Another Starbucks Rickroll of Christians (Updated)

I think these posts are an amazing shaming backlash designed to reject Christian values which have been assaulted for years by the Starbucks CEO's overarching social platform which many Christians reject.  You're being put in your place and buying into it just as heavily as you are shelling out ridiculous amounts of money for a cup of caffeine and sugar.  Christians, you can't have it both ways.  #YouveBeenRickrolled

Christians have been unhappy for years with most of the stances the Starbucks CEO has taken. Personally, I stopped buying Starbucks about a year ago when the CEO decided that I needed a progressive scolding with my product. As Christians you can't have it both ways. Christians didn't like being told they weren't welcome in Starbucks if they did not support gay marriage, but suddenly it's OK for them to pointedly remove the Christmas symbols from their red cup? To add the the Christian confusion, memes come out that degrade Christians for taking a dim view on the red cups, and Christians are sharing it ad nauseum. Who do you think is putting these meme's out? They are designed to shame you for being Christian, Understand that as Christians, you are being played.