Less Talk - More Action

Tired of hearing nothing but talk from your Congressman Pete Sessions in district 32?  I see his mouth opening but nothing new or worthwhile is coming out. Seems Pete is just another talking dummy from Washington DC. You won't get that from his opponent Russ Ramsland however.

Below is a message from Russ Ramsland explaining why he's running against 20 year incumbent Pete Sessions and why you won't see him be just another marionette for Washington leadership.

Less Talk - More Action
...those four words sum up the reason I’m running for Congress to replace our 20 year incumbent, Pete Sessions.

My name is Russ Ramsland. I’m a businessman and proud Texan, living in District 32. I’m blessed as a Christian and father who takes joy in my daughters and in Kathy, my charming wife of 16 years.

In the last six years I've built the 1200 member Park Cities/Preston Hollow Leadership Forum; a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government, fiscal restraint, personal responsibility, the rule of law and national sovereignty.

Each election, career politicians return to the districts they’re supposed to represent and tell constituents they're going to fight illegal immigration, stop ObamaCare, cut federal spending and get Washington out of our lives. Then they fly back to Washington, D.C. and forget it all.

So, year after year illegal immigration gets worse, ObamaCare moves forward, spending and debt grow and Washington takes more and more of our freedom.

How do you know I mean what I say?  Conservatives in District 32 know from my history I'm a man of my word and a man of action.  I'm proud to have the support of so many great conservatives, including Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams, Grassroots America-We the People Executive Director JoAnn Fleming, SREC members Randall Dunning and Virginia Prodan, my Co-Chairs Keet Lewis and Jennie GilchristAnn and David CarruthAnn Quest and many others in the District.

I'm running because I believe conservative Texas fighters like Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert need reinforcements, not roadblocks.

I humbly ask for your support in this effort, You can learn more about me and my campaign at Ramsland for Congress.

Thank you and God Bless Texas!

Russell Ramsland,
 Republican Candidate for Congress, Texas 32
Paid for by the Ramsland For Congress Committee
Copyright © 2015 Ramsland for Congress, All rights reserved.

Rockwall's Rep John Ratcliffe Picks Up Lou Gigliotti As Competition

John Ratcliffe of CD 4 has picked up some competition as Lou Gigliotti enters the race. CD 4 consists of Rockwall, Sherman, Paris, Sulpher Springs and Mount Pleasant areas. Finally, I would like to add, someone who knows how to write a proper press release!

For Immediate Release (November 20, 2015)
Contact: Lou Gigliotti, 214.679.8907 

Lou for Congress Campaign Begins  

Rockwall, TX - Today the fight to take back our country continues as Lou Gigliotti announces his candidacy for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District of Texas. 

“I have one message for John Ratcliffe; I am coming for you.” Lou Gigliotti said. “You lied to the people who elected you and you sold out to the Washington establishment, and it is time for you to return to your law practice representing lobbyists.”

In his very first vote in Congress Ratcliffe went back on his pledge to oppose John Boehner for Speaker of the House. Ratcliffe ran on a platform of change, but all of the change went into his pockets after Boehner hosted a high dollar fundraiser in Washington.

“In the last election, the people of East Texas did not realize they were exchanging a statesman for a trial lawyer from Chicago.” Gigliotti said. “But they have figured it out, and now we are going to send a message to Ratcliffe and the Washington insiders he is hanging out with.”

Texas is the tip of the spear when it comes to supporting conservative leaders who stand up for liberty. That trend is continuing in East Texas today and the rest of the nation is following our lead in the presidential election.

“We need to transform government, but what we have in Washington is more of the same.” Gigliotti said. “We have a politician who said one thing to get elected and then did another after being sworn in.”

There were five freshman members of Congress who went back on their pledge stating they would not support Boehner for Speaker of the House, and our Congressman was one of them. There is no way to hide from the truth, and that is what this campaign is about; the truth.

You can learn more about Lou Gigliotti and louforcongress.com


One of These Things

When I opened my mail the other day, it was all I could do not to belly laugh. No seriously.

One of these things is not like the other couldn't be more apt, and all I could think of was Petey Grover Sessions and Sesame Street.

