Silly Session

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Is there anyone else out there, or is it just me who thinks Pete Sessions' days are numbered? Honestly, raise your hand.

It's what happens when you have 3 challengers and possibly more coming. At this point, I'm wondering if my Bichon Frise could drum up better support than Sessions has in the district. With that many hats in the ring, there is no way in hell Sessions can hoi enough phlegm to make any reasonable and substantive case showing a record to stand on.

Sessions' votes have reeked of squishy Republican for years now, as he and his collective squishes have pushed through every liberal Obama policy asked of them. Lets face it, he has been a better friend to the robbing hoods Nancy Pelosi, Harry, Reid and Barack Obama, than he has ever been to his constituents.

Suck though it may for Sessions, I think that icing on his cupcake has not only melted but is sliding glossily off the side. Voters have become wise to that sticky sweetness he's been displaying all over town these days. Sure, it's easy to be sweet and play coy and cutesy with the blonde-haired blogger of his ire at the Town Hall meeting in Wylie. Especially when you know she's going to be there because her RSVP says so. It's easy to stack a town hall with your supporters who ask questions you've practiced answering. It's even easy to look like you belong in a leotard and cape when you twist the tough questions of those who came on their own volition. In fact, I'm sure old Pete would be all sorts of fun at the bar after a couple of adult bevys, but the line has to be drawn on just how much more time voters intend to give him in DC. Haven't we had enough of the illusions and prestidigitation?

I'm not even saying this as an attempt to demoralize  his camp either; the sentiment bleeds true in the district.  I hear it everywhere I go. In 2013/14 when I worked as Katrina Pierson's Wylie Area Coordinator, my online presence was neglected by the Sessions camp as his campaign manager Kim Locus focused her hateful smear campaign directly on Pierson.  Meanwhile my blog on Pete Sessions' dirty, cheap-ass, efficiency apartment was referenced numerous times by the media, but aside from Locus friending me in a half-hearted attempt to spy on Katrina, I flew easily under the radar.

Suddenly, this campaign season Sessions folks abound on my social networking sites and blog. They're checking me out on LinkedIn, they're following me on Twitter, they are reading everything I post on Facebook, and they are reading this blog 'cuz my Google Analytics tells me so.  Pete Sessions himself has been up here in Wylie more times these past 6 months than he has in his whole two decades in office.  Go ahead, ask yourself why. I sure have and the answer is interesting.

Perhaps the Sessions camp is all up in my personal business hoping to discredit me. But to who? I don't mean anything to anyone because I'm just a volunteer. Do they think the campaigns worry about that sort of trashcan  politics? They don't. They just need a warm body in Wylie who is willing to help coordinate what is necessary for them to get their name out there.  And it's a symbiotic relationship. They get my help and knowledge of the area and I get a nice hit on my resume. Yet I'm not running for office, nor will I ever and I've made that very clear over the years. So too, I've blogged openly about my life, so there's not much in the way of news on me that isn't yawnsville by now. Still, I'm not even expecting perfection out of my representatives whether local, state, or national.  Nobody is perfect. I just expect my representatives to listen to the desires of the voters, and Pete hasn't. Pete so much as told us at his previous town hall that he is beholden to the executive leadership when he's in DC.  Damn the torpedoes, and damn the voters.

Perhaps the Sessions camp sits in awe at how a small-town blogger with a penchant for dirty words and imagery, who started the blog originally to highlight the good ole' boy deals going down in a town that grew too large for such crap, could cause him such a ginormous pain in his arse. Doubtful. I just don't see how I am doing anything different than umpteen-million other campaign volunteers out there. It's how grassroots works, and it's certainly not a new concept that needs to be explained to the Sessions camp.

Perhaps the Sessions camp is scared that what I am saying is true, and that Pete's days as our Congressman are truly numbered despite his Wylie operative. This campaign is not about ta-da moments in the spotlight with a stiff collar, top hat and a cane, it's 100% about his voting record, which is very well documented. Nobody wants their politician anymore when they've been in office two decades. Nobody.

I suspect for Pete, there is a combination of all three scenarios where only one equals true. Wylie chick has to be some sort of tyrant in person who must be outted for it, she must be getting help from someone to be such a PITA, or he can feel his campaign slipping away. I think the answer is clear.