Denouncement Delirium

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I've been at my sister-in-law's house helping her pack and move for the last two days. To say I'm a tad bit curmudgeony is an understatement. My feet hurt, my back hurts, and I get home and find this piece of bullshit waiting for me in my email box.

Sessions denounces rhetoric on refugees, supports stringent background checks

Oh for pity sake. So let me get this straight, his Highness Pete Sessions doesn't like what Trump and his supporters are saying about the world-wide Muslim crime wave. He doesn't like it being attributed to the Syrians, though Syria has been a hotbed of terrorist activity for years. Oh no, don't bother with those details, we're expected to trust him, explicitly. You know, 'cuz Uncle Pete knows best.

Yes, so we are supposed to trust our government to give the Syrian refugees a right and proper vetting, despite their inability to run anything worth a shit. Consider the postal service, Obamacare and social security just to start. When has the government run anything effectively?

So if you are annoyed that Syrians are being fast-tracked in despite our government's promise to vet them, you must be one of the villains Sessions is talking about. Gee, consider yourself denounced.

Don't you love how Pete Sessions comes out against those who don't want the Syrians let in? As he sits in almighty judgement harshly admonishing people, the majority of his voters don't want the Syrians here, let alone any Muslim because there is a worldwide crisis and crime spree going on. Clearly that escapes him. 

But no, we're supposed to step aside in shame, with our heads hung, and let delirious Petey and his DC playpals vet the Syrians so we can feel safe sleeping at night, because our big gub'ment has our backs. Right. 

You know, there's nothing quite like admonishing those whose votes you want by intimating they are bigots. But hey, keep calling your voters out and see how they like it.

Yup, I hear some Motrin and an ice pack screaming my name.