The Mind Police

A new kind of witch hunt.  Liberal media hunted down this woman and got her suspended from her job.  They even hunted down a 911 caller who plead guilty of harming animals.When he was 18, he and a couple friends vandalized the rival high school's ag department.  As vile as that is, I still wonder what that has to do with him calling 911 when there was clearly a melee taking place in his neighborhood.

Of course all of this stalking supports the liberal narrative that McKinney is a racist community.

So if this woman is a racist for making those comments, then she's a racist.  Frankly, the alleged statements of these two women are a disgrace. However I will not assert the statements are accurate at this time since I have found no video evidence I can see to corroborate them as there is in the case of the little girl pushed to the ground for behavioral reasons I've stated quite clearly in a previous post which you can read here.

That said, we have a nifty little thing in this country called due process, and everyone seems to forget about that little formality.  So I find it highly disturbing that people's employment can be toyed with by mere social media pressure and influence before the investigation is even complete.

This brings up the question of just how far a company can go to monitor their employee's belief systems then.   As twisted as they might be, I fail to see how she's not entitled to them even if she is a racist. There is no law monitoring people's belief systems regardless of what they are.

Racism abounds in both black and white people, so you mean to tell me that makes them all instantly fireable? As distasteful as it is that unthinkable statements might have been uttered as to "Section 8" housing, it's not really any different than someone stating they believe in marriage between one man and one woman. Tough subject, isn't it?

So should companies fire people at will so long as they have social media mobs pushing them for it? What ever happened to self-governance?  Does this mean that the term Equal Opportunity Employer should now also encompass the mandate to fire anyone they find out is racist, or homophobic, or even Islamaphobic? Should I be fired because I believe in marriage in the biblical definition? Some gays find my stance just as highly offensive as I do theirs.

Are we led to become mind police monitoring the very thoughts of everyone and firing anyone we disagree with?

Just some food for thought.