. I also don't care for the language he used either as these were kids and there was no reason to cuss at them.  However, upon multiple views of the video, it is clear one boy came up behind the officer and charged toward him to get him to leave the girl alone.  The officer then drew his gun as he would have been trained to do.  That is when the two officers chased him down and brought him back in handcuffs to sit next to her. To be honest, the video doesn't help the #blacklivesmatter cause, it's actually pretty damning.

Yet how do you get a group of quickly scattering kids to sit down when they are bent on ignoring that direct order, so the police can get backup and sort out the complaint of a fight?  Their goal is to keep everyone safe and making them sit down helps toward that end.  When you refuse to follow their directions, simple as they are, the police are left with no choice but to think you are part of the problem.

It isn't as if the officer did not give the girl several warnings to leave.  He didn't make her sit down initially like he did with the boys.  He told the group of girls to leave but little miss mouthy was having none of that.  In fact, everywhere I look in the video is evidence of a group of kids who clearly lack respect for the police. That comes from the home.  That comes from their upbringing.

In those painful minutes watching the video, it became clear to me that people would scream racism and call for justice.  Justice.  What a worn out and tattered word these days.  What exactly is justice? Is it punishing a cop for subduing the girl who taunted him and yelled back at him every time he told her to leave?  Is justice firing him for drawing his gun?  Is justice arresting him for using force on a snot-nosed little girl who refused to sit down when he ordered her to, even after having given her multiple opportunities to leave the scene?

The black community pulls the race card, and often. Turns out, it devalues the definition of racism. Suddenly someone who gives you an opened can of Diet Coke is racist and discriminating against you because you've asked for an unopened can. You just can't make this stuff up.

The HOA had no knowledge of any event to be held. Such an event would have required prior approval.

About 70 teens showed up and they were not there behaving peacefully.  Those who held the event claim the kids weren't invited to swim in the pool, yet a bunch of them were in swim trunks, bikinis, or carrying towels.  In fact, what part of the invite indicates that it is not a pool party, especially when the address listed is the pool and there is water and a pool float depicted?

The interview of the black mother who set up the party claims that unauthorized parties take place at the Craig Ranch community pool all the time, but when the black kids show up the police are called. The police were not called because there were black kids there, the police were called because there was a fight.  Race card much?

So when the girl in the bikini refused to lie down after the police officer told her to leave more than half a dozen times, he had no choice but to force her down like any criminal. Yet she kept pushing and lifting herself up rather than following a direct order.  Watch the video several times and see how she behaves since she is in most of it. Every time the cop tells her to leave she turns around and yells at him.  She was disrespectful and refused to leave despite being given the opportunity to do so without conflict.  Three times she walked away and came back to the scene.

After she is forced to the ground, with a lot less force than I've seen most criminals forced, she begins whimpering that she wants her momma.  Why?  Because momma is going to come tell her how perfect she is? That attitude is precisely what got her here in the first place.  A false belief of entitlement.  She obviously felt entitled to do as she pleased and not obey the direct order of a police officer.  She got what she got. And no, he didn't "slam" her down like the news is reporting.  He did his best not to slam her down, but as she flailed about like a ragdoll, she made it appear as though he was causing that. He finally forced her down on the grass where it was softer.  Several adults came up while the officer had her subdued and one of them, a black man, was clearly telling her to stop resisting and to lie still.   On what planet do you not sit down when a cop tells you to?  On what planet do you not leave when a cop tells you to?  Stupid, stupid little girl.  Stupid, stupid little kids. Yet somehow, now what has taken place is pure racism. No matter that most of the kids invited to this thing were black.  From what I see, the white people ignored by the police officer appear to be adult residents standing back after they attempted to calm things down.  Would the PD have cause to go after the adults on scene?  Only if they were causing problems like the one man arrested.  Now that big, bad, mean, old police officer was racist because he picked on a group of kids who scattered like they were guilty.

She's just so innocent isn't she?  However the video shows something different with her defiant returns toward the scene and mouth moving in the video syncing with yells.

How would you like to spend every day of your life wondering if it will be your last?  That is a police officer's reality.  They willingly run into a situation to help when you or I would refuse to.  They place themselves in harms way for all of us.  They don't select whose lives they will save and whose they will walk away from.  Yet they are being vilified because of the color of their skin and because the racism word can be used as a tool to manipulate the outcome of crimes. The folks calling for this officer to be punished have applied reverse discrimination.  They are claiming he purposely went after the black kids just because they are black, and for no other reason.  That is simply not true and is evidenced in the video as he went only after those who ran or were acting up.

There is a war on police and they are damned no matter what they do.