Imagine the gall of Pete Sessions to use Senator Jeff Sessions' image in his campaign materials. Senator Jeff Sessions is fighting the illegal alien crisis, which sits in striking contrast to Representative Pete Sessions who is squishy on the illegal alien crisis. The two couldn't be more polar if they tried and the Syrian Refugee issue highlights this effectively.

According to Wade Miller of Heritage Action, 
"Today, the House passed the American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act of 2015 (H.R. 4038). As Heritage Action noted previously, the bill sets up a more stringent vetting system for Syrian refugees but it relies solely on President Obama’s appointees to carry out the new vetting process. It provides no leverage for Congress to weigh in or affirm the implementation of the process. Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:“The SAFE Act cannot be the conclusion of congressional action. With our national security at risk, lawmakers must be empowered to vet the vetting process before it moves forward. Unfortunately, there is no indication the Obama administration is willing to engage in constructive negotiations with Congress. Lawmakers should deny funding to this program until there is a real plan to mitigate the serious national security risks posed by Obama administration’s current resettlement plans.”
A point of clarification... this bill does not stop the Syrian refugee resettlement program."

Senator Jeff Sessions leans Constitutional conservative, unlike Representative Pete Sessions who leans incredibly toward Obama's derriere with his lips. Pete has passed nearly every piece of legislation Obama wanted since 2012. In fact, I would bet Senator Sessions is not even aware his image was used in this manner. I dare say Pete's slip is showing.

Not convinced? In a Breitbart article on the House's actions today, Jeff Sessions is quoted as stating, “It is based on a flawed premise, as there is simply no way to vet Syrian refugees,” Sessions said in a statement." 

This is a far cry from the Eagle Forum data on Pete Sessions' covert legislative actions uncovered below:
"As you may know, Barack Obama is seeking to resettle at least 10,000 largely-unvetted Syrians in the United States.

"The House Conservatives, including Louie GohmertMark Meadows and Dave Brat, have been attempting to delay Obama's reckless Syrian resettlement program.

"Unfortunately, PETE SESSIONS is still using his position as House Rules Chair to KILL the House Conservatives' efforts while FAST-TRACKING HR4038 (the "vetting" procedures for the Obama Resettlement)* with very limited debate and no amendments allowed.
"Via Eagle Forum:

"Yesterday evening, in an effort to improve the American SAFE Act, Rep. Babin and 15 of his colleagues [Brat, Brooks, Meadows, Duncan (SC), Barletta, Loudermilk, LaMalfa, Hice, DeSantis, Sanford, Gohmert, Culberson, Graves (LA), Garrett, and Walker] offered a modification of H.R. 3314 that would halt the resettlement program for 180 days and require a GAO study within 90 days on the economic impact on state and local government. Chairman Pete Sessions and Republican leadership rejected this and every other amendment, instead opting for a closed rule that enabled leadership to rush through H.R. 4038."

"If you oppose Obama's Syrian resettlement program, and don't believe we should be "fast-tracking" the vetting procedures, PETE SESSIONS NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Capitol Switchboard:
(202) 224-3121"
This is just one of many Pete operatives, and he is hoping you don't figure out how he does his DC business. Score zero for Pete Sessions and his tasteless use of a real conservative to trick voters in CD32. Clearly, he has no record of his own to stand on, that he must invoke the record, name and image of someone else. This is truly embarrassing for Pete Sessions' campaign.

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Pete Sessions & Jeb Hensarling (updated with Sessions interview video and supporter responses)

While the struggling lower class is off working and taking payday loans to help get from one paycheck the next, they are oblivious to the dirty deals done dirt cheap by Congress.

It would appear the profits garnered by the payday loan industry are being used to buy votes and legislative action of a few bad Texas congressmen. Namely Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling.

Campaign for Accountability investigated and filed a bi-partisan ethics complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics last month to investigate 11 House representatives for possible criminal and ethics violations for their acceptance of campaign contributions before and after key votes affecting the payday lending industry.

Texas necks on the block include House Rules Chair Pete Sessions and Financial Services Committee Chair Jeb Hensarling.

