A Fool's Game

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Today, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan snappity snapped at Donald Trump.  He hurled public condemnation while exclaiming he knows what conservatism is.

Truth be told, Paul Ryan's vilification of Donald Trump today is part of a larger scheme, one which includes disrupting Trump's climb in the polls. It's no secret that Paul Ryan has a hard on for amnesty, and because of this, closing the borders just isn't a top priority. I see Ryan's mouth moving, but nothing worthwhile is coming out.

Ryan is an establishyster and wouldn't know what conservatism was if it rubbed his thigh. Yet, what Ryan just told all of Trump's supporters is that they aren't being very American. I betcha bunches of Trump's followers don't find Paul Ryan to be terrible American.

Granted, I find Donald Trump's statement on shipping back 11 million illegals a bit outlandish. I also find, Donald Trump's most recent statement about closing the border to all Muslims, even if they are citizens who are out of the country and returning, also outlandish.

Sure, I wish they would close the damned borders already. I wish it were possible to punish the infestation of illegals who broke the law when they came here, by shipping their criminal asses back. But the fact is, you cannot round up what is in reality, more like 40 million human beings, stuff them on buses, and ship them back without looking a bit insane. There are other ways to skin that cat and I am with Ted Cruz on that one.

But where is all this Trump strong talk coming from? Why are these controversial statements being made by The Donald? Why is he merely repeating what we've all been saying behind closed doors because we're too afraid to utter among polite company? I believe it's because people have been searching for someone ballsy enough to share their own thoughts. But am I the only one who sees the giant gorilla in the room here?

Though I am not one of them, there are a massive amount of Americans out there who agree with these Donaldisms. Every time he opens his mouth, someone is saying, "Yes!"

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Frankly, it's how I feel every time I hear Ted Cruz open his mouth. Sadly, our reality has become watching a deeply entrenched, elitist such as John Boehner, and now Paul Ryan stand on their pedestal and verbally bitch-slap or outright lie to the American public. Americans are screaming back to Paul Ryan and his ilk that they are tired of the lies and games, and it's why Trump's followers are growing no matter how many times establishment leaders click their ruby red heels and hope for Trump to go away.

Donald Trump may be spouting off nonsense and courses of action that likely will never happen, but the nodding masses standing behind him seem to agree with him.

What we are looking at is the pack mentality which brought together swirling-eyed masses who supported Hitler. A people so down-trodden, so starved and so desperate that they were willing to overlook their principles and even the value of life. It's why liberal mongrels support Barack Hussein Obama. It's also why throngs are supporting Donald Trump. They are so desperate to end the starvation cycle, that they will buy just about anything.

The way to take down Donald Trump is certainly not by eviscerating his supporters, who have selected him to voice their opinions because they are sick and tired of their trust being raped and pillaged by the GOP elite at every turn.

Who looks foolish now?