Running on Arrogance: Establishyster Pete Sessions

Photo source: Pete Sessions
Seems like old man Petey, Petey, RePetey Sessions can't seem to make his mind up lately.  He wants Speaker of the House, he wants Whip, he wants Speaker of the House.  He wants, wait for it........................ wait for it....................Nae Nae.

Hells, I've seen women switch nail colors less quickly. Then again, Pete Sessions has a difficult time remembering things, especially what his constituents in CD32 want from him. Maybe it's just plain time to retire, no?

Indeed, Uncle Pete wants the top House spot, but only if Paul Ryan doesn't want it. Gee, that sounds promising. Could any two names scream establishyster louder? Certainly Pete Sessions' name is up there with establishits John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain. I mean, nothing makes eyeballs roll faster than the utterance of one of those names.

The man is delusional.  If Kevin McCarthy's name made people spit blood, and Paul Ryan's name makes people's heads spin while vomitting green stuff, imagine the kind of baby seal clubbing that will be done to Pete Sessions should he make a bid for Speaker.

So, not only does Pete Sessions think he can handle the most hated position in the GOP at the moment, but he is considering the bid while he is already virulently hated at home in his teensy weensy, but important CD32 district. Guess he is used to being truly hated, except his behavior in the district lately screams more thin skin pique than fear of hatred.

I wonder, what with all this time spent in DC trying to carry the support for Speaker of the House, will he have enough time to spare for little old Wylie?  That's right, once again the little town of Wylie is in the spotlight.

It seems, with Pete Sessions' DC power prowess and all , guess where he has been spending an inordinate amount of time these past 6 months? You might have guessed, he's been burning rubber towards the tiny sliver of Collin County that makes up his District 32.  Indeed, Wylie, Texas has made it on his radar finally.  Suddenly, after we have been dead to him since redistricting in 2011 which sent Wylie into his district, he's all up in here playing footsie with the chamber, the mayor and council, and the school district.  Except, while the rest of us savvy voters have been playing Stratego, he's been in a town that spawns very little interest in the way of voting, playing Candyland.

That's right, there have been multiple Petey sightings in the ever so politically important town of Wylie, Texas, like with the Chamber of Commerce, at the WISD school district, at the Barbara Bush Republican Women's group.  No surprise, all well known bastions of liberal or establishment thought. Still, the one group Sessions hasn't bothered to spend any time with in Wylie is the conservatives.  Go figure.

No seriously, Sessions has made all these trips to Wylie for only 2187 people who voted here, in his astounding display of arrogance, and juvenile desire to be relevant.  Now that's funny.

Does Pete Sessions truly believe he will gain back the votes he lost in 2014, just by showing his face around Wylie now that it's election season?  I guess he thinks those backwoods Wylie folk, with missing teeth, and nefarious crotch rashes are stupid or something.  Either that, or it seems his tender ego cannot take the fact he lost 43.67% to 56.33% of Katrina Pierson's Collin County win. He sure has his priorities within his district straight, doesn't he?

You would like to think he would be spending his time down in Dallas county which makes up a huge portion of Congressional District 32.  Especially since all we need to do to put him in a massive tailspin is to get both Russ Ramsland and Katrina Pierson to run, along with candidate Paul Brown.

With the numbers these three would pull, Chief Petey will find himself in heap big trouble. With three candidates running against him, there is no God-given way he could possibly keep greater than 50% of the vote.  Hells, all they need to do is toss their names in and watch Sessions' numbers dive.

And that, my friends, is how you force the rat into a runoff, and then you beat the pants off him when you appeal to all those who wished to vote for someone else, anyone else, that's "not Pete Sessions". You do the math.