Sessions and Hensarling were part of the gang of 11 who were showered with buckets 'o cash just pre- and post- important votes aiding payday lenders, including sponsorship of legislation which would reduce oversight of the payday lending industry.

These are the sort of tokens of affection Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling were paid by their pimps:
Mainstream media has finally caught up with this story and WFAA issued a report on the ethics complaint against Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling:  Watch the news report HERE.

When I posted this original article in the secret Dallas County Republican Facebook page, AKA the seriously soiled sandbox of Pete Sessions' supporters, the response was about who made the claim and that anyone who questioned their great congressional leader must be a liberal. The hard-on for Sessions resulted in epithets such as a "Taliban Tea Party" and ad hominem attacks.

Notice red herring arguments made as Sessions' tag team supporters tightrope tippie toe all around the real issue, tossing in reasons why this complaint should be ignored, along with insults, name-calling, and a general ad hominem attack of me, and I'm not even running against Pete.

It is amazing that the issue here according to Pete Sessions and his minions is all about who brought the complaint.  True, it is a liberal front group who filed the ethics complaint, and payday loans are currently considered a legitimate business, but Sessions is directly contributing to their predatory practices as citizens walk away not understanding the contract they just signed, with payments being misrepresented, and saddled with outrageous interest rates.  Sessions just told everyone in his district that he doesn't care if they get financially raped. Would he support these practices if it was his grandma bent over?

Sessions states the attack is, "a cheap shot" and lumped it in with, "Over 400" politically motivated ethics complaints issued by the left and the right. He went on to state, "this administration has done everything they can do to destroy business and where businesses are."

Regardless of how pro- or anti-business you are, there's still this pesky and unanswered issue about taking money from the payday loan industry as a direct result of his legislative action. You will note that he ignored that little factoid.

Jeb Hensarling's response was similar, "This so-called complaint was concocted by one liberal front group and marketed by another." It is amazing how they support this type of unethical business practice by companies who are out there raping and pillaging their constituents. There are sub-prime lenders out there who actually run a legitimate business and provide reasonable support for those with credit hiccups. I can assure you, payday loan businesses are not the same.

So the issue that their constituents are getting hurt in these scumbag deals is of no relevance, it's all about the businesses, and it's certainly not about them taking money as a direct result of their legislative action. Nice.

Let us not get away from the REAL issue here: These men took money for votes. How you feel about Dodd Frank, payday loans, who made the ethics complaint, and heavy petting with your congressman are all completely irrelevant.

You might be an establisheister if you support your candidate and every aspect of their platform no matter what, and attack anyone who dares suggest he has done something wrong, all while your fellow district citizens are being bent over and violated, and you might be a crook if you take bribes for legislative action.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Sessions, Sessions, Sessions

Photo credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_NUZ_fM-TQKQ/SnHFrZRTbnI/AAAAAAAAOXw/52awUemiuw0/s400/pete-sessions_forty_deuce_cinevegas_2007-725.jpg
I have to admit, I knew about Pete Sessions' foray into burlesque. I've read the blogs. I've even been told all about his evil twin Uncle Pete by a couple women now. Looking awkwardly tubby next to Las Vegas walking skin, you can probably guess from this photoshop job that Congressman Pete Sessions, Sessions, Sessions likes the girls, girls, girls.

In the video, Sessions can be heard discussing the innocence of his fundraiser at the now defunct Las Vegas Forty Deuce Club.

Indeedy, this is a real family values kinda guy the voters in district 32 are propping up. I wonder what Pete's family thinks about him hanging out in a club where women strip down to their skivvies and shake their kibbles and bits around for a bunch of horn dogs. Every time he speaks about his son with Down Syndrome, I cannot help but wonder if he knows about this side of his family values father.

Sure, some people like this sort of thing, but as a PAC fundraiser by then NRCC Chairman who went on to become House Rules Chair where every piece of legislature runs past his fingertips, then on to pimping himself this year for Whip and Speaker of the House, this is pretty sleazy. Especially for an Eagle Scout, former Scoutmaster and East Dallas YMCA boardmember  who came in contact with a bunch of young, impressionable boys and young men.

More important, I wonder about his assessment of voter stupidity when he can be heard exclaiming, "There is a woman that comes out and has a dress on."

