Unlikely Savior in Pete Sessions

I honestly never thought I would go here folks, but I am going to extend a fig leaf.  As outgoing crybaby John Boehner ratchets up his attack on conservatives with demagogue talk show dialog, we must look to a new savior who will stand by those conservative principles he continually touts, and that man is House Rules Chair Pete Sessions. Love him or hate him, he may be our last hope over the next month.  Now that's a frightening thought.

From the talk show circuit this weekend, it is crystal clear that manic Boehner intends to bide his last month by attacking conservatives who have opposed his moderate- to liberal-leaning head games in Washington DC, merely out of spite rather than out of common sense.  In fact, Boehner has gone from mildly odd to dangerously bizarre and is already reduced to calling us the anti-Christ in a remarkably hateful diatribe on Face the Nation.

The problem Boehner has is that he is reeling against the majority of Republicans who wish to take back the GOP from the grip of tyranny that these long-time establishites have held. Last week we watched Boener spontaneously combust because he couldn't play footsie with us and get with our program.  Instead, he stomped out of a job like a two year old having a tantrum.

Mark my words, Boehner will trounce defunding Planned Parenthood along with a host of other childishly spiteful tactics as his ship sinks in October.

As I see it, Sessions has a chance to get in good graces with the Republicans of CD32, but it will require him to stand with us rather than stand with Boehner. The people in his district are already furious because of allegations that he does not live in Texas, rather living with his wife at her home in Florida.  He took some good hazing whacks from Tea Party conservative Katrina Pierson who ran against him two years ago, and he stands a good chance of picking up a viable opponent should Russ Ramsland run.  Word on the street is that he might have already sent some hasty resumes to the K Street crowd which means he has come to one of only two conclusions.  That he will be ousted by a run from Ramsland, or that he discovered his unpopularity as he called together the Texas House contingency who were outright reticent as he outlined his desire to move up to the number 1, 2, or 3 positions.  As I see it, standing with conservatives may literally and actually be Pete Session' last stand.

So the $100,000 questions are: Will Pete Sessions finally divorce himself as Boehner's lap dog?  Will he step up to the plate and use his powerful position as House Rules Chair to stop Boehner's conservative flogging? Will Sessions stand true to his word at the last Town Hall meeting and make defunding of Planned Parenthood a reality?  Will Pete Sessions stand with conservative principles as he has claimed membership of during his nearly two decades in office?  Will Pete Sessions end up being the savior of GOP conservatives?

Only time will tell.

Taking the Revolution Cruz

Image credit: History.com http://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution/american-revolution-history
Friends, we stand at the precipice of yet another revolution where this time our Christian brothers and sisters are persecuted for their faith, our babies are murdered under the shield of the vagina, and a self-appointed king reigns tightfisted over the whole of the country, as he rallies his liberal armies to loot and riot and he breaks the law with executive orders.  

Like our forefathers such as Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine, we compose articles in hopes that we can rally the masses once again, to take control of our nation.  It wasn't easy in the past, and it certainly won't be easy now.

The people are scattered, with the varying ideologies and styles of Donald Trump, Carly, Fiornia, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz appealing to us on different levels.  One thing is clear, the majority of us do not want another Democrat in the White House.

We must make a unifying decision soon, because one thing is clear; one of these folks running is going to be the next President of the United States.  One of these folks will be going along to get along or even perhaps leading.  Wouldn't a real leader be a novel and fresh new idea?

Inasmuch as you may not care for any of the men and woman running, we cannot sit idly by and do nothing while our country is systematically and fundamentally changed into something that is completely unrecognizable from what our wise forefathers fought for. Can we allow their fight to go down in vain?

We must select a candidate that will do what we send them to Washington DC to do. Are we truly happy with another Bush?  Are we truly happy with a woman whose hushed background rivals that of Hillary Clinton?  Will we be happy with a soft-spoken doctor who brings nothing to making American leadership look strong compared to the brazen Putin?  Will we be happy with a man who brutishly insults others and has no policy substance?  Can we be happy with the others touting amnesty, when our last revolutionary leader Ronald Reagan called it a failure and was sad he took that path?  Will we be happy with candidates that want to get along and play nice with the Democrats?  Will you be content with a fat and happy Washington DC liberal  sow who will refuse to right-size the government and who appears to be the most unethical member of the Washington DC elite, even above Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? We have all those things now, and they are killing a great nation.

