Move over Jodie Laubenberg, there's a new conservative in town

Photo credit: Dalton For Texas

As with every politician who has been in office for a long time, we discover "long time" morphs into "entirely too long" as in the case of our TX89 State Representative Jodie Laubenberg, and even "ridiculously too long" as in the case of our CD32 Congressman Pete Sessions.

If you are angry at Representative Jodie Laubenberg for supporting Texas Speaker of the House louse Joe Straus as well as her support of Prop. 6, then you have a viable option to replace her in candidate Dalton Lytle from Murphy, Texas.

Mr. Lytle has been around the conservative arena for some time and serves as President of the Collin County Conservative Republican's Club.

I loved Laubenberg when she stood up for the rights of the unborn child, but I was disenchanted over her stumping with Governor Rick Perry for the water infrastructure constitutional amendment, Proposition 6 which was not supported at all by her base, even though she sent out this letter of explanation prior to the election hoping to garner support.

Photo credit: The Wylie News
According to the article she stood side by side with some of Texas' best known RINOs in Button and Perry:
“State representatives Jodie Laubenberg (Dist. 89), Angie Chen Button of Garland/Rich- ardson (Dist. 112), Jeff Leach of Plano (Dist. 67), Ron Simmons of Carrollton (Dist. 65) and Dan Flynn of Van (Dist. 2) attended the press conference in support of Perry’s efforts to promote the passage of Prop. 6.”
Seems her supporters know better than she does lately with the debacle that is her support of Speaker of the House.  Unfortunately, she downright lost me over her continued and stymieing support of Joe Straus who is just another one of those cronies passing every edict from the Texas liberal RINOs and Democrats.

I found it interesting that Laubenberg supported Ken Paxton's failed bid against Straus, but when offered another viable candidate in Scott Turner, she folded.  Rumor has it she was hoping for a cushy chairmanship position over the Health and Human Services Committee which never came to light.  Rather, she was tossed the Elections Committee and was stripped of power as Straus pushed the major stuff to his liberal cronies, leaving Laubenberg holding an empty bag for her untimely and unwise capitulation to his reign.

It seems the err of Laubenberg's ways has opened the door for Dalton Lytle as her previous supporters scratch their heads in dismay over her pledging eternal friendship with Straus at the beginning of last session. Seems Straus lived up to his true character when he dropped her like a hot potato.