Truth + Opinion Don't = Hate

We're a nation of cutesy colloquial phrases.  We love to get behind the phrase du jour because it identifies us as part of something.  However there are some phrases that are designed to cause strife at the subconscious level. "Stop the hate," "black lives matter," "ban bossy," all indicate that those who want the illegal invasion to be stopped, those who believe there is a crime problem in predominantly black urban areas, and those who dislike radicalized feminists are somehow evil.

What these phrases really do is tamp down conservative popular opinion by telling you that if you don't like something you are a hater. For example, "ban bossy" is designed to shut up the 82% of Americans who do not identify themselves as feminists. Think about that.  A whopping majority of Americans don't give a crap about Beyonce and her gyrating hips, violent thrusts, and nasty scowl while howling that men must submit.  They did not care about Gloria Steinem and her ilk either as they burned bras while somehow errantly thinking tiny, sagging boobs would give them a sense of empowerment, when in reality, those smiling men thought to be in support of bra burning really only cared about seeing naked boobs.
Another example of these phrases that are somehow expected to change the world is, "black lives matter".  But do they really matter when 16 million black babies have been aborted since 1973. That's not black lives mattering, that is systematic black genocide. To bring this into focus let us consider the 17,000 aborted babies found in a dumpster in 1982.  Of those found, it is estimated that 12-15,000 were black.

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For the black community, those numbers should be a wake-up call. Granted, that was 1982, but the numbers have not improved much since those days.

My final example of a useless phrase is "stop the hate" being hurled at Donald Trump. In essence, these people are saying that telling the truth or uttering your opinion is hate.

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Trump was being truthful when he said criminalized illegals are streaming across the border.  Just ask Kate and others murdered and raped by these criminals. That's not hate, that's truth coming at you. People don't like when The Donald calls people names.  That's not hate, that is opinion. I find people to be quite stupid all the time, but I certainly don't hate them. Yet these protesters want you to think Donld Trump hates Latinos, hates women, and just plain hates everyone, and that is really silly.

With all these phrases being tossed around, it is hard not to feel like you must be the most hateful person alive.  I don't buy into that nonsense.  Everyone has a right to their opinions and we should not allow the opinion police to brainwash us into thinking we are hateful because of them.

I would think most people would agree that this image of a man trimming a tree depicts and idiot. That is opinion, that is truth, and it most certainly does not equal hate. Perhaps the new phrase touted on posters should be changed to, "Use Your Brains".

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