Too Many Sessions

This is what happens when you've had way too many sessions in office and you no longer recall exactly where your district boundaries are located.

Yup, that's him, our Texas Representative Pete Sessions, campaigning at the Light the Night Walk in Trinity Groves, which is not even in his district.  Close but no cigar.

But Pete Sessions probably doesn't give a frig or even two. I can say this with some authority because word about town says he sent his resume out during the summer to the K Street crowd, pimping himself for 7 bigaroo figures, and he got nothing but crickets back.  Evidently he thinks he's worth some balloons and confetti or something when he does his danged job once or twice a year in the way of votes or other well placed activities in the district. However, it seems others don't appear to find him so paper streamer and flash bang.

Still, when even the lowest of the low, the K Street lobbyist scums won't look at you, it might be time to pack up and head back Florida, and campaign there.

Nothing screams foolish more than receiving an honorary District 32 jersey from Orlando Magic, in Orlando, where your wife lives, when your district is supposed to be in Dallas.   For realz.

Oh, but his staff swears up, down and sideways that he lives in Dallas 100% of the time when not in DC.  So I'm wondering just how he miraculously transported himself to Orlando for this photo op, cuz I need to get me some of that time travel stuff so I can be in two places at once.  But now I'm just toying with him.

I'm also wondering just how celibacy is working out for him then because his wife lives in Florida 100% of the time.  Then again, there must be those conjugal visits such as this weekend when the lovely and beautiful Karen Diebel flies in to the much hated Dallas for a coffee photo op on Saturday. Sorry, went a little off-color there but you certainly get the point.

Still, I'm left shaking my head over the whole Sessions campaign thingy. It's just too silly to take seriously.  One thing is clear, Pete has had way too many sessions in Washington DC, and I hope the next photo op I can post of old grey-hair, is a retirement party pic.