Weapons of Can Destruction

Move over black peeps because a new racism is in town, and you're no longer hip.  That's right, the media has dropped your rioting tantrums in favor of a Muslim prima donna wielding an open can o' Diet Coke.

Tahera Ahmad, a chaplain at Northwestern University, resorted to webosphere whining because the flight attendant handed her an opened can of Diet Coke. She claims the attendant said she could make a weapon out of it.  I suppose the infidel hands of the flight attendant molesting the Diet Coke can were just too much for the precious and pious Ahmad. No matter that a perfectly good can of Diet Coke should be wasted, demands came for an unopened can.

Give me a an unopened can of Diet Coke or give me death, well the death of a flight attendant's career anyway.  Evidently Ahmad couldn't just suck it up and take the can like everyone else. Oh no, that would be infidel dead common. She claims refusal of a closed and hygienically swabbed Diet Coke can brought her to tears and a whiny mid-flight Facebook post claiming assault on her liberties.

Hey, she learned from the best.  All one need do is look to the rioting by black thugs claiming police brutality in order to see white cops fall to indictment for appeasement.  In order to advance a cause, whatever it is, the ridiculous must be claimed.  Thus a simple can of Diet Coke was manipulated in order to support her irrational claim of discrimination.  Had the flight attendant not given her anything I could see the point, but to her own admission the attendant came and asked her if she would like anything.  Interestingly, it was after that Ahmad picked up her pitchfork and decided to be obstinate.

The story improves from there. Ahmad claims all manner of havoc, from flippant comments after she complained about an unopened beer can handed to another passenger, to a miscellaneous male passenger leaning across the plane and yelling at her to, "Shut the F- up."  Really?  I have yet to find any of those acts or comments substantiated anywhere, especially since someone would have heard a man yelling  and hatefully cussing on an airplane.  I'm not buying a whole cabin-full of airline passengers sitting in silence, especially when as the story grows, the bizarre eye and face gestures grow to keep up with the fantastical.

Pay particular attention to her eyes and demeanor as she avoids answering a direct question toward the end of the interview. Credible?

Evidently it's hip to be discriminated against and the media will lap it up, never mind that granny and your 3 year old are being groped and molested by the TSA because her Muslim brothers blew up the World Trade Center and are beheading innocent Christians the world over.  The way the media has made a circus out of this is astoundingly asinine.

Will I be called an Islamaphobe because I tried my level best to ignore a Muslim woman wearing a hijab at Sprouts today who interrupted me as I read my grocery list of Vitamins? I don't care who it was, I didn't want to be bothered and I had my, "Leave me the hell alone," face on.

According to a People Magazine article,  United Airlines reported:

"The flight attendant on board Shuttle America flight 3504 attempted several times to accommodate Ms. Ahmad's beverage request after a misunderstanding regarding a can of diet soda," they continued. "The inflight crew met with Ms. Ahmad after the flight arrived in Washington to provide assistance and further discuss the matter." 
Notice in the interview above how Ahmad refuses to answer the question posed by the CNN anchor. Also note how her eyes dart all over the place, particularly to the right, indicating she is not being altogether truthful about her discrimination assertion. Not once does Ahmad address the fact this flight attendant attempted to correct the misunderstanding, rather it's about discrimination.  It is clear this woman is making a bunch of hooey out of this to advance a discrimination cause.

To add insult to injury, United Airlines put the flight attendant in "sensitivity training" and promised she will not come into contact with the general public again.  How stupid is that?  Now United Airlines looks dopey for attempting to back their flight attendant, and then walking that back under threats of boycott.

This sort of controversy is nothing new for Tahera Ahmad.  Ahmad jumped on the tweet to ban Ayyan Hirsi Ali from  receiving an honorary degree from Brandeis University.  The linked article alludes to it, but I'll take it one step further and show you the actual retweets.

Evidently Ahmad's lack of Diet Coke far outweighs Ayyan Hirsi Ali's forced female genital mutilation and fight for oppressed Muslim girls around the world amid continual death threats.   Ahmad's claim to fame is to be the first woman to read the Quran aloud in the US, never mind that it is a misogynist book of how to oppress women and other how-to terrorism stories.

But we come back to that pesky can of Diet Coke.  With that can Tahera Ahmad went from obscure to news with the "racism" buzzword. And that, folks, is how you make a weapon out of a simple can of Diet Coke.