Um, reality is calling Sessions and they want their scantily clad stripper moves back.

Paul Brown Becomes a New Dad

Congratulations to Paul Brown who became a proud new father tonight at 7:00 PM. Brown is running against Pete Sessions for Texas Congressional District 32.

Photo credit:  https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-0/p180x540/12243510_905778802824335_602740617020258482_n.jpg?oh=085264c237aa5a56e4e19a5bbe312bb0&oe=56E995F7

Pete Sessions Campaign Recognizance

At Russ Ramsland's Town Hall meeting tonight in Mesquite, Texas, there was a Pete Sessions plant recording everything Ramsland had to say. This is Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager Ty Petty holding the camera. This is not the first time I've seen him around one of Mr. Ramsland's events either.

This is nothing new.  Former Sessions campaign manager Kim Locus used to show up at Katrina Pierson's campaign events and record her every word too. But at least the woman could blend in with the crowd while doing her recognizance. This young man seemed to have a serious case of ants in his pants, and for the love of God, couldn't chill and be still. Obviously he doesn't care how obnoxious he is.

What this tells me, however, is that Sessions is scared and he's looking for any mud he can possibly sling.  After all, that is how Sessions and his nasty staff ran his last campaign against Ms. Pierson. Sad, but that's all he has left because there is no record to stand on. For him to come home and tell his rather conservative constituents how he's been voting for years would be campaign suicide. So Sessions sticks to vanilla budget talks instead.

It is interesting to note that Sessions' staff have not been active at any of the campaign events held by Paul Brown, Jeff Tokar, or Chris DeHart though they are also running against Sessions. For Ramsland's campaign, that fact is pretty telling.

Michigan's First US No Go Zone

As a young girl growing up in Detroit and the burbs, Dearborn, Michigan was a chief hub of activity for us. We often took trips to the fancy Fairlane Town Center on famed Michigan Ave. I consider that my first real introduction to the upscale galleria-style mall and nearby Hyatt with its rotating restaurant.

Across the street are the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, both incredibly important American historical sites. In fact, I dare say they are one of the top 10 most amazing places to visit in this country. There stands Edison's laboratory and homestead, Noah Webster's home, Robert Frost's home, Wright brother's cycle shop and homestead, and all things Henry Ford. There are actors dressed for the era playing out history among and around the painstakingly preserved historical buildings. In the summer they reenact American Revolutionary War scenes and at Christmas you can even take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snowy village.

Photo credit: https://www.thehenryford.org/exhibits/pic/2007/december/images/4_sm.jpg
Juxtapose that to the modern-day Dearborn where Muslim call to prayer is blared over loudspeakers four times daily for nearly a decade now.

Just down the road from Dearborn lies the city of Hamtramck.  Once a massive population of Polish immigrants, they have upped their sticks in their own urban flight, leaving the city to be taken over by Muslims. , Hamtramck now boasts to be the first Muslim majority city council in the United States where Americanized Polish shop owners once celebrated their ethnicity, but certainly didn't refuse to assimilate into their new digs.

Photo credit: http://www.detroityes.com/mb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14681&d=1342877641
As people fled urban blight created by liberal Democrat policies, Muslims took their place and are refusing to assimilate into society, forming tight-knit communities that chiefly, educate, magistrate and keep to themselves. They're even building their own town here in East Dallas.

This isolationist ideology is dangerous to identity, membership and citizenship of a country and is one main reason France is experiencing so many terrorist attacks. These radicalized Muslims committing jihad feel no particular allegiance toward the country they inhabit nor the countrymen they share the land with, and they are malcontent living in their small, poorish islands.

Photo credit: http://images.csmonitor.com/csm/2015/11/946631_1_1108-Hamtramck_standard.jpg?alias=standard_600x400
Photo credit: http://nteb.mudflowermedia.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/hamtramck-michigan-elects-first-muslim-majority-city-council-november-2015.jpg
The no go zones in France and Europe are the direct result of immigration without assimilation. These zones are hamlets of Muslim exclusivity with Sharia Law at the center. They are bastions of radicalization as young Muslim men are indoctrinated and then sent to Syria for ISIS fighter training, often fighting along side them. As French citizens, they are able to freely move across the border and back without visas and without much question as to why. It's how the radicalized Islamists made their way into France to do harm in Paris last week. Critical to this point is their lack of identity as citizens of the land.

