Weak Minded

Just another dastardly bastard who says American laws don't mean what they say.  Not your Grandma's revisionism.

Americana.  What is that?  Seems all things American have been placed on the warpath firing line. Evidently America is not supposed to have any sordid past.  Everything must be disinfected, sterilized, and wiped clean so as not offend anyone, and to make way for further eerie homogenization.  And it all started with a bratty blonde kid with an ugly bowl cut who hated America enough to burn her stars and stripes and step foot into the hallowed halls of God and shoot people because of their skin color. That was one evil monster.  That is not the rest of us who stand in those same churches shaking the hands of our brethren no matter the color or sex.  Defining America as racist is criminal and we should ask ourselves who is behind this.

This one kid who deserves a severe ass-whoopin' wanted to start a civil war, but blacks and whites came together and hugged and stood in church or at gatherings together reciting the Lord's Prayer instead.

Photo courtesy Travis Dove for the NY Times
Yet after those first days of mutually shared grief, something new and ugly has taken over and the red-horned devil that is the liberal news media is pushing it upon us.  Bans.  That ugly word has liberals the country over jumping on the ban-wagon and a new sort of war is raging.  It's not about the confederacy, or slavery, or racism.  It's about losing our liberty. This is the war we might fight.

It started with the confederate flag.  A flag which is a symbol for many folks who's ancestors died fighting for a country.  Never mind it wasn't the country we all ended up in, but those old Southern Democrats held strong to their desire to self-govern without interference from the north.  Yet because that flag has been adopted by the left as a symbol of the hatred they once held toward their black slaves, they are using it as a tool to get back at the liberty minded.  The confederate flag wasn't a Yankee thing.  In fact, it wasn't even a Republican thing. The Civil War was fought over two things, first whether the union could dissolve a confederation of sovereign states and assemble them into one indivisible and sovereign nation and last, whether all men were created equal. And that was a farce because even women weren't treated equally.  Whether we like it or not, the war is a part of our nation's history.  It is, was, and always will be and nothing can change that, not even hiding it.

Some would rather wish it away by banning anything to do with this piece of history. And so it begins. The history of America is about to be stripped away one piece at a time because a bunch of pantywaists want to sissy-whine about everything that has not been cleansed and made all purple and pink daisied with peace signs and smiley faces. Everything must be all peace, love, sex, and rock and roll. The feel gooders aren't supposed to be reminded of history, they just want to live in the present and not think about silly things like the past and the future.  They're called liberals.  

Soon these liberals will make sure that all statues having anything to do with the Civil War will be ordered removed. Confederate grave-markers will be removed too because those damned confederate soldiers don't deserve to be remembered by anyone, least of all their families. How dare anyone mention anything to do with the confederacy because it was only about slavery and never anything else. Somehow we have people desperate to tamp out our Civil War history and anything part of it is being hidden from view and swept away, despite it being a major part of our American history. 

Will it be scrubbed from our history books as well? Slavery has already been diminished in the books. Will students in the near future have no clue that there ever was a Civil War? As brutal and ugly as war and slavery were, it is a part of our American history. We need to know about it so we never repeat it. 

Now stores are afraid liberals might not shop there.  So Sears, Walmart, K-Mart, Ebay, Amazon and others are jumping on the ban-wagon.  New York Times Loon Loonenick, or shall I say Lou Lumenick just wrote a piece exclaiming that Gone with the Wind should also be banned.  Old Daisy in her Dukes should be banned also as discussion on the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee vehicle image banning has made the rounds. All this ban talk will only make sales go up, so though WallyWorld will lose some sales over their short-sighted politically correct merchandise gaff, someone else stands to make a veritable financial killing over it. Mark my words.

We are on a path to total self destruction and believe me, it's not over a flag. Quick, everybody just stick your head in the sand so we don't have to deal with that pesky US history or anything. Will all things cowboys and indians be next because they were treated just as horribly as blacks? No more chaps for you, my friend. No more saddle sales. We must close Caprock Canyon State Park because they have those dreaded Bison that belonged to the natives. Close Little Big Horn National Monument! Ban Sacagawea! 

Somehow we survived our history for hundreds of years but suddenly we cannot? Suddenly it's just too much to consider that the US used to be split in two with separate ideologies and somehow came together with one? We must be really weak minded. That is, if you listen to the media loons spreading this crap.

We the People?  We don't like the bans one damned bit.  Friend after friend has stated this southern cleansing needs to stop. Even many of my liberal friends. Even many black people have come out protecting the history and websites abound for those who's ancestors fought.  It's one thing to not fly the confederate flag on government property, but to ban it in some masterminded way to control American thought processes?  It's absurd. 


We need to find new ways to love our brother, but pretending something did not happen isn't one of them. Nobody wins here, least of all American liberty.