Sessions and Cornyn: Stomping on Conservative Principles

Image: Heritage Action
I received my end of year scorecard from Heritage Action this weekend, and it isn't great. When President Elect Donald Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp, this is precisely what he was talking about.
Residing in their usual and customary bottom ten positions for Republicans key voted are Rep. Pete Sessions at 70% and Sen. John Cornyn at 46%. According to the scorecard:
House Republican average score: 65% and Senate Republican average score: 57% (thanks to Cornyn's score)
These numbers are abysmal and do not represent Texans conservative principles, yet career politicians like Sessions and Cornyn are continually, and blindly voted in.
Among some of Sessions' low-lights are his votes for the lame duck continuing resolution in September, no child left behind re-authorization which rolls back many conservative education policies and does nothing to stop government intervention in education, his own house rules committee gimmick to advance the the $325 billion highway and transit bill that also re-authorized the Export-Import Bank corporate slush fund, the house budget reconciliation bill which did not repeal Obamacare as promised explicitly in the budget but also funded Planned Parenthood (something he claimed he would defund in his Wylie town hall), TPA, T-HUD beefing up housing and urban development by an astounding $1.5 billion above current spending levels and the $1.1 trillion year-end omnibus spending bill just this month.
Cornyn's low-lights include voting for the lame duck CR, draft our daughters defense bill and against tabling the omnibus spending plan this month. He also voted in support of reauthorizing no child left behind, the transportation spending hike, bailout and Ex-Im re-authorization, Obama's budget agreement, CR to continue funding planned parenthood, the highway and transit bailout, TPA, confirmation of Loretta Lynch for AG and authorizing a blank check for amnesty in DHS funding bill.
Other notables with terrible scorecard ratings are Rep. Joe Barton with 63% and Rep. Kay Granger with 58%.
You simply cannot have a score of 80% or lower and consider yourself a conservative Republican. Yet, well-meaning, low-information voters continually support these candidates, often with the help of misguided Texas GOP precinct chairs and county leadership, who are in it for the name recognition, bones tossed their way or the personal back rubbing these candidates give them. I always find it surprising that a variety of community and GOP leaders are willing to forgo the betterment of the masses for the betterment of their personal achievements.
Among the Texans voting for our conservative principles are Rep. John Ratcliffe who earned 95%, Sen. Ted Cruz with 94%, Rep. Louie Gohmert with 92% and surprisingly Sam Johnson who squeaked by with 89%.

Kicking the Obamacare Can

It should come as no surprise that Rep. Pete Sessions makes the rounds in and out of my befuddled headlines. Not only is he a recurring nightmare that keeps us awake, he is also a recurring daymare as well.

My current irritation with Sessions stems from his selfish insistence to place quashing full repeal of Obamacare before his duty to constituents. Did we not state emphatically for years that we want full repeal of Obamacare, and nothing else? What doesn't he get about this?

Instead, Sessions' actions show clearly that he is not on board with full repeal. In fact, quite the opposite rings true. If I were a betting woman, I would venture to guess he will claim we just have a simple difference of opinion on strategy. The truth is, I find his own Sessions-Cassidy healthcare bill at issue, not because of what is written in it, but because of how he is going about force feeding it to D.C.

The rhetoric coming from the Floridian in Texas drag sounds as if he is more interested in pimping his own healthcare plan, than pushing for full repeal.

Installing Sessions' less than stellar healthcare plan, would require replace and then repeal while the Obamacare can is kicked down the road. Note the flip in steps, which is especially important for those who voted based upon full repeal campaign promises. Think back to those handy campaign fliers we got in the mail during the last two primaries where repeal was always his first step.

Rep. Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions
In fact, Sessions claimed to feel passionately about repealing Obamacare that he spent a great deal of time discussing it at his August, 2014 town hall meeting.

Rep. Pete Sessions, 2014
Good to know Sessions only feigns feeling vehemently. In this case, actions do speak louder than words.

With rhetoric that defies conservative logic, the Sessions camp is pushing for a "fix first" scenario that will cause two issues screaming the me-first establishment are still in charge in D.C.

First, Sessions can bend the ear of many a GOP bobble-head. If the focus shifts on repeal first instead of replace first, GOP leadership will assume, incorrectly, that Republican voters didn't have a clue what they wanted, and will capitulate to pressure to replace over repeal.

Second, that stale, old, fear-monger messaging will be spread by the media. Once again, we will see videos repeated ad nauseum of grandma being pushed over the cliff in her wheelchair as the media rekindles the power we tried to extinguish in November. If you think their tactics to get Hillary in office were untoward, wait until you see their tactics to keep Obamacare alive.

In my opinion, Sessions is crafting a self-centered push to replace Obamacare and it is completely unacceptable. Anything but full repeal first will stall repealing the law for months or longer.  This most certainly was not the method to our voting madness in November, I might add. We demanded full repeal of every...last...word.

Please inundate Pete Sessions' office and let him know you want full repeal of Obamacare first. Oh, and make sure you tell him TXun asked you to call.

