Never Let Them See You Sweat

Nothing screams voter engagement more than a sea of empty chairs.  This was the scene of Pete Sessions' Town Hall held in Wylie this afternoon.  At the podium, Wylie's Mayor Hogue is introducing Pete Sessions. Though a handful of stragglers came in late, I identified at least 5 people in attendance who were stooges planted from his Dallas County supporters.  It wasn't hard to spot the ones who came in chatting with Sessions' staff and complaining about how long the drive was.

Still, several of us asked him the hard questions and suffice to say, we made him sweat....

And he baited and switched as usual.

His very pleasant staff spent some time speaking to a couple people after the event and made sure to tick off all the typical talking points from her memorized list. However, more telling is that she spent an inordinate amount of time telling us that when Pete Sessions is not in Washington DC, he spends all his time in Dallas at his town home. Really. All.

My, that does make for an interesting marital relationship since his wife lives in Winter Park, Florida all the time. Yes, they really do think his constituents are that stupid.

Folks, I'm not going to get into any personal mud slinging here, Sessions' staff has been quite adept in doing that in his past campaign.  We'll leave the wife out of the campaign, however the constitutionality of his residence is not mud-slinging, it is a very valid question and one that rightfully persists in the minds of voters.