Planned Parenthood's Newest Harvest

Snap, crackle, pop is unimaginably heard echoing through the wildest imaginings of my mind.  Like an echo chamber, all I can hear is the nonchalant clinking of silverware on plates and lifting of wine glasses as dismemberment of unborn babies is discussed.

If you have not watched this video, please do so.  It will change your mind about Planned Parenthood and why they must be defunded.

This is just plain grotesque.  Dr. Debra Nucatola, the Senior Director of Medical Services, speaks of the unspeakable as if, you know, it happens every day.  Except it does.  Thousands of times every day.  Sure, you can no longer buy trans-fats but you can buy baby legs.

Planned Parenthood affiliates are harvesting unborn baby bits and pieces during abortions and selling them for profit.  Worse yet, Planned Parenthood Corporate knows full well about it, but is attempting to hide in order to prevent the entire entity from collapsing should one "franchise" get caught.  This woman is top level PP.

The implications of this discovery mean that if you are pro-life, there are two things you can no longer claim in your battle cry for abortion: that you are pro-choice, when in fact you are pro-abortion, and that unborn babies are just useless, unfeeling blobs, obviously not if baby bits are being harvested and sold at profit.  Not so blob anymore, eh?

Many federal laws have been admittedly broken here by Planned Parenthood.  First, in order to turn a baby breach to extract it without damaging those precious bits and pieces, a partial birth takes place. Partial birth abortions are illegal and changing the method of abortion for harvesting tissue is illegal. However in the video, Nucatola exclaims that the law is open to interpretation.  It's how liberals are able to look at themselves in the mirror every morning.

Next, selling body parts of unborn babies for profit is illegal, though those progressive liberal bloggers are out in full force telling their mindless readers that the video was bogus, despite nobody putting words in Nucatola's mouth.

Finally, let's not forget that pesky little law that requires written consent by the mother for transfer of tissue. If it is in the documents she signs, I'm sure it is buried.  Then again, if you can go get that old "blob" sucked out of you, what do you care what they do with the bits and pieces swirling around in a mason jar?  Sadly, it is an extremely haunting image I will never forget after sitting through my best friend's abortion in 1984.  You can read about it in Punk Life.  It is something I can  never forgive myself for being a part of and it is the reason I am Pro-Life.

Watch the video and see the face of evil being stuffed with food and wine as she explains all about the procedures and "huddles" beforehand to discuss which parts are in demand. Watch her explain how the baby bods are manipulated and forceped in just the right areas so as not to damage those precious nuggets being mined.  Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood is an abortion ring all about procuring abortions and baby bits for profit, rather than the feigned clean and warm clinic caring for the safety, health, and well-being of women.

If these blobs being snipped, chopped up, and sucked out aren't real, why would they take such care to harvest living, viable tissue?  Let's stop pretending abortion is about a woman's right to evacuate a blob, because it's a baby.