Ted Cruz: Conservative's Bad Boy

Photo credit:  Artist Sabo http://unsavoryagents.com/?projects=ted-cruz

It is amazing how much hatred oozes from the liberal gasbags at Salon.  In a rant that pretty much summed up anyone who believes in the Constitution as an extremist, liberal loon author Heather Digby Parton is right about one thing; no matter what  happens during this GOP Gong Show, Senator Ted Cruz will end up far more powerful in Washington DC than anyone might have predicted.

Imagine if you will, an utterly frustrated Speaker of the House John Boehner actually skulking away and quitting.  Boehner is even resorting to childish, underhanded tactics to get back at Cruz and the like by vowing eternal admiration of Planned Parenthood funding. Imagine a defeated Kevin McCarthy, the love-child of Boehner and his boys, dropping out of the Speaker race because the people cannot get behind another establishyster.

For conservatives, Ted Cruz's jockeying is about as good as it gets, because someone is actually listening to the people. The McCarthy caving is proof that we can set things right in DC, all it takes is work.  Oh and by the way, Cruz is a senator, not a house member, yet he has the ability to effect this kind of challenge in the Speaker race.   Imagine that.

Indeed, Ted Cruz is the bad boy of conservatism, and no matter who gets the gong in the end, Washington DC will never be the same.