Unlikely Savior in Pete Sessions

I honestly never thought I would go here folks, but I am going to extend a fig leaf.  As outgoing crybaby John Boehner ratchets up his attack on conservatives with demagogue talk show dialog, we must look to a new savior who will stand by those conservative principles he continually touts, and that man is House Rules Chair Pete Sessions. Love him or hate him, he may be our last hope over the next month.  Now that's a frightening thought.

From the talk show circuit this weekend, it is crystal clear that manic Boehner intends to bide his last month by attacking conservatives who have opposed his moderate- to liberal-leaning head games in Washington DC, merely out of spite rather than out of common sense.  In fact, Boehner has gone from mildly odd to dangerously bizarre and is already reduced to calling us the anti-Christ in a remarkably hateful diatribe on Face the Nation.

The problem Boehner has is that he is reeling against the majority of Republicans who wish to take back the GOP from the grip of tyranny that these long-time establishites have held. Last week we watched Boener spontaneously combust because he couldn't play footsie with us and get with our program.  Instead, he stomped out of a job like a two year old having a tantrum.

Mark my words, Boehner will trounce defunding Planned Parenthood along with a host of other childishly spiteful tactics as his ship sinks in October.

As I see it, Sessions has a chance to get in good graces with the Republicans of CD32, but it will require him to stand with us rather than stand with Boehner. The people in his district are already furious because of allegations that he does not live in Texas, rather living with his wife at her home in Florida.  He took some good hazing whacks from Tea Party conservative Katrina Pierson who ran against him two years ago, and he stands a good chance of picking up a viable opponent should Russ Ramsland run.  Word on the street is that he might have already sent some hasty resumes to the K Street crowd which means he has come to one of only two conclusions.  That he will be ousted by a run from Ramsland, or that he discovered his unpopularity as he called together the Texas House contingency who were outright reticent as he outlined his desire to move up to the number 1, 2, or 3 positions.  As I see it, standing with conservatives may literally and actually be Pete Session' last stand.

So the $100,000 questions are: Will Pete Sessions finally divorce himself as Boehner's lap dog?  Will he step up to the plate and use his powerful position as House Rules Chair to stop Boehner's conservative flogging? Will Sessions stand true to his word at the last Town Hall meeting and make defunding of Planned Parenthood a reality?  Will Pete Sessions stand with conservative principles as he has claimed membership of during his nearly two decades in office?  Will Pete Sessions end up being the savior of GOP conservatives?

Only time will tell.