We Own It

Image courtesy of www.grumpyoldpunks.com

You might have guess it, but I'll freely admit it, I'm one of those people that talks to my dogs. In fact, not only do I talk to my dogs, I sing to them, speak to them in Polish, and I even talk to them using a fake accent. Oh yes, I'm all sorts of interesting as they stop whining and cock their heads to listen.

Hey, I've been known to toss down a phrase or two at them when they are whinging at me and Beastie Boys, "What'cha, what'cha, what'cha, want?" is one of my all time favorites. Ha, my oldest son sniggers at me.  Seriously? I'm old, but I'm not that old.  Dude, do you have any idea how long the Beastie Boys have been around?  You don't own this stuff, you know.  It came out in 1992 when I was only 27 and you weren't even thought of yet, let alone born. Sheesh.

It's amazing what the younguns think about us.  Imagine.  My generation have the first punkers. Those ahead of me have the first rock and rollers.  Nobody seems to mind a bunch of long, white-haired hippies in leather and tats watching those octogenarian Rolling Stones wrinklies up on stage, but when I spout off a Beastie Boys lyric, somehow I'm odd?

My youngest sits at his desk and listens to AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bon Jovi on Pandora as if it's all new and it somehow means something to their generation. I'm not sure I have the heart to tell him that we owned all their cassette tapes back in the 80s and we played them ad nauseum. Hell, I'm pretty sure my mother even recognizes the lyrics after hearing the music float down the stairs for years.  Hmmmm, I wonder if she remembers The Cure?

Here's a pogo down memory lane for you punkers.

Remember the Sex Pistols?

 Ya well, here's Johnny. Um, Johnny Rotten that is.

And Siouxie Sioux, head woman in front of her Banshees?  Yup.

Then there's Bauhaus and Peter Murphy.

And my all time favorite Robert Smith from the Cure.  He was kind of cute and dreamy in the 80s with his pouty face.

Now he just brings me nightmares.

Ya, we still got it.  Not.

Still, the younger crowd will just have to get over the fact that we were first, and oy Chihuahua, we are old now too.

And for my son, here's the Beastie Boys for you.