Rachel Dolezal: Dark Path to Pathological Liar

The black folk running the NAACP don't seem to mind that they have been duped for years by Rachel Dolezal.  She grew up as a lily white girl but decided the color black suited her better. Shes been lying about her race since 2007 and this telling video link shows just how delusional she is.. But is she the only one?

Some liberal bloggers are calling her racially misaligned.  Even the NAACP don't seem to mind that she is a liar.  I guess she's just transracial, a white woman in a black woman's body, and ticking the African-American box on your college, job application, or taxes doesn't really matter.

Hey, if she can get away with it,  then everyone should just mark whatever box they feel like in order to get jobs, scholarships, and other help.

She claims a Facebook post of her with a black man is her dad.

Yet these people came forward and claimed her as their child.

I suppose she'll just waive them away as unknown.  Except they seem to be in her wedding photo from 2002.

In my opinion, the woman is a sick, pathological liar and needs some help but the NAACP is behaving irresponsibly by allowing her to continue on with the charade.

I mean seriously, if a white chick can pretend to be a poor, maligned and mistreated black and get away with it for years, anyone can.

You just can't make this up.