The only candidate that has gone to Washington DC and held fast to the will of the people, is Ted Cruz.  And to vilify him with irrational thinking that he somehow shut down the government singlehandedly, is buying into dangerous demagoguery.  Only non-essential funding was shut down, and it was President Obama who ordered the painful shuttering of National parks and statues ad-ridiculum. On top of that, your GOP elected refused to do the will of the people and ultimately caved, leaving Ted Cruz out to dry. Yet he did not cave. His skin is as thick as an elephant's.

The demagogues want Cruz gone.  They want him gone because he voted solely in ways his constituents asked him to vote.  They are scared that the good times feeding at the trough will come to an end under a Cruz presidency. But isn't that what we want?  Wasn't that the statement we made in November 2014?  Don't we want all the nonsense to stop and the fatted pigs to be sent home? Instead, what we got was more of the same by those Republicans we sent to DC after that election.

I see no other person running for president that has not caved to the cocktail crowd and gone along to get along.  Texas did not send Ted Cruz to Washington DC to be pals with anyone.  We sent him there to do a job, and he has made haste about getting down to it.

Listen to how he refuses to modify his principles just because Colbert and the audience are pushing him.

Listen to his statements at the Heritage Action forum where the principles we sent him to DC shine like a beacon of light.  

 These are the words of a revolutionary who can deliver this country back to us.  Won't you take the Revolution Cruz with us?

When it comes to Carly, ask yourself 'why'

Ask yourself why it is that CNN changed their debate policy, knowing full well that it would bring Carly Fiorina onto the stage to debate. Prior to that little changeroo, her poor polling had left her off the A-list.  

In July a piece published by CNN listed the big corporate funders of  Carly's Super PAC.  It is a who's who of Silicon Valley big business; exactly the corporate types the occupy movement and liberal media hate with a passion.  More important, the article states that her poll numbers were very low and suggested that all she needed was a chance. 
 "The roster of high-powered donors backing Fiorina suggests that if she were to have a breakout moment later in the cycle, she would have a unique network of supporters to turn to."
Seems Fiorina got that chance when CNN suddenly decided early September to amended the GOP Debate criteria. By tweaking the criteria, CNN was able to foist Fiorina into that debate, despite her low poll numbers. Could it be that CNN is pushing for a Fiorina nomination?  Why is CNN involving itself in the GOP nomination selection, especially considering their liberal leanings? 

Could it be CNN expects their liberal pals will eviscerate Fiorinra, should she get the nomination, over the illegal Iran deals done under her guard of HP? In fact, Fiorina's dealings with Iran and Russia are downright disturbing considering there has been a trade embargo since 1997, and more particularly because, as the CEO of HP, she claims to not know anything about the deals. 
“Carly has no knowledge of these alleged actions,” said her spokeswoman, Amy Thoma. “When she served as the CEO of HP if she had been aware of any illegal or inappropriate behavior by any employee she would have taken action immediately to terminate the parties involved.”
Except, kinda she did know according to this insightful Gawker article. Methinks Fiorina's ousting as CEO has a lot more to do with her business deals than it does with professional jealousy and difference of opinions, as she tried to pass off at the CNN debate. 

As I see it, Ms. Fiorina's character is about on par with that of Hillary Clinton and I think the GOP needs to continue looking for their rising star because Fiorina could possibly lose the election with a spotty background as undesirable as Clinton's. 

Might CNNs desire to dictate the election also come into play here? After all, their love affair with Barack Obama helped get him elected. Could they be jockying for the first woman president now? Either way, we need to be wary of last minute changes in debate lineups, especially when GOP elite RNC Chairman Reince Priebus welcomes it so. When the GOP elitists welcome changes that can dramatically affect the nomination, you just have to ask yourself why. 

Truth + Opinion Don't = Hate

We're a nation of cutesy colloquial phrases.  We love to get behind the phrase du jour because it identifies us as part of something.  However there are some phrases that are designed to cause strife at the subconscious level. "Stop the hate," "black lives matter," "ban bossy," all indicate that those who want the illegal invasion to be stopped, those who believe there is a crime problem in predominantly black urban areas, and those who dislike radicalized feminists are somehow evil.

