2015 Fox News Debate Unfair and Unbalanced

Photo courtesy FOX News

Everyone else in the mainstream media is going to tell you the Fox News moderators of last evening's Presidential Debate were simply wonderful.  I beg to differ.

As the video rolled on Fox News before the debate startup, the moderator's Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, and Brett Baier bantered with the candidates.  To be honest, Megyn Kelly sounded like a giggly, stupid, woman. Kelly hinted that everyone would get fair time but did  not seem to follow through on statements such as promising to explain why the "dinger" used to be a "buzzer".  I rolled my eyes at the start, wondering if that bizarre, cryptic behavior would continue throughout the debate. It did.

What I saw next was a combative bitch and the silly questions asked by her did little to help voters determine the real issues.  Kelly asked Senator Ted Cruz if God is speaking to him and when did Donald Trump become a Republican.  Who the  hell cares?  These were carefully selected questions designed to make them look looney, but they don't answer any real questions.  I want to know if they are going to defund Obamacare and not one candidate was asked about that.   Not one was asked about Hillary Clinton's record or even about Benghazi.  None were asked about the war on Christianity by the LGBT community in this country and by ISIS outside of this country.  The questions were ridiculous.

Instead of meaningful debate where we could see each candidate compare and contrast themselves to each other as well as the Democrats, it became clear the show was really a ruse.  This was the Donald Trump and Governor Jeb Bush show as Kelly attempted to discredit Trump and Wallace attempted to give his man Jeb props throughout the show .  Trump was given 2 full minutes more to speak than Jeb, and 4 full minutes over anyone else in the field.  Bush was given 2 full minutes more to speak than anyone else and Rand Paul, was given the least amount of time to speak.  It was evident even tot he candidates, as Dr. Ben Carson quipped to Megyn Kelly that he was wondering when he was going to get to speak, and she falsely assured him that everyone would get their time.  Not really.  The Fox News commentators were anything but fair and balanced last night.

FINAL Talk Times:
1 Trump 10:30
2 Bush 8:33 
3 Huck 6:32
4 Carsn/Crz 6:28
6 Kasch 6:25
7 Rubio 6:22
8 Chrste 6:03
9 Walkr 5:43
10 Paul 4:51

I stopped watching Fox News a long time ago because they are no better than their polar opposite MSNBC that they love to berate.

Then there were the questions.  The moderators are being lauded for asking questions to get the candidates off their talking points.  Except, I wanted to see their talking points.  This is the early debate, or did they forget?  I don't know what all of their talking points are yet, and frankly I wanted to hear them.

Then there were the beat up on Trump moments plotted by Kelly who goaded Senator Rand Paul to interject with some truly unhinged behavior several times.  Paul did not bode well in last night's debate.  Sadly, ole' Jeb's fluffy questions were comparatively pointed to  highlight his faux conservative platform that only he believes coming out of his mouth, compared to say, Dr. Ben Carson's questions which were designed to highlight his political inexperience. And I thought those 2012 debates moderated by Candy Crowley and Gwen Ifill were slanted.  Silly me.

Indeed, Fox News outdid themselves last night and not in a good way.  They anointed themselves as the highlight of the debate, not the candidates as I would have rightfully anticipated.  Still, I was able to draw some conclusions from the event, despite being preoccupied with the stupidity of their questions and the fact that it was a shameful hour between each set of a couple of the candidate's questions.

Here are my thoughts about the candidates in a nutshell.  Though I desperately want to say my candidate Senator Ted Cruz won, he didn't.  He came across as flat and because he was given so little time to speak,  his closing statements sounded as if he was merely ticking the boxes in order to get his platform out there.  That wouldn't have been necessary had the moderators spent balanced time on each of the candidates. I believe Marco Rubio won this hands down. Rubio was clear, concise, stayed on message, and showed his humble side several times.  He did not fall into the 'highlight and bash Trump' fray concocted by the moderators.

Senator Rand Paul lost.  He looked like a nutter with his vapid interjections and repeated stabs at Donald Trump. It was entirely too early in the debate season for such a display.  Trump played to the radical that Megyn Kelly so fervently attempted to make him out to be, but I doubt any of the wasted horse and pony show changed anyone's minds about him one way or the other so it was all wasted time and energy. Still, he was given over 10 minutes to speak and he sorely missed winning this debate with a one word answer. When pressed viciously for his proof that the Mexican government is sending their dregs up here, he should have answered, "Kate."

Jeb Bush appeared like a liar with his comments about Common Core.  His talking points took him right past his support of it to talk about school choice.  Unlike the uninformed voters, I cannot be led to believe that he is not one of the largest Common Core supporters out there.  But is Common Core really one of our largest problems at the moment?  Another Fox question fail.

As far as the rest, they were pretty much unremarkable, and that disappoints me with Governor Scott Walker because I know he can do much better than that.  Unfortunately he was unable to shine with his 5.53 minutes of talk time compared to Trump's 10.3.

Though the big loser in last night's event were the moderators and their unfair and unbalanced question act, at least they admitted midway through that they were not asking questions in a fair and balanced manner:

WALLACE: Gentlemen, we're obviously digging into some subjects in depth, but we're also going to change it up every once in a while throughout the next hour and have many rounds where we ask, you are not going to like it, only a couple of candidates questions on those subjects.