Pete Sessions Campaign Recognizance

At Russ Ramsland's Town Hall meeting tonight in Mesquite, Texas, there was a Pete Sessions plant recording everything Ramsland had to say. This is Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager Ty Petty holding the camera. This is not the first time I've seen him around one of Mr. Ramsland's events either.

This is nothing new.  Former Sessions campaign manager Kim Locus used to show up at Katrina Pierson's campaign events and record her every word too. But at least the woman could blend in with the crowd while doing her recognizance. This young man seemed to have a serious case of ants in his pants, and for the love of God, couldn't chill and be still. Obviously he doesn't care how obnoxious he is.

What this tells me, however, is that Sessions is scared and he's looking for any mud he can possibly sling.  After all, that is how Sessions and his nasty staff ran his last campaign against Ms. Pierson. Sad, but that's all he has left because there is no record to stand on. For him to come home and tell his rather conservative constituents how he's been voting for years would be campaign suicide. So Sessions sticks to vanilla budget talks instead.

It is interesting to note that Sessions' staff have not been active at any of the campaign events held by Paul Brown, Jeff Tokar, or Chris DeHart though they are also running against Sessions. For Ramsland's campaign, that fact is pretty telling.