Neophytes Unite

As I worked Russ Ramsland's sponsorship booth at the Wyile Arts Festival today, I met a man who told me how Pete Sessions' campaign called with a poll and then commenced into a smear campaign against Russ Ramsland, calling him a "Neophyte who has no experience and who will ruin everything Sessions has worked for in DC all these years."  

Firstly, is that all they have to smear Mr. Ramsland with? Um, they do realize that by invoking Russ' name, they are providing good name recognition for him. But hey, free advertising. Momma always said never look a gift horse in the mouth. So, thank you.

Next, how stupid does Sessions look, whining about leaving any work behind considering he ran on term limits and is sitting at 20 years in office. Frankly, everyone I chatted with, and there were hundreds, want Sessions gone because he is a 20 year incumbent. They do know his voting record as most people I talked to were quite well versed in it, and quite well disgusted by it. 

Finally, I am left wondering just how the Sessions camp is explaining Donald Trump's, Ted Cruz's, Ben Carson's, and Carly Fiorina's popularity as Neophytes then. More proof he continues to think everyone in his congressional district is just plain stupid, especially if you plan to vote for one of those "neophytes". You know, there's nothing quite like trying to smear your opponent, and ending up looking worse than they do when you're done. Um, Democrat 101 called and they want their Obama-style campaign tactics back.

The only reason for the Sessions camp to commence with a smear campaign as their choice du jour is because they don't know any other way to campaign for Pete Sessions. I mean, it isn't like he has given them much in the way of options, or stellar votes. His terrible voting record, as he partnered with Nancy Pelosi time and again, is impossible to spin in a positive light. Even if you're great a communications. Hells, I couldn't even spin that for him. Fact is, Pete Sessions has no conservative record to stand on. The votes are the votes, and they are all recorded. There's simply nothing more to say, so they sling the mud and hope something sticks. 

So there you have it, #HelpingYourOpponent #DumbStuffSaidBySessionsCampaigners #YourCampaignersAreDipshits