My Christmas Wish

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I had started to work on a candidate forum scheduled for February, where multiple candidates would be invited, including congressional candidates from CD32.This would be a great opportunity for people to attend a central location and, though not every candidate would be in the attendees district, it would offer everyone a sort of one-stop shop for primary voting.

Originally the event was to be scheduled in Garland, Texas. Not bad. It's close, and I've been able to get some of our council members and others to attend other events there in the past since it's not too far from Wylie.

Then another venue option was brought up in Dallas and we proceeded to vote on the location. Dallas won out and, considering multiple factors, I decided the event was no longer helpful for my area voters, or candidates for that matter.  After all, there is no direct route to get to 635 in Dallas, and the likelihood that any voters from Wylie would make that trip would be essentially nil. Remember, we are the city that sports over 19K registered voters and only 2-4% that bother voting in most elections.

Then there was the pesky fact that our candidate's territory encompasses Collin County, not Dallas County. Knowing Garland is in Dallas County but just down the road was one thing, but knowing the new proposed venue was deep in Dallas County, was altogether another. Simply put, the location is not a logical choice for Wylie's house district candidates and would I were them I would not bother attending. Who from their Collin County district would be there?

In light of these two issues, plus the fact that my time could certainly be better spent on Russ Ramsland's campaign, I decided to pull out from co-sponsoring the event, to which I received this response blasted publicly to all of my tea party peers working on the forum:
 I think its a shame when one's only motivation to do a job is convenience.  What about doing it for God and country.  TEA party's motivation for even being, is to make this country better, driving a bit farther is a small price to pay for being a patriot. 

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My first response was, "What an ass." But then I realized that I was doing exactly what he was doing. He was sitting in judgement of me, without even knowing the reasons why I decided I should not co-sponsor the event. How sad.

I responded by reminding him that sitting in judgement of others was not very Christian-like. Seriously. Considering it's Christmastime and all. Who or what hardened his heart?

His response to me personally, evidently because he didn't want to share his even uglier side with the group was:
Expressing my opinion is not sitting in judgement, only God can do that. But, evaluating is certainly within my right and is encouraged by the very freedoms we are putting this forum together for.  You sound like a liberal. 
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I realized in this instance that often we do not recognize what we look and sound like. Sometimes we are so blinded by our own self-righteous paths, that we cannot even see straight to be kind to others. Lord knows I've been guilty of it as well.

I wrote back and told him I would be praying for him, and I meant it.

My Christmas wish is that, as true patriots, and deep lovers of our country and the Constitution, we do not come across as bigoted, abrasive, assholes. For if we do, then we have indeed lost touch with the real reason we are even here in the first place. God, Country, Family.

A hearty Merry Christmas to all of you and a heart-filled wish for a prosperous and happy new year!