The Power of Grassroots and Earworms

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I have an overwhelming desire to have a theme song when it comes time to work on someone's campaign.  It is important for me to find something that pretty much sums up my work on the campaign but also sums up my feelings about the opposing candidate. My theme song runs through my mind like a bad earworm.  I fall asleep to it. I wake up to it.  Always running, it gives me the drive to get up and do it all over again.

When I worked on Katrina Pierson's Congressional campaign against Pete Sessions, the song I lived that season was The Neighborhood's Afraid.

Though Katrina did not win, she did take Collin County from Pete Sessions, with my help.  This is why the rat bastard Sessions is hanging around here hoping to pick up those lost votes in a city that hardly votes at all.  With more than 19K registered voters and only 2,100 voting in the 2014 primary, you would think he had more important places to be, but then again it's less time he has to spend in the more critical areas of Congressional District 32, so rock on.

I like to think that Afraid helped motivate and drive me during that campaign, because I'm not gonna lie, grassroots campaigning is a crap ton of hard work, especially when you hold a full time job, and hold down the fort at home because supporting your husband and kids is THE most important job you ever signed up for.  They may be 20 and 22, but I still  help nurture the personal growth and close relationships of these incredible beings I helped bring into this world, but I digress.

I've just returned from my first campaign meeting for Russ Ramsland for Congress and I am feeling the need to find my theme song for this campaign silly season.  I need a song that I can call to mind which reminds me of why I'm just looney enough to take on another Congressional campaign after I swore to myself I wouldn't do it again after Katrina's.  I guess, like all the cool kids that were there tonight, I just don't see anything worthwhile in keeping Pete Sessions around. So for my theme song, this time I've selected Cold War Kids First.

My selection is not represented so much in what the artists thought the words mean, it's how I interpret and apply them to the job Pete Sessions is doing in office.  He's been there, but he has totally let us down.  For example, in the perfect words of my friend Wade Miller of Heritage Action on House Reconciliation Bill H.R. 3762,
"Members of Congress are hiding. We elected a Republican majority to fully repeal Obamacare and to Defund Planned Parenthood. Neither is done with the current Reconciliation Bill. Congress should go back to the drawing board and produce a bill which fully repeals Obamacare and defunds Planned Parenthood through a rider on the CR this December. Now is not the time to hide. Congress should lead."
Because of the perpetual despair these idiots in the House cause us, despite us sending them there to do our will, I think it's time for Sessions to go away.  As House Rules Chair, there it not one piece of legislation that does not cross his desk, and I blame him and his hind licking of John Boehner for the direction the House has headed.  Clearly the referendum we sent them on Election Day last November has been lost on them.

I think by now I've made it pretty clear that I will do whatever work is necessary to remove Pete Sessions' nearly two decade grip on this district, even if that means working on multiple campaigns against him. This is an incredible statement considering he ran on term limits his very first go. Because of this, you can be assured that my theme song this season will be playing through my head as many times as necessary. You see, I believe we've got Pete Sessions this time, and I will need that theme song to drown out the periphery so I can maintain focus and do the work that needs to be done so that we can prove once again, the power of grassroots.