Sessions, Sessions, Sessions

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I have to admit, I knew about Pete Sessions' foray into burlesque. I've read the blogs. I've even been told all about his evil twin Uncle Pete by a couple women now. Looking awkwardly tubby next to Las Vegas walking skin, you can probably guess from this photoshop job that Congressman Pete Sessions, Sessions, Sessions likes the girls, girls, girls.

In the video, Sessions can be heard discussing the innocence of his fundraiser at the now defunct Las Vegas Forty Deuce Club.

Indeedy, this is a real family values kinda guy the voters in district 32 are propping up. I wonder what Pete's family thinks about him hanging out in a club where women strip down to their skivvies and shake their kibbles and bits around for a bunch of horn dogs. Every time he speaks about his son with Down Syndrome, I cannot help but wonder if he knows about this side of his family values father.

Sure, some people like this sort of thing, but as a PAC fundraiser by then NRCC Chairman who went on to become House Rules Chair where every piece of legislature runs past his fingertips, then on to pimping himself this year for Whip and Speaker of the House, this is pretty sleazy. Especially for an Eagle Scout, former Scoutmaster and East Dallas YMCA boardmember  who came in contact with a bunch of young, impressionable boys and young men.

More important, I wonder about his assessment of voter stupidity when he can be heard exclaiming, "There is a woman that comes out and has a dress on."

Um, reality is calling Sessions and they want their scantily clad stripper moves back.