Pete Sessions Dirty Pillow Talk

No two ways about it, Pete Sessions is still one of Boehner's Guys, passing every liberal policy from Obama's administration.  This blog post is long, and detailed, but it is certainly full of good, verifiable information you can pass along.  In fact, if you are still a Pete Sessions supporter after reading this, then you simply cannot call yourself a conservative.

On October 7th, 2015 Pete Sessions posted a press release that he has voted to establish a select panel to investigate Planned Parenthood.  It begs to be asked, what took him so long?  It's only been 3 agonizing months since those horrifying videos of mutilated baby bits and random pricing cat calls started showing up in the webosphere.

In fact, it's been a month since I asked Pete Sessions if he would take the Rep. Mulvaney pledge on defunding Planned Parenthood at his last Town Hall meeting, Rather, I meant to say that I asked Sessions in writing, of course, because his staff selects and edits written questions at his faux town hall meetings instead of allowing any real discourse between constituent and his majesty.

Though he claimed he work to defund Planned Parenthood, he has done nothing of the sort. When it came time to defund Planned Parenthood, the House knew full well it would not pass in the Senate, so they happily took their token vote so they could grandstand to the peeps at home. "Lookie at how conservative I am, I voted not to fund PP for a year." Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood got funded through December 11, when all the crybabies in Washington DC will blow their noses in embroidered and freshly ironed hankies, and claim they simply cannot shut down the government just before Christmas.  Heavens no.  And Planned Parenthood will be funded thusly.  You see, it's how the game is played up there in the fairyland called Washington DC.  

Here is a list of similar smoke and mirrors games showing how Pete Sessions performs great feats of prestidigitation for his constituents every time he tells us what a great conservative he is:

Since 1997, Pete Sessions has voted to raise the debt ceiling no fewer than eight times.

In 1998, Pete Sessions voted to allow companies to bring in foreign replacement workers after laying off Americans.

In 2003, Pete Sessions voted to pass "Part D" of one of the largest federal entitlement expansions since the passage of Medicare, which added trillions of dollars to our long-term unfunded liabilities in the US.

In 2004, Pete Sessions voted against restricted federal taxpayer money for medical care to illegals.

In 2005, Pete Sessions voted against an amendment to HR 2360 which would encourage states to improve standards to obtaining drivers' licenses, thereby stopping the ability of illegals to obtain them.

In 2006, Pete Sessions made the CREW's most corrupt report.

Against the vehement wishes of his own constituents, Pete Sessions voted in 2008 to bail out Wall Street, after which bailed-out banks paid million-dollar bonuses to their executives.

In 2009, Pete Sessions couldn't  help but support yet another big spending bill called the International Monetary Fund this time.  Seems these big spending bills just call his name.

In the New Year's Day deal of 2013, during that dreaded and overly hyped "fiscal cliff", Pete Sessions voted to increase taxes on approximately 77% of US households.

House Resolution 36 was introduced by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) January 18, 2013 and referred to the Rules Committee which by the way is chaired by Pete Sessions, on the same day.  It calls for a full-time select committee investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attacks and was supported by 186 House Republicans.  It was held up by Pete Sessions for over a year, in fact, nothing was done until May 2, 2014,

Chart courtesy of Grassroots Texans
HR 933, House Resolution 99, on March 5, 2013, Pete Sessions used his House Rules Chair leadership position to block conservative Republicans from defunding Obamacare.  When challenged by constituents, he exclaimed, "We don't want to stop it."
"Said Texas Congressman and Chairman of the House Rules Committee Pete Sessions during a townhall meeting with around 50 constituents:What we’re trying to do is let [Obama] be a failure. … Otherwise it’s “Republicans stopped us from achieving what you wanted.” We do not want to stop it. And I think these governors are probably pretty smart."
This is the problem with the way the House has been playing the game.  They are so busy keeping up appearances, that they don't want to do anything that could possible place blame on them.  They pretend that their ridiculous stance, which goes against their constituent's desires, is a ruse to call out Democrats.  Problem is, this tactic doesn't, hasn't, and will never work.

Chart courtesy of Grassroots Texans
Pete Sessions likes to call people silly at his town halls for saying he supported funding of Obamcare.  He always snaps that there wasn't one Republican who voted for Obamacare.  Well, um, there wasn’t, however most of those Obamacare defunding votes were merely token votes.  They knew full well, in a procedural fast one, when the bills made it to the senate, they would be shot down. Again, this is a prime example of Sessions' desire not to rock the liberal boat.  That's dirty, dirty, dirty, no matter how you look at it.

Graph credit, Grassroots Texans, 2014
HR 2217 on June 6, 2013, found Pete Sessions as the only Texas House delegate who did not vote to stop Obama's "Dream Act" amnesty by Executive Order.

HR 2397 on July 24, 2013 found Pete Sessions voting in support of Obama's NSA program, thereby supporting the NSAs spying on Americans

January 15, 2014, Pete Sessions voted for $1.1 Trillion 1,582 page Omnibus Spending Bill , without giving the American public a chance to read it, which increased government spending dramatically.

January 29, 2014, Pete Sessions voted to approve a 949 page, Trillion-dollar Food Stamp and Farm Bill without giving Congress or the American public a chance to read it.  Had they, we would have known the bill created new subsidy programs, eliminated 80% of earlier savings in the food stamp program, and gutted modest work requirements.

Pete Sessions' record is there, all you have to do is look this stuff up.

In fact, Pete Sessions has a terrible illegal immigrant record as well.

Numbers USA, 2013

The sad reality is, Pete Sessions' voting record is so bad, we need to tell him to stop voting with Nancy Pelosi.

Chart credit Grassroots Texans, 2015
We cannot afford to overlook a crap ton of liberal-leaning, dirty votes, especially from someone who feels he is up to the Speaker of the House challenge.  Does he really think his constituents will support him in some sort of starry-eyed haze because he's going for the top spot?  The man is delusional and now is the time to remove him from Congressional District 32.