Getting The Government Out Of your Kid's Head

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From guest writer Wade Miller:

"What is happening on college campuses, with the cry baby students who are offended by everything and who think they have a right to not hear anything they might disagree with, is a product of a big government leftist failed public education system.
DC controls too many aspects of education and then leftist teachers unions double down and oppose substantive reforms that would actually benefit students.
Parents have little to no say in this process. By the time they get to college they are surrounded by liberal elitist professors, and though not all of them are unfairly biased, plenty enough are and by the time these students become adults, have a job, and begin to vote, they have to overcome nearly two decades of liberal indoctrination in order to support liberty, natural rights, limited government, the rule of law, and civil society, and to understand these concepts from a philosophical/economic vantage point.
Long term, the solution to this is to pass massive education reform that includes empowering parents to have the power to choose the school their child attends and to use their tax dollars towards that end. It also includes abolishing the Dept. of Education, and getting DC out of a role that belongs to the states alone.
Market based education where parents have more of a say at the local level on how and where their children learn will replace big government indoctrination.
Instead of being force-fed liberal agenda theory, they will be taught core subject matter and prepared for college or trade where they can then decide for themselves their own political viewpoints.
Today Congress has a chance to move us in this right direction, and Republicans can choose to vote against the ESEA/NCLB reauthorization that has effectively very little reforms and does effectively nothing about the status quo big government approach to education.
Republicans might affirmatively support a process that will continue to produce increasing numbers cry baby progressive college students we are seeing now, which will harm the party long term, or with enough phone calls from concerned citizens, they may decide to take a stand now and begin a process where students have a better chance to make it to adulthood without thinking they are entitled to everything and have a right to whatever they desire."