My Eternal Gratitude

I am always a bit taken aback when I meet people around DFW who tell me they read my blog and that they really love it. I never quite know how to respond because I was never really good with compliments so I apologize if I haven't seemed gracious. Believe me, I feel utterly star struck and unworthy at your having approached me.

Honestly, I never thought anyone would want to read my ramblings, occasional gutter mouth, and sometimes general silliness.  At times I feel rather politically redundant, like a broken record, just repeating the message only with a new set of words or pictures.

I'm just a little antisocial gal from Detroit that has made Texas my home, but everywhere I go I meet people who are reading, people who quote my blog, people who email me to tell me how much they enjoy it, people who have heard about it but haven't looked yet, and even a Precinct Chair I met today who had printed copies of one of my blog posts. Wowser!

I'm happy that I can be a source of information and that sometimes my banal musings and snarky quips even entertain you.  Because of this I believe it is important that I occasionally take the time to let readers know just how grateful and thankful I am for you.

I suppose thanking readers is not something political bloggers generally do.  Politics is such a sobering, serious, and unsexy matter, and the blogosphere is filled with sober, serious, and unsexy writers who approach the blogging task like serious journalists.  I don't want to.  I want to show a peek into my life with humor and tidbits tossed in because this is a hobby and I crave getting a rip roaring laugh out of some of the antics I get up to, like the time a friend and I scammed Battleground Texas. Now, that was a hoot.

So to all those readers, I want to thank you back for taking the time to thank me. You are the ones who motivate me to continue writing. So thank you!