Uncle Pete Sessions in full-on campaign mode

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Pete Sessions' boisterous grandstanding, rather robust hand and arm gestures, cutesly little jokes, and smoke and mirrors routine to end all were the hoedown highlights last night as he Texas two-stepped around some important questions at the Richardson Town Hall. To be sure, Uncle Pete was on his "best behavior" at the Eismann Center.

The old rough and tumble Pete who would call people "silly", snipe rudely at them, and get into yelling matches gave way to a kinder, gentler, Petey as he did his best rock 'em sock 'em on the crowd with a slick PowerPoint highlighting reductions in discretionary spending.  In fact, most of his answers circled back to this extra-superior feat because he really wanted to rePete, rePete, rePete it ad nauseam. Frankly, I translated the slide into some groovy Washington DC fuzzy math that doesn't exactly add up, like much of what he said.

Woefully absent  last night was his love affair with John Boehner, as was present in his last town hall a few months ago.  His wishy washy ebb and flow love affair with old John sometimes takes on a life all its own, depending upon how angry the crowd is at Boehner at the moment.  And last night his appropriately displayed cold pricklies did not disappoint.

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But back to that "Town Hall" thingy.  You see, it's not exactly a town hall meeting if the people don't get to have their own time at the microphone asking the Representative questions in their own voice.  It isn't even a town hall meeting when people write down their questions on a sheet of paper for his staff to sort through and ask on their behalf.  And it really isn't a town hall meeting when questions are combined together such as in the case of mine.

I had asked one of his staff members why we were not allowed to ask him our own questions and she said it was in the interest of time. So Pete Sessions holds his "town halls" with the understanding that he may not be able to get to all the questions asked and hope he can race through them, like he did with the last 4 questions last night, all so he can brush his hands on his slacks, and hold his Richard Nixon peace signs over his head, exclaiming total victory at having achieved the ultimate question and answer orgy completion.  Except he didn't answer my question and I would bet there were others combined like mine that were not answered as well.

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I asked the following specific question:
"Rep. Mick Mulvaney published a letter pledging to only vote for govt. funding efforts if they include language to defund Planned Parenthood.  Why is your name not on that pledge?"
My name and another gentleman's name were combined along with our "questions" and finally ending with, "Will you support defunding Planned Parenthood?"  Well that wasn't what I asked at all, was it?

Suffice to say, Sessions started in about how he is pro-life, to which his staff flashed up this piece of bullshit:

So explain to me again how my pledge question was answered with a foil on HR 3134 Defund Planned Parenthood Act, and HR 36 Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act? Neither are pledges.

You know, I want my representative to pledge he is going to fight tooth and nail to defund Planned Parenthood, not kowtow to Obama and Boehner holding the DC crowd by the nuggies like they always do.

Oh, and when Sessions was asked exactly why Congress has ramrodded through all of Obama and Harry Reid's edicts, despite campaigning to the contrary, we were rick-rolled. Indeedy, Pete Sessions pulled out a little smoke and mirrors effect and the man who made the observation was browbeaten into believing that Congress never supports Obama's policies.  Um, 'cept we have tons of votes and antics to prove otherwise.  Need I remind readers of Sessions' own vote for cloture which would seal funding of Obamacare, then voting against funding in order to appear as if he was against it. They had the numbers to defeat funding Obamacare and all those bastards need do was not approve cloture. But he admonished those naysayers who claim Republicans voted for Obamacare. Yup he's right, they didn't vote for that piece of excrement, but they sure put into place the cloture vehicle by which funding was passed. Seems those special interest groups were just too difficult to ignore.

At this point I was amazed and confounded at the little bitties sitting all around me, clapping wildly, wide-eyed and slack-jawed, drooling and nodding in unison with Sessions' every slick word. Jesus, Lord, does everyone become swirling-eyed cartoon characters around this damned man? Da fuq.

So with all this campaigning he partook last night, I wonder what has Uncle Pete so scared?  Could it be the fact that veteran Paul Brown is running against him and could potentially strip him of his veteran votes? Plus lets face it, for the yummy vote that some of the less politically savvy women go after, Mr. Brown is yumalisciously head and shoulders over aging Pete Sessions' bad hair dye.

Photo courtesy: AP Photo http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/79386.html
Couple that with the Russ Ramsland Exploratory Committee that, should Russ run, could potentially strip him of the Katrina Pierson plus a whole lotta buncha votes.  True, there were a lot of people who couldn't hold their noses at Katrina's past indiscretions, but they were not necessarily on Sessions' team either. As you can imagine, the idea of all those votes escaping his greedy nearly two decade long grasp is a bit overwhelming for Uncle Pete and his sis boom bah camp.

We already know the whisper campaign has started, particularly when this little lady comes a picking around my LinkedIn page.

Inquiring minds want to know why Elizabeth Bingham, massive Pete Sessions supporter, and Dallas County Republican Party Vice-Chair was checking out my LinkedIn profile. Now seriously, did she think I wouldn't notice? Seems the Dallas GOP are fluttering about in some uber nervous campaign energy, and so is Representative Pete Sessions.