Photo credit: http://www.swrc.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/shariah-zone.gif
They identify as Muslim first, and American second, if at all. That backwardness of identity is the crux of the problem as they attempt to eek out a caliphate. This is something most Americans cannot understand as we are incapable of grasping that they are here solely to conquer. As such, they partake in our employment, money and material possibilities but they don't partake in our identity as American first. Thus you have no go zones where non-Muslims are not welcome.

Dearborn, Michigan is no longer an up and coming no go zone, it is already our very own no go zone in the United States and it came about by the congregation of poor Muslims who refuse to assimilate. We will get more of the same as Obama continues his plan to resettle them here.

This no go zone is nothing new to the US; it's been ignored for years.  It's been handed over as one by one, people like my own elderly cousin who could no longer take the intimidation, sell their homes and move somewhere more hospitable. What you see in the videos isn't the face of assimilation, this is the face of hostile takeover.

Meanwhile, in the videos you see the Dearborn police force refusing to protect non-Muslims. Police outright ignore the pelting of Christian men as mounted police stroll by in the middle of the stoning, and later free speech is shut down as police tell these men they will be cited for disorderly conduct and escorted out for merely displaying Christian signs and assembling peaceably.

This is an American city street where all Americans are supposed to be allowed free speech and the right to peaceful assembly, yet the police clearly favor the rights of one class over another. Americans should not expect to be stoned and assaulted regardless of the message they are sending. You certainly haven't witnessed en masse assault of the Westboro Baptist Church folks for their various distasteful protests. Provocateurs perhaps, but they certainly have the right to protest in this country.

Though the perverse is embraced, Christianity evidently is considered a scourge, and Christian men holding signs which utter not one vulgar, offensive, or shocking statement are threatened with a disobedience citation and threat of physical removal. I cannot imagine what further evidence you need beyond this that Dearborn, Michigan is a no go zone.

Headline photo credit: http://patriotsbillboard.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Screen-Shot-2014-02-20-at-5.38.18-PM.png

Coffee, Tea, or a Dose of Patronizing?

Image credit: www.starbucks.com

I can't tell you how many times I've seen otherwise seemingly good Christians posting in support of Starbucks. My question is, why would you?

Furthermore, just look at the Starbucks logo.  It's a 16th century Norse siren with two mermaid tails who's main purpose is to deceive men into thinking she is something that she is not. The creators of Starbucks claim they chose it for a "nautical" , Seattle seaside theme, but in reality, the siren is a creature who lured sailors with her magical powers, and while mesmerized by her spell, they would crash and die upon the rocky shoreline. The logo stands for obsession, addiction, and finally death.  It should all start making sense now.

I suppose if you are a liberal, atheist, then you don't care about the red cup or any of this, but for any Judeo-Christian, you probably should.

If it's a dose of progressive brainwashing you want served up with your coffee, Starbucks is certainly the place to get it. They support the radicalized LGBT movement, Black Lives Matter hate group, and anti-Israeli agendas after they closed their stores in Israel claiming logistical issues, though seemingly having no trouble with logistics in anti-Israel Arab countries.  In fact, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz outright told Judeo-Christians that if they don't like gay marriage, their business was not welcome. The CEO supports George Soros and his leftist, anti-American agenda as well. Is anyone surprised they chose the color red for their cups? It certainly isn't for the holidays. And on top of that, they serve their coffee up with a level of patronizing as Starbucks ordered their staff scold you into believing you are a racist

Finally, Starbucks is also serving you a dose of GMO with your coffee.  Starbucks is a card-carrying member of the Grocery Manufacturer's Association (GMA) who does not support GMO labeling. And while their CEO Howard Schultz has refused to take a stance on labeling, he has also refused to cut his ties with the GMA. I don't care what side of the aisle you sit on, Americans deserve to know what is in the food they are purchasing and consuming, and you should question anyone who wants to hide those facts.