What these phrases really do is tamp down conservative popular opinion by telling you that if you don't like something you are a hater. For example, "ban bossy" is designed to shut up the 82% of Americans who do not identify themselves as feminists. Think about that.  A whopping majority of Americans don't give a crap about Beyonce and her gyrating hips, violent thrusts, and nasty scowl while howling that men must submit.  They did not care about Gloria Steinem and her ilk either as they burned bras while somehow errantly thinking tiny, sagging boobs would give them a sense of empowerment, when in reality, those smiling men thought to be in support of bra burning really only cared about seeing naked boobs.

Another example of these phrases that are somehow expected to change the world is, "black lives matter".  But do they really matter when 16 million black babies have been aborted since 1973. That's not black lives mattering, that is systematic black genocide. To bring this into focus let us consider the 17,000 aborted babies found in a dumpster in 1982.  Of those found, it is estimated that 12-15,000 were black.

Chart credit: http://www.blackgenocide.org/black.html
For the black community, those numbers should be a wake-up call. Granted, that was 1982, but the numbers have not improved much since those days.

My final example of a useless phrase is "stop the hate" being hurled at Donald Trump. In essence, these people are saying that telling the truth or uttering your opinion is hate.

Photo credit: http://www.demotix.com/photo/8552774/dump-trump-demonstration-held-outside-trump-rally-dallas
Trump was being truthful when he said criminalized illegals are streaming across the border.  Just ask Kate and others murdered and raped by these criminals. That's not hate, that's truth coming at you. People don't like when The Donald calls people names.  That's not hate, that is opinion. I find people to be quite stupid all the time, but I certainly don't hate them. Yet these protesters want you to think Donld Trump hates Latinos, hates women, and just plain hates everyone, and that is really silly.

With all these phrases being tossed around, it is hard not to feel like you must be the most hateful person alive.  I don't buy into that nonsense.  Everyone has a right to their opinions and we should not allow the opinion police to brainwash us into thinking we are hateful because of them.

I would think most people would agree that this image of a man trimming a tree depicts and idiot. That is opinion, that is truth, and it most certainly does not equal hate. Perhaps the new phrase touted on posters should be changed to, "Use Your Brains".

Photo credit: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025052363

Rate the Debate

Photo credit: abc13.com http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/content/kgo/images/cms/988220_1280x720.jpg

The cast of characters: Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, John Kasich in no particular order.

The challenge: to become the next president without quick quips, shocking revelations, thin-skinned retorts, brutish behavior, and outlandish statements. More important, can the moderators present an unbiased debate? Evidently not.

Once again, Donald Trump was the focus of yet another debate as CNN moderators attempted to rival Fox News moderators in who can open with the stupidest question. CNNs opening was whether Trump could control his temperament, given the proverbial finger on the red nuclear button available to the president.  As with the Fox News Debate last month, there were also a few stupid questions throughout the evening.  Both debates had some issues, but CNN seemed to be a slightly better forum and length for a stage-full of candidates to display at least some of their platform over the biased intentions of the moderators.

What both debates had in common was an overt desire to sway the overall favor toward their candidate nouveau amour Jeb Bush.  Fox News Megyn Kelley's tongue wagging ingratiatingly up Bush's backside, likely making it difficult for him to focus on coherent statements, showed last month.  CNN was not much better in hiding Hugh Hewitt's desire to get into Jeb Bush's pants as he attempted to hoist Bush upon his backside practically running piggyback across the stage. That backfired as well.  Bush was given many moderator props at both debates but failed to lead the pack during his debate attempts, much to the chagrin of the elite establishment types in Washington DC and beyond.

As the debate wore on, the authoritative Trump we saw in the beginning, who zinged Bush about liking his energy, became woefully absent on policy.  The kind and slow-speaking Dr. Ben Carson looked like a blathering doctor devoid of much in the way of sound policy as well, and there's  no other way to say it, but Kasich came across as an angry, white dude.

Huckabee, Christie, Bush, and Rand had some moments, but Rand lost points when he started supporting Marijuana to help children, or some such foolish nonsense showing he is truly libertarian.

Trump and Bush got lost in the battle to have the quickest quip while talking over each other. Walker, Paul, Christie, Huckabee, Kasich, and Carson got lost in the shuffle between the jousting of Trump and Bush, the eerie stare into the camera by Ted Cruz, the silky smooth responses of Marco Rubio, and the dominatrix whip cracking of Carly Fiorina.  Ultimately, the three left standing when the dust settled were Fiorina, Rubio, and Cruz.