Washington, DC Office

Phone: 202-225-2231

Dallas Office

Phone: 972-392-0505

Image: MSNBC

The Great Millennial Lie

Millennials act as though they invented all this LGBTQ drama. As if it's some newfangled idea and the older crowd just don't get it. Except, we do get it. The fact is, we got it years ago.

I grew up in the 1980s where tons of people in college were gay or bi-curious. The university I went to was notoriously gay. In fact, several of the people I worked with were gay and I used to walk around with them, checking out guys in a very shallow and sexist way that I'm truly not proud of. 

Everyone I knew was listening to Boy George and Wham and there were tons of male band members that wore eyeline and even lipstick.  Even some of the 80s hair bands wore eyeliner. Adam Ant wore frilly white blouses and more men than I can recall were wearing skin-tight leather pants. It was cool to be feminine and well, different. 

Rocky Horror was cult-like epic, and frankly we could have cared less what people were doing behind closed doors. That was their business.

Let's not forget that the 1970s folks before us had their Ziggy Stardust androgyny and the 1960s folks saw sky high free love hippies having orgies and slithering around in the mud at Woodstock. Free love was taken anywhere they could get it.

The fact is, anyone that is age 60 and under was desensitized to all of this years ago. It may not have been our cup of tea, but we just looked the other way. Whatever.

That wasn't good enough. A mass lie had to be concocted and aimed at the younger generation, telling them that their parents and grandparents were hateful and bigoted. Ask yourself why.

Copy and paste this general scenario for black Americans. It's just a plagiarized story.

Now every TV show must portray a gay or two in an embarrassingly juvenile and prissy fashion, though most gays I knew didn't behave like that at all. Now our eyes are offended by the roughly 3% population representation of men and women by those acting like they should be on a pole and stuffing dollars down their undergarments, instead of in a respectful parade honoring fallen heroes. 

It's ridiculous and unnecessary but for this lie to work, it had to infiltrate the minds of our young so they would think their parents were whatever-phobes. So frilly and flashy gaydome was bastardized and rammed down everyone's throats, as was white privilege nonsense. People had to be coddled and made the center of attention and absolutely not ignored. Ignoring others is forbidden. 

Sadly, the damage has been done, and the target audience of this lie, the millennials, mistakenly bought into thinking everyone over 35 is a homophobe or racist.  The result is what we see displayed all over the webosphere and in the news; that they want and need the government to powder their bottoms and stop all this mock hatred and judgement, coming really, only from their tainted minds. 

The general population doesn't give a flip, we're too busy working or trying to survive. Without thinking critically, many millennials believe the lies that Big Brother infiltrated their minds with. It's what's for breakfast in college. I even see it at the graduate level.

This is what happens when the politicians in charge want to make the masses dependent upon the government to run every aspect of their lives, from cake baking to marriage licenses. 

Mean Girls

Why do women not behave as soldier sisters in the workforce, like they claim to in other areas of life? 

We see it all the time. Women march, revolt and rally (the cause is not relevant here) and identify as a cohesive group that seeks the betterment of all members. But when they are separated from the pack, another side debuts. 

In the workplace, those roaring women who march with large signs, suddenly become envious and vicious backstabbers. This behavior is completely self-defeating.

At a past job, it became apparent that my female boss disliked other women. The woman rarely gave us all the information necessary to complete our jobs without having to somehow rely upon her for some slight tidbit. This purposeful sabotage, cum power trip, was an attempt to make us look inept and to purposely hold us back, whether conscious or not. 

Rather than candid discussion, the woman avoided any true discourse. Instead of working with us to find solutions for being continually interrupted by employees, she became secretive and shifty, talking in circles and moving responsibilities around. An example of this came when she suggested shifting employees under a woman she had previously gossiped about, telling us she had flashed her large, fake breasts at the request of one of the male employees. This terrible solution never materialized when she thought the better of it, but it was then that my ex-boss lost my trust. 

Another act of petty war occurred when the boss befriended the woman described above on Facebook, and downloaded a private photo of her new chest piercings. She sent that photo out to several of us in a group message, making fun of the woman. This was a photo that was not meant to be shared publicly. After that, I lost all respect for my ex-boss. 

During another incident, the boss belittled another employee, stating that she sat her twin girls in front of the television set all day, instead of doing any real parenting. Yet, every time she was with this woman, I swear I thought they might hold hands and break into a skip down the hall like besties.

This was the pivotal moment I decided I was totally over this job.

The tragedy is that this woman was a business owner and she already commanded authority by the very nature of her position. She certainly did not need to belittle and gossip about employees to other employees as a means of gaining power.

This bizarre behavior created a toxic work environment where isolation was the name of the game, so as not to provide fodder. Ultimately, toxicity ran rampant to the point that employees felt it was appropriate to nip at other employees behind their backs, on social media and ultimately attack their livelihood by trying to get other employees fired.

An example of this occurred while sitting at the bar with a handful of employees after one of our business reviews. One of the employees felt empowered enough by this environment to dispense some advice. He went so far as to tell the boss that she should, “remove, remove, remove” another employee, as if they were just trash to be effortlessly crumpled and tossed away. 

