Michigan's First US No Go Zone

As a young girl growing up in Detroit and the burbs, Dearborn, Michigan was a chief hub of activity for us. We often took trips to the fancy Fairlane Town Center on famed Michigan Ave. I consider that my first real introduction to the upscale galleria-style mall and nearby Hyatt with its rotating restaurant.

Across the street are the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, both incredibly important American historical sites. In fact, I dare say they are one of the top 10 most amazing places to visit in this country. There stands Edison's laboratory and homestead, Noah Webster's home, Robert Frost's home, Wright brother's cycle shop and homestead, and all things Henry Ford. There are actors dressed for the era playing out history among and around the painstakingly preserved historical buildings. In the summer they reenact American Revolutionary War scenes and at Christmas you can even take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snowy village.

Photo credit: https://www.thehenryford.org/exhibits/pic/2007/december/images/4_sm.jpg
Juxtapose that to the modern-day Dearborn where Muslim call to prayer is blared over loudspeakers four times daily for nearly a decade now.

Just down the road from Dearborn lies the city of Hamtramck.  Once a massive population of Polish immigrants, they have upped their sticks in their own urban flight, leaving the city to be taken over by Muslims. , Hamtramck now boasts to be the first Muslim majority city council in the United States where Americanized Polish shop owners once celebrated their ethnicity, but certainly didn't refuse to assimilate into their new digs.

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As people fled urban blight created by liberal Democrat policies, Muslims took their place and are refusing to assimilate into society, forming tight-knit communities that chiefly, educate, magistrate and keep to themselves. They're even building their own town here in East Dallas.

This isolationist ideology is dangerous to identity, membership and citizenship of a country and is one main reason France is experiencing so many terrorist attacks. These radicalized Muslims committing jihad feel no particular allegiance toward the country they inhabit nor the countrymen they share the land with, and they are malcontent living in their small, poorish islands.

Photo credit: http://images.csmonitor.com/csm/2015/11/946631_1_1108-Hamtramck_standard.jpg?alias=standard_600x400
Photo credit: http://nteb.mudflowermedia.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/hamtramck-michigan-elects-first-muslim-majority-city-council-november-2015.jpg
The no go zones in France and Europe are the direct result of immigration without assimilation. These zones are hamlets of Muslim exclusivity with Sharia Law at the center. They are bastions of radicalization as young Muslim men are indoctrinated and then sent to Syria for ISIS fighter training, often fighting along side them. As French citizens, they are able to freely move across the border and back without visas and without much question as to why. It's how the radicalized Islamists made their way into France to do harm in Paris last week. Critical to this point is their lack of identity as citizens of the land.

Photo credit: http://www.swrc.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/shariah-zone.gif
They identify as Muslim first, and American second, if at all. That backwardness of identity is the crux of the problem as they attempt to eek out a caliphate. This is something most Americans cannot understand as we are incapable of grasping that they are here solely to conquer. As such, they partake in our employment, money and material possibilities but they don't partake in our identity as American first. Thus you have no go zones where non-Muslims are not welcome.

Dearborn, Michigan is no longer an up and coming no go zone, it is already our very own no go zone in the United States and it came about by the congregation of poor Muslims who refuse to assimilate. We will get more of the same as Obama continues his plan to resettle them here.

This no go zone is nothing new to the US; it's been ignored for years.  It's been handed over as one by one, people like my own elderly cousin who could no longer take the intimidation, sell their homes and move somewhere more hospitable. What you see in the videos isn't the face of assimilation, this is the face of hostile takeover.

Meanwhile, in the videos you see the Dearborn police force refusing to protect non-Muslims. Police outright ignore the pelting of Christian men as mounted police stroll by in the middle of the stoning, and later free speech is shut down as police tell these men they will be cited for disorderly conduct and escorted out for merely displaying Christian signs and assembling peaceably.

This is an American city street where all Americans are supposed to be allowed free speech and the right to peaceful assembly, yet the police clearly favor the rights of one class over another. Americans should not expect to be stoned and assaulted regardless of the message they are sending. You certainly haven't witnessed en masse assault of the Westboro Baptist Church folks for their various distasteful protests. Provocateurs perhaps, but they certainly have the right to protest in this country.

Though the perverse is embraced, Christianity evidently is considered a scourge, and Christian men holding signs which utter not one vulgar, offensive, or shocking statement are threatened with a disobedience citation and threat of physical removal. I cannot imagine what further evidence you need beyond this that Dearborn, Michigan is a no go zone.

Headline photo credit: http://patriotsbillboard.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Screen-Shot-2014-02-20-at-5.38.18-PM.png