Une, Deux, Trois....VOTE!

Early voting in Wylie has become a biannual pain in the butt, and forget about a runoff.  SB100 approved by the ignoramuses running our state legislature in 2011 is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks to the provisions of SB100, which force local city entities to partner with their counties in hopes to force greater county election turnout, and under the guise of helping those overseas military vote who mail their ballots in anyway, we got to select our county of choice so long as our locale resided within its borders.  In Wylie we got the special privileged of selecting one of the counties our district encompasses.  Wylie ISD voted to change their terms to 4 years and contract with Collin County for elections, leaving the City of Wylie to fend for themselves.  Council didn't want to change their terms from 3 years so they opted to contract with Rockwall County, and also because it was cheaper than contracting with Collin.  Thus a voting three ring circus has ensued.

Since then, voting has turned into a veritable horse and pony show, because the City of Wylie partnered with Rockwall County, making reaping the benefits of the confusion quite interesting.

There's nothing quite like voting for your council races at city hall, and then having to caravan over to the school administration building to vote for a bond.  Just how many of the usual Wylie pittance of voters bothered traipsing to the other side of the railroad tracks to vote?  Not the same numbers, that's for sure.  If you compare votes for school district items on the Collin County election site and votes for council races on the Rockwall County elections site, the numbers are staggeringly different and not just because the voting population between the entities is different either.

In May of this year however, we got a special treat.  We got to vote just outside the library meeting room doors for one race and then get in line again to vote inside the library meeting room for another race.   OK, OK, so there wasn't any line.  This is after all Wylie, with our traditional less than 4% voter turnout.  Then again, when you have to remember to vote all over creation, it can really thwart voter turnout.  In most normal cities, people expect a one-stop shop where they can get get all their voting needs satisfied immediately.  Not so in Wylie.  If you like voting, you get to do it over, and over, and over again each year, sometimes three times in an election if there is a runoff.

Speaking of a runoff.  If you intend to early vote in the runoff election this month, you'll have to take a trip to Wylie City Hall to vote for your council candidate of choice, and then take another nice long trip to either Murphy City Hall, Lucas City Hall, or Collin County Spring Creek Campus to vote for the Collin College Trustee runoff.  SURPRISE!

I wonder just how many Wylie citizens will bother taking the trip over to Murphy to vote? Considering this is a runoff, and considering the usual Wylie voter apathy, doubt there will be many.

Still, if you came here looking for my endorsements, they are: Candy Arrington for Wylie City Council and Jim Orr for Collin College.  Now go out there and vote, and vote.