Taking the Revolution Cruz

Image credit: History.com http://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution/american-revolution-history
Friends, we stand at the precipice of yet another revolution where this time our Christian brothers and sisters are persecuted for their faith, our babies are murdered under the shield of the vagina, and a self-appointed king reigns tightfisted over the whole of the country, as he rallies his liberal armies to loot and riot and he breaks the law with executive orders.  

Like our forefathers such as Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine, we compose articles in hopes that we can rally the masses once again, to take control of our nation.  It wasn't easy in the past, and it certainly won't be easy now.

The people are scattered, with the varying ideologies and styles of Donald Trump, Carly, Fiornia, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz appealing to us on different levels.  One thing is clear, the majority of us do not want another Democrat in the White House.

We must make a unifying decision soon, because one thing is clear; one of these folks running is going to be the next President of the United States.  One of these folks will be going along to get along or even perhaps leading.  Wouldn't a real leader be a novel and fresh new idea?

Inasmuch as you may not care for any of the men and woman running, we cannot sit idly by and do nothing while our country is systematically and fundamentally changed into something that is completely unrecognizable from what our wise forefathers fought for. Can we allow their fight to go down in vain?

We must select a candidate that will do what we send them to Washington DC to do. Are we truly happy with another Bush?  Are we truly happy with a woman whose hushed background rivals that of Hillary Clinton?  Will we be happy with a soft-spoken doctor who brings nothing to making American leadership look strong compared to the brazen Putin?  Will we be happy with a man who brutishly insults others and has no policy substance?  Can we be happy with the others touting amnesty, when our last revolutionary leader Ronald Reagan called it a failure and was sad he took that path?  Will we be happy with candidates that want to get along and play nice with the Democrats?  Will you be content with a fat and happy Washington DC liberal  sow who will refuse to right-size the government and who appears to be the most unethical member of the Washington DC elite, even above Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? We have all those things now, and they are killing a great nation.

The only candidate that has gone to Washington DC and held fast to the will of the people, is Ted Cruz.  And to vilify him with irrational thinking that he somehow shut down the government singlehandedly, is buying into dangerous demagoguery.  Only non-essential funding was shut down, and it was President Obama who ordered the painful shuttering of National parks and statues ad-ridiculum. On top of that, your GOP elected refused to do the will of the people and ultimately caved, leaving Ted Cruz out to dry. Yet he did not cave. His skin is as thick as an elephant's.

The demagogues want Cruz gone.  They want him gone because he voted solely in ways his constituents asked him to vote.  They are scared that the good times feeding at the trough will come to an end under a Cruz presidency. But isn't that what we want?  Wasn't that the statement we made in November 2014?  Don't we want all the nonsense to stop and the fatted pigs to be sent home? Instead, what we got was more of the same by those Republicans we sent to DC after that election.

I see no other person running for president that has not caved to the cocktail crowd and gone along to get along.  Texas did not send Ted Cruz to Washington DC to be pals with anyone.  We sent him there to do a job, and he has made haste about getting down to it.

Listen to how he refuses to modify his principles just because Colbert and the audience are pushing him.

Listen to his statements at the Heritage Action forum where the principles we sent him to DC shine like a beacon of light.  

 These are the words of a revolutionary who can deliver this country back to us.  Won't you take the Revolution Cruz with us?