As Judeo-Christians we should be boycotting Starbucks based upon their direct conflict with our principles, period. It shouldn't solely depend upon a red cup that doesn't even mean what anyone thinks it means.

Meanwhile, I see my Christian pals supporting insulting memes designed to shame fellow Christians into submission. There's nothing quite like watching the degradation of Christian values at the hands of fellow Christians as they share images created by liberals. Unfortunately, Christians are being played as part of Starbucks anti-Judeo-Christian agenda, and they don't even know it.

Another Starbucks Rickroll of Christians (Updated)

I think these posts are an amazing shaming backlash designed to reject Christian values which have been assaulted for years by the Starbucks CEO's overarching social platform which many Christians reject.  You're being put in your place and buying into it just as heavily as you are shelling out ridiculous amounts of money for a cup of caffeine and sugar.  Christians, you can't have it both ways.  #YouveBeenRickrolled

Christians have been unhappy for years with most of the stances the Starbucks CEO has taken. Personally, I stopped buying Starbucks about a year ago when the CEO decided that I needed a progressive scolding with my product. As Christians you can't have it both ways. Christians didn't like being told they weren't welcome in Starbucks if they did not support gay marriage, but suddenly it's OK for them to pointedly remove the Christmas symbols from their red cup? To add the the Christian confusion, memes come out that degrade Christians for taking a dim view on the red cups, and Christians are sharing it ad nauseum. Who do you think is putting these meme's out? They are designed to shame you for being Christian, Understand that as Christians, you are being played.

Ramsland a Class Act

Talk about a classy orator.  Russ Ramsland just gives good speech.

I visited Ramsland's grassroots planning meeting last night as he spent a long time speaking with a roomful of the troops. He is articulate and intelligent and he lacks that slick bait and switch technique oft used by incumbent Pete Sessions.

It's no surprise, Ramsland has a BA from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard. Compare that to Pete's BA from Georgetown. Ehem, Georgetown, Texas that is, because Sessions went to Southwest University.

Russ Ramsland for Congress has setup offices at:

Ramsland Campaign Headquarters
12700 Hillcrest
Dallas, TX 75230

Take some time to tour and visit with volunteers and hear just what makes Ramsland a great selection to replace Pete Sessions.

Too Many Sessions

This is what happens when you've had way too many sessions in office and you no longer recall exactly where your district boundaries are located.

Yup, that's him, our Texas Representative Pete Sessions, campaigning at the Light the Night Walk in Trinity Groves, which is not even in his district.  Close but no cigar.

But Pete Sessions probably doesn't give a frig or even two. I can say this with some authority because word about town says he sent his resume out during the summer to the K Street crowd, pimping himself for 7 bigaroo figures, and he got nothing but crickets back.  Evidently he thinks he's worth some balloons and confetti or something when he does his danged job once or twice a year in the way of votes or other well placed activities in the district. However, it seems others don't appear to find him so paper streamer and flash bang.

Still, when even the lowest of the low, the K Street lobbyist scums won't look at you, it might be time to pack up and head back home.......to Florida, and campaign there.

Nothing screams foolish more than receiving an honorary District 32 jersey from Orlando Magic, in Orlando, where your wife lives, when your district is supposed to be in Dallas.   For realz.

Oh, but his staff swears up, down and sideways that he lives in Dallas 100% of the time when not in DC.  So I'm wondering just how he miraculously transported himself to Orlando for this photo op, cuz I need to get me some of that time travel stuff so I can be in two places at once.  But now I'm just toying with him.

I'm also wondering just how celibacy is working out for him then because his wife lives in Florida 100% of the time.  Then again, there must be those conjugal visits such as this weekend when the lovely and beautiful Karen Diebel flies in to the much hated Dallas for a coffee photo op on Saturday. Sorry, went a little off-color there but you certainly get the point.

Still, I'm left shaking my head over the whole Sessions campaign thingy. It's just too silly to take seriously.  One thing is clear, Pete has had way too many sessions in Washington DC, and I hope the next photo op I can post of old grey-hair, is a retirement party pic.

Silly Session

Photo credit http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2601/1108/1600/PeteSessions'hanky_panky'.jpg
Is there anyone else out there, or is it just me who thinks Pete Sessions' days are numbered? Honestly, raise your hand.