Cruz by no means did a stellar job last night.  He was shuttered by the moderators more than once. Of all the candidates on the stage at both the Fox News and CNN debates, it was obvious both hold the most contempt for Cruz over any other candidate.  Though he was effectively shut down in the Fox debate, he was shuffled off by CNN every time his statements started to unfold some substance. Some things I don't like about his debate style are that he's a smart man but he talks over people's heads at times making him appear arrogant instead of the brilliant man he is, that he laser focuses on reciting the conservative message, often leaving the actual question unanswered, and that he looks at the camera instead of at the moderator or audience. This perennial lawyer stance is a tactic designed to make it appear as if he is speaking to the television viewers, but I feel it is backfiring on him and makes him look disingenuous, untrustworthy, and stiff. He seems so out of his element in these debates. Rather than speaking candidly, it's as if he is ticking off his checklist of points he needs to make to a jury. I wish he would stop using that tactic because I believe it is going to cost him the nomination as an end result, and in person, Cruz is far more prophetic than tha, so I don't know why he cannot find his A-game.

Rubio did not disappoint last night as well as in the Fox debate.  I was enamored by his clear, concise, and fluid ability to get his point across in the time allotted, without making all manner of grand leading statements.  Rubio is so reminiscent  to me of a trusted and wise adviser who is of the people and for the people. Would it not be his misguided stance on amnesty, he might have a chance. That one sticking point turned my eyes from him years ago because he cannot get past his ethnocentrism, and I cannot help but feel as though his pathway to citizenship is a cheap trick to get the Hispanic vote.  I fall in love with him every time he speaks, that is until he pimps amnesty and the love affair is short-lived.

Fiorina was by far the most articulate last night.  She was able to craft well-rounded, touchy-feely statements that got her point across with each new answer.  In my opinion, she won the debate, but she has a lot of work yet to do.  Her barbs were sharp, but also brought on by what I can only describe as thin-skin.  I don't want a president who is on the defensive all the time.  I want someone who thinks first and stabs last. Unlike Cruz who refused to utter a bad thought about anyone on stage, she fell into the muck a few times.  As the token female up there, she acted like, well, the token female causing me to have a love-hate relationship with this woman.  I love some of what she says, but I hate the feminazi that pours out of her.  It started with the inability to crack a smile for fear of appearing too female.  It ended with how many of her statements were so overtly femalecentric, such as the quip she made about women hearing what Trump said about her face.  Except the men heard it too as she just excluded half the population in her Gloria Steinem-like war of the sexes. As a woman, I dislike being called out like we are some special secret maleficent society to be pitted against the male species.  I really hate that, "I am woman, hear me roar," crap.  To me it smacks of, "I am woman, you have to listen because I said so."  Feminism is like racism.  It has been bastardized to the point it has completely lost it's meaning.

The big loser last night was Donald Trump who brought nothing new to the stage and it's getting kind of old.  It's more than time for him to formulate his policies instead of spouting off insults to score points. To be honest, the rich kid act is getting kind of old. Still, he has a lead for now and I can certainly see why, after witnessing the vacant, swirling-eyed masses at his Dallas rally the other evening. His use of two well-known tea party leaders to introduce him brought lackluster applause and questions from audience members as to exactly who "that chick" was. Shameful tools to show a nonexistent tea party alliance with Trump. Truth is, his followers are not tea partiers.  Many are the same types that were agog over Obama which is scary if you allow yourself to think about that for a while. Still, people are angry but they are rallying behind the wrong messenger.

In all, I am looking forward to some of the low-hanging fruit to drop off so we can get to the nitty gritty of this selection process. I'm still a Cruz gal, but I am listening intently to what the others have to say because at the end of the day, I will have to support one of them against a repeat of the Saul Alinsky regime.

Fool Pool

It always hacks me off when I hear someone from Wylie exclaim in some feigned fit of altruism that they don't mind paying more taxes in order to grow.  That's akin to saying you would rather pay more at Target just because it isn't Walmart.  Um, you is a special kind of smart, aren't ya?

