Digging that Body

Forget your measly removal of statutes and flags, the cartooned, swirling-eyed, Orwellian Ministry of Truth are descending upon the resting place and desecrating dead bodies in order to re-write history. And these misguided idiots actually think they are doing us all a favor. 

The Memphis City Council wants the remains of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife exhumed and moved in what can only be described as the most disturbing banning attempt yet.  Oh, and it was unanimous too. The man fought for his country, it matters little that the country no longer exists.  He has family members alive today because he once lived and breathed.  Are we to exhume all slave-owners from their resting place now because the Confederate flag is being banned in high fashion?  Let the dead rest, it matters little where they do it.

We have a totalitarian regime in action and coming to a town near you. There is an extermination of American history by Communists.  So Orwellian I cannot believe people are just standing by as the "Ministry" takes over. Go re-read your 9th grade  literature assignment and remind yourself of how distasteful you found the ministry back then.  

This is not what rational people do with history. Rational people learn from their mistakes and move forward, swearing to never repeat them.  The appropriate response is not to run and hide, and attempt to re-write history by removing or defacing what we don't like.  


Will the Pilgrims be next?  Do we remove Plymouth Rock and ban Thanksgiving Day because of what ultimately happened to the natives? Will we be digging up all the German dead because they once followed Hitler? Will we turn our backs on Israel because of their war with Palestine, indeed it has already started. Will we start holding trials, charging dead people with racism and an outcome of remains removal or not?  It is irrational, and this whole Confederate attack is irrational as well.

It used to be that groups and nations believed burial grounds to be sacred and you do not disturb the dead.  Suddenly allowing out of control government entities to dig them up, and remove their statues is vogue.

If this is the response we can look forward to, then I believe we need to be afraid, very afraid.