It's what happens when you have 3 challengers and possibly more coming. At this point, I'm wondering if my Bichon Frise could drum up better support than Sessions has in the district. With that many hats in the ring, there is no way in hell Sessions can hoi enough phlegm to make any reasonable and substantive case showing a record to stand on.

Sessions' votes have reeked of squishy Republican for years now, as he and his collective squishes have pushed through every liberal Obama policy asked of them. Lets face it, he has been a better friend to the robbing hoods Nancy Pelosi, Harry, Reid and Barack Obama, than he has ever been to his constituents.

Suck though it may for Sessions, I think that icing on his cupcake has not only melted but is sliding glossily off the side. Voters have become wise to that sticky sweetness he's been displaying all over town these days. Sure, it's easy to be sweet and play coy and cutesy with the blonde-haired blogger of his ire at the Town Hall meeting in Wylie. Especially when you know she's going to be there because her RSVP says so. It's easy to stack a town hall with your supporters who ask questions you've practiced answering. It's even easy to look like you belong in a leotard and cape when you twist the tough questions of those who came on their own volition. In fact, I'm sure old Pete would be all sorts of fun at the bar after a couple of adult bevys, but the line has to be drawn on just how much more time voters intend to give him in DC. Haven't we had enough of the illusions and prestidigitation?

I'm not even saying this as an attempt to demoralize  his camp either; the sentiment bleeds true in the district.  I hear it everywhere I go. In 2013/14 when I worked as Katrina Pierson's Wylie Area Coordinator, my online presence was neglected by the Sessions camp as his campaign manager Kim Locus focused her hateful smear campaign directly on Pierson.  Meanwhile my blog on Pete Sessions' dirty, cheap-ass, efficiency apartment was referenced numerous times by the media, but aside from Locus friending me in a half-hearted attempt to spy on Katrina, I flew easily under the radar.

Suddenly, this campaign season Sessions folks abound on my social networking sites and blog. They're checking me out on LinkedIn, they're following me on Twitter, they are reading everything I post on Facebook, and they are reading this blog 'cuz my Google Analytics tells me so.  Pete Sessions himself has been up here in Wylie more times these past 6 months than he has in his whole two decades in office.  Go ahead, ask yourself why. I sure have and the answer is interesting.

Perhaps the Sessions camp is all up in my personal business hoping to discredit me. But to who? I don't mean anything to anyone because I'm just a volunteer. Do they think the campaigns worry about that sort of trashcan  politics? They don't. They just need a warm body in Wylie who is willing to help coordinate what is necessary for them to get their name out there.  And it's a symbiotic relationship. They get my help and knowledge of the area and I get a nice hit on my resume. Yet I'm not running for office, nor will I ever and I've made that very clear over the years. So too, I've blogged openly about my life, so there's not much in the way of news on me that isn't yawnsville by now. Still, I'm not even expecting perfection out of my representatives whether local, state, or national.  Nobody is perfect. I just expect my representatives to listen to the desires of the voters, and Pete hasn't. Pete so much as told us at his previous town hall that he is beholden to the executive leadership when he's in DC.  Damn the torpedoes, and damn the voters.

Perhaps the Sessions camp sits in awe at how a small-town blogger with a penchant for dirty words and imagery, who started the blog originally to highlight the good ole' boy deals going down in a town that grew too large for such crap, could cause him such a ginormous pain in his arse. Doubtful. I just don't see how I am doing anything different than umpteen-million other campaign volunteers out there. It's how grassroots works, and it's certainly not a new concept that needs to be explained to the Sessions camp.

Perhaps the Sessions camp is scared that what I am saying is true, and that Pete's days as our Congressman are truly numbered despite his Wylie operative. This campaign is not about ta-da moments in the spotlight with a stiff collar, top hat and a cane, it's 100% about his voting record, which is very well documented. Nobody wants their politician anymore when they've been in office two decades. Nobody.

I suspect for Pete, there is a combination of all three scenarios where only one equals true. Wylie chick has to be some sort of tyrant in person who must be outted for it, she must be getting help from someone to be such a PITA, or he can feel his campaign slipping away. I think the answer is clear.