Fool Pool

It always hacks me off when I hear someone from Wylie exclaim in some feigned fit of altruism that they don't mind paying more taxes in order to grow.  That's akin to saying you would rather pay more at Target just because it isn't Walmart.  Um, you is a special kind of smart, aren't ya?

Have these people looked around?  Do they get out much?  This ain't no Southlake folks.  The median family income here is $80,632 compared to Southlake's $172,945.  Fact is, Wylie's taxes are still the highest in North Texas, even with their generous 1 cent decrease this budget.  We will still be .07 cents higher than anyone else in Collin County.

I find it confounding when our city leaders make grand and sweeping statements such as needing two developments of low-income elderly housing when only 5.1% of the population in Wylie are over 65. Do they even read the demographics before they spout off these promises?  Like these apartments will help lower our taxes?  One development is plenty, otherwise Wylie will just perpetuate the low-income draw that brings Habitat for Humanity a- kicking around.   Bet they ain't building no H4H homes in Southlake. Because, you know, everyone deserves to own a home since apartment living while saving, like the rest of us did, simply isn't good enough anymore.

So there really do exist some brilliant folks who want to spend more tax dollars because they are living in a perceived fairyland where we need a city pool.  Oh yes, that's what our city should be spending money on, after they have struggled to toss us a penny decrease.  The liability insurance alone is cause for pause.

The two cents we've weaseled out of them these past several years through cajoling and whining has been a real PITA.  Can you imagine adding a pool?  Meanwhile, revenue continues to increase to the point they are purchasing historical homes.  OK, I get it, we don't want to see a beautiful home fall into disrepair but still, the money flowing through the city's hands at the moment is absolutely astounding.  

But hey, if people feel privileged to pay more in taxes I'll be  happy to hand them my $5600 tax bill, all so they can have that natatorium.