Have these people looked around?  Do they get out much?  This ain't no Southlake folks.  The median family income here is $80,632 compared to Southlake's $172,945.  Fact is, Wylie's taxes are still the highest in North Texas, even with their generous 1 cent decrease this budget.  We will still be .07 cents higher than anyone else in Collin County.

I find it confounding when our city leaders make grand and sweeping statements such as needing two developments of low-income elderly housing when only 5.1% of the population in Wylie are over 65. Do they even read the demographics before they spout off these promises?  Like these apartments will help lower our taxes?  One development is plenty, otherwise Wylie will just perpetuate the low-income draw that brings Habitat for Humanity a- kicking around.   Bet they ain't building no H4H homes in Southlake. Because, you know, everyone deserves to own a home since apartment living while saving, like the rest of us did, simply isn't good enough anymore.

So there really do exist some brilliant folks who want to spend more tax dollars because they are living in a perceived fairyland where we need a city pool.  Oh yes, that's what our city should be spending money on, after they have struggled to toss us a penny decrease.  The liability insurance alone is cause for pause.

The two cents we've weaseled out of them these past several years through cajoling and whining has been a real PITA.  Can you imagine adding a pool?  Meanwhile, revenue continues to increase to the point they are purchasing historical homes.  OK, I get it, we don't want to see a beautiful home fall into disrepair but still, the money flowing through the city's hands at the moment is absolutely astounding.  

But hey, if people feel privileged to pay more in taxes I'll be  happy to hand them my $5600 tax bill, all so they can have that natatorium.    

The Donald is Coming


No matter what you think of him, he certainly has some pizzazz.  Oh, and hair that takes on a life of its own. Yes, the Donald appears to be taking his bid for the White House quite seriously this go around. In fact, after refusing to take the pledge during the FOX News debate last month to boos and hisses, he finally broke down and signed that pledge not to run as an independent 3rd party should he not receive the GOP nomination, and he pledged to support whatever GOP candidate does.  Folks, shit just got real.

The fact is, people are mad as hell at the illegal invasion in this country and they're not going to take it anymore. Nothing screams louder than, "round the fat bastards up and send them home" and the impressive 40% polls Trump has been touting recently kind of proves that.  After taking that pledge, I would bet his poll numbers receive another bitty kick.

Make no mistake, this election is about illegals and Obama's welcoming arms. Did I mention people are pissed?

A growing majority of GOP, independents, and even some Democrats no longer give a rats ass about the plight of the illegal.  There is just no way to pansy-ass sugar-coat it, they are criminals and they caused their own situation by breaking the law to come here.  We aren't the ones to break up their families, they caused this all on their own as they selfishly walked across that border or overstayed their visas.  Every action has a reaction, and in my opinion the consequences should be a bitch.

Obviously a resounding percentage of voters exalt Trump when he exclaims they need to be rounded up and sent back, not just to the US border, but all the way to the other side of their respective countries to make a thundering statement to the countries they came from.

To be real about this, if you tally it up, it would be cheaper to rent buses and ship them all back than to keep them here just so the rich Democrats and Republicans can pay them peanuts for their little odd jobs needed around the house, while the rest of us pay for their welfare, healthcare, and education.

Meanwhile in Candyland, there's Jeb Bush, bless his little heart. In his candy-colored world he thinks it's hurtful to make immigrants have to speak English and that it would be just too awful to round them up, and too expensive to send them back.  It is that prevailing attitude in Washington DC that has gotten us into this current invasion. Sort of reminiscent of the Civil War where Southern Democrats didn't want to give up their labor force. But imagine with me if you will, the job and wage explosion we would experience in this country with the peanut labor gone.

Trump might not be ideal as our next president, and thankfully that decision is a long way off, but if you are interested in what he has to say, or just interested in people watching, you might want to get your tickets because they are flying out the door fast.

Donald J Trump For President Rally

American Airlines Center, DallasTX

MonSep 14, 2015 06:00 PM
General Admission Event.
Everyone needs a ticket regardless of age. All ages are welcome.

General Information:
No posters, banners, or signs may be brought into the event.
There is no dress code.
No professional cameras with a detachable lens are permitted. No tripods, monopods,selfie sticks, or GoPros.
ID is not required for entry.
Wheelchair accessible platforms are first come, first served.
Concessions will be available.
Parking is available at all lots for $10 payable by cash or credit.