The Donald is Coming


No matter what you think of him, he certainly has some pizzazz.  Oh, and hair that takes on a life of its own. Yes, the Donald appears to be taking his bid for the White House quite seriously this go around. In fact, after refusing to take the pledge during the FOX News debate last month to boos and hisses, he finally broke down and signed that pledge not to run as an independent 3rd party should he not receive the GOP nomination, and he pledged to support whatever GOP candidate does.  Folks, shit just got real.

The fact is, people are mad as hell at the illegal invasion in this country and they're not going to take it anymore. Nothing screams louder than, "round the fat bastards up and send them home" and the impressive 40% polls Trump has been touting recently kind of proves that.  After taking that pledge, I would bet his poll numbers receive another bitty kick.

Make no mistake, this election is about illegals and Obama's welcoming arms. Did I mention people are pissed?

A growing majority of GOP, independents, and even some Democrats no longer give a rats ass about the plight of the illegal.  There is just no way to pansy-ass sugar-coat it, they are criminals and they caused their own situation by breaking the law to come here.  We aren't the ones to break up their families, they caused this all on their own as they selfishly walked across that border or overstayed their visas.  Every action has a reaction, and in my opinion the consequences should be a bitch.

Obviously a resounding percentage of voters exalt Trump when he exclaims they need to be rounded up and sent back, not just to the US border, but all the way to the other side of their respective countries to make a thundering statement to the countries they came from.

To be real about this, if you tally it up, it would be cheaper to rent buses and ship them all back than to keep them here just so the rich Democrats and Republicans can pay them peanuts for their little odd jobs needed around the house, while the rest of us pay for their welfare, healthcare, and education.

Meanwhile in Candyland, there's Jeb Bush, bless his little heart. In his candy-colored world he thinks it's hurtful to make immigrants have to speak English and that it would be just too awful to round them up, and too expensive to send them back.  It is that prevailing attitude in Washington DC that has gotten us into this current invasion. Sort of reminiscent of the Civil War where Southern Democrats didn't want to give up their labor force. But imagine with me if you will, the job and wage explosion we would experience in this country with the peanut labor gone.

Trump might not be ideal as our next president, and thankfully that decision is a long way off, but if you are interested in what he has to say, or just interested in people watching, you might want to get your tickets because they are flying out the door fast.

Donald J Trump For President Rally

American Airlines Center, DallasTX

MonSep 14, 2015 06:00 PM
General Admission Event.
Everyone needs a ticket regardless of age. All ages are welcome.

General Information:
No posters, banners, or signs may be brought into the event.
There is no dress code.
No professional cameras with a detachable lens are permitted. No tripods, monopods,selfie sticks, or GoPros.
ID is not required for entry.
Wheelchair accessible platforms are first come, first served.
Concessions will be available.
Parking is available at all lots for $10 payable by cash or credit.