Coffee, Tea, or a Dose of Patronizing?

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I can't tell you how many times I've seen otherwise seemingly good Christians posting in support of Starbucks. My question is, why would you?

Furthermore, just look at the Starbucks logo.  It's a 16th century Norse siren with two mermaid tails who's main purpose is to deceive men into thinking she is something that she is not. The creators of Starbucks claim they chose it for a "nautical" , Seattle seaside theme, but in reality, the siren is a creature who lured sailors with her magical powers, and while mesmerized by her spell, they would crash and die upon the rocky shoreline. The logo stands for obsession, addiction, and finally death.  It should all start making sense now.

I suppose if you are a liberal, atheist, then you don't care about the red cup or any of this, but for any Judeo-Christian, you probably should.

If it's a dose of progressive brainwashing you want served up with your coffee, Starbucks is certainly the place to get it. They support the radicalized LGBT movement, Black Lives Matter hate group, and anti-Israeli agendas after they closed their stores in Israel claiming logistical issues, though seemingly having no trouble with logistics in anti-Israel Arab countries.  In fact, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz outright told Judeo-Christians that if they don't like gay marriage, their business was not welcome. The CEO supports George Soros and his leftist, anti-American agenda as well. Is anyone surprised they chose the color red for their cups? It certainly isn't for the holidays. And on top of that, they serve their coffee up with a level of patronizing as Starbucks ordered their staff scold you into believing you are a racist

Finally, Starbucks is also serving you a dose of GMO with your coffee.  Starbucks is a card-carrying member of the Grocery Manufacturer's Association (GMA) who does not support GMO labeling. And while their CEO Howard Schultz has refused to take a stance on labeling, he has also refused to cut his ties with the GMA. I don't care what side of the aisle you sit on, Americans deserve to know what is in the food they are purchasing and consuming, and you should question anyone who wants to hide those facts.

As Judeo-Christians we should be boycotting Starbucks based upon their direct conflict with our principles, period. It shouldn't solely depend upon a red cup that doesn't even mean what anyone thinks it means.

Meanwhile, I see my Christian pals supporting insulting memes designed to shame fellow Christians into submission. There's nothing quite like watching the degradation of Christian values at the hands of fellow Christians as they share images created by liberals. Unfortunately, Christians are being played as part of Starbucks anti-Judeo-Christian agenda, and they don't even know it.