Ethics Complaint Filed Against Pete Sessions & Jeb Hensarling (updated with Sessions interview video and supporter responses)

While the struggling lower class is off working and taking payday loans to help get from one paycheck the next, they are oblivious to the dirty deals done dirt cheap by Congress.

It would appear the profits garnered by the payday loan industry are being used to buy votes and legislative action of a few bad Texas congressmen. Namely Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling.

Campaign for Accountability investigated and filed a bi-partisan ethics complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics last month to investigate 11 House representatives for possible criminal and ethics violations for their acceptance of campaign contributions before and after key votes affecting the payday lending industry.

Texas necks on the block include House Rules Chair Pete Sessions and Financial Services Committee Chair Jeb Hensarling.

Sessions and Hensarling were part of the gang of 11 who were showered with buckets 'o cash just pre- and post- important votes aiding payday lenders, including sponsorship of legislation which would reduce oversight of the payday lending industry.

These are the sort of tokens of affection Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling were paid by their pimps:
Mainstream media has finally caught up with this story and WFAA issued a report on the ethics complaint against Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling:  Watch the news report HERE.

When I posted this original article in the secret Dallas County Republican Facebook page, AKA the seriously soiled sandbox of Pete Sessions' supporters, the response was about who made the claim and that anyone who questioned their great congressional leader must be a liberal. The hard-on for Sessions resulted in epithets such as a "Taliban Tea Party" and ad hominem attacks.

Notice red herring arguments made as Sessions' tag team supporters tightrope tippie toe all around the real issue, tossing in reasons why this complaint should be ignored, along with insults, name-calling, and a general ad hominem attack of me, and I'm not even running against Pete.

It is amazing that the issue here according to Pete Sessions and his minions is all about who brought the complaint.  True, it is a liberal front group who filed the ethics complaint, and payday loans are currently considered a legitimate business, but Sessions is directly contributing to their predatory practices as citizens walk away not understanding the contract they just signed, with payments being misrepresented, and saddled with outrageous interest rates.  Sessions just told everyone in his district that he doesn't care if they get financially raped. Would he support these practices if it was his grandma bent over?

Sessions states the attack is, "a cheap shot" and lumped it in with, "Over 400" politically motivated ethics complaints issued by the left and the right. He went on to state, "this administration has done everything they can do to destroy business and where businesses are."

Regardless of how pro- or anti-business you are, there's still this pesky and unanswered issue about taking money from the payday loan industry as a direct result of his legislative action. You will note that he ignored that little factoid.

Jeb Hensarling's response was similar, "This so-called complaint was concocted by one liberal front group and marketed by another." It is amazing how they support this type of unethical business practice by companies who are out there raping and pillaging their constituents. There are sub-prime lenders out there who actually run a legitimate business and provide reasonable support for those with credit hiccups. I can assure you, payday loan businesses are not the same.

So the issue that their constituents are getting hurt in these scumbag deals is of no relevance, it's all about the businesses, and it's certainly not about them taking money as a direct result of their legislative action. Nice.

Let us not get away from the REAL issue here: These men took money for votes. How you feel about Dodd Frank, payday loans, who made the ethics complaint, and heavy petting with your congressman are all completely irrelevant.

You might be an establisheister if you support your candidate and every aspect of their platform no matter what, and attack anyone who dares suggest he has done something wrong, all while your fellow district citizens are being bent over and violated, and you might be a crook if you take bribes for legislative action.

You just can't make this stuff up.