What happened to, train, train, training employees? What happened to good old-fashioned candid discussion with them, without a hidden agenda and without gossiping about the discussion afterwards with other employees? The boss had a history of sharing other employee's private messages. Clearly, this had turned into a very toxic organization.

Many of the women I have worked with throughout my life have successfully grasped what it means to promote women to their highest potential. I recall stellar bosses in women named Sandy, Carol, Adelaide, Shirley and Lou who were beautiful examples of grace, strength and professionalism while they supported their office sisters.

On the flip side, I have had the unfortunate experience of working for several women bosses who proved to be woefully dismal mean girls. Their pettiness, jealousy and insecurity negatively affected not only the women they worked with, but also held themselves back from becoming all they could be. 

Image: Daily Worth

Flag Pins Instead of Safety Pins

Image: Northwest Territorial Mint
I'll be wearing a US flag pin if anyone wants to talk with me like an adult. I'll be saving the diaper safety pin for my sewing box. 

Why? Because we have roughly 320 million people in this country. Of those, 114 million are working, taxpaying adults and 106 million people are on welfare. For simple mathematical calculation, let's assume the other 100 million are children or self sustaining retires getting social security and reaping what they once paid in.

With a near 1:1 ratio of taxpayers supporting not only themselves, but also someone on welfare, not to mention paying into the SS coffers, isn't it clear that this system cannot be sustained? Sure it's a simplistic view, but poignant. We simply can't afford four more years, let alone eight, of Obama-style policies where 35% of the population are on welfare. 

It's common sense, something clearly not being taught in our schools and colleges, and I'm tired of watching a bunch of precious pantywaists burn flags and stand in their college football fields doing a group primal scream for five minutes, because they didn't get their way. 

This is what is happening while there are men and women dying overseas to protect those childish millennials during this Veteran's Day weekend tantrum. It's time to take off the diaper pin and put on the big kid panties.

What to Do With a Millennial


Just what do you do with a millennial? Though there are conflicting reports on age groups, generally, millennials were born between 1982 and 2004 and represent the largest population group since the baby boomers. 

What is confounding companies nationwide is their unusual behavior. Not only are they eternally attached to their mobile devices, but they are not opening bank accounts or credit cards like their parents did, and they aren't buying homes either. In fact, roughly 32% are still living with their parents and 64% don't even own a credit card. 

Why are millennials so reticent to launch? 

My theory after many deep discussions with my own 23-year-old latchkey adult is that the outlook has been so crappy, why would they bother? 

Think about it. The only presidents they remember reasonably well are crappy ones. The only economy they know is one that has been nothing but a struggle. 

Prior to millennials we saw a man on the moon, calculators, the Beatles, Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War. We watched the wall come down in Germany and Poland became a country again in the Solidarity movement. We saw the might of the United States in Dessert Storm. We saw the computer age, mobile phones, the Internet and to be completely honest, we had hope. Real hope, and real change. Not the hateful garbage Obama pimped afterwards.

What have millennials had?  They saw September 11th and Hurricane Katrina and determined, the wide world outside of mom and dad's house just ain't that appealing.

They had Obama and Bush and maybe even remember Clinton and his sex scandals before him. When they became the age of reason, the only thing they remember is watching their families and friends struggle in jobs with bosses who abused them, or with parents who lost their jobs. They saw people complaining about slim to no raises, shady mortgages and banks that used predatory practices where people lost their homes. They saw how some of their friends were affected by it, as they moved from homes and even out of school districts. They watched people hand over auto titles for loans and lose their cars. Worse yet, they watched the national debt skyrocket thanks to dozens of irresponsible shysters in D.C. For eight solid years, everyone they know has been miserable and there has been no hope and no compelling or awe-inspiring change. 

Who would want to deal with all that when you never got to see a man on the moon or even Michael Jackson moonwalk at a concert?

Everything millennials have witnessed has made them mistrust the system, and made them particularly unwilling to subject themselves to it. The school districts and their socialist bent haven't helped either. And heaven help them if they had terrible parents. Some of these precious cupcakes are even out there burning flags and protesting anytime something doesn't go their way. Indeed, we can thank the participation trophy for helping to raise a bunch of close-minded sissies. 

As frustrating and ridiculous as it is, we can see why their angst is being manifested, in failing to launch or even with reckless behavior. 

I hope that out of this election of Donald Trump, that millennials, more than anyone, come to find what real hope and change looks like, and that they come to love this country, the flag and the constitution as much as previous generations do.

Donald Trump is right about one thing. It is time to make America great again.


Said I wouldn't do it. Pouted, kicked, screamed, stomped my feet, gnashed my teeth, and it was quite literally a last second decision as I looked at the ballot and the SCOTUS faces streamed before me. I decided to take one on the chin for the party because I am a team player. I stood at the polls with a clip on my nose and did what was necessary to stop Hillary. Now go vote!

Pete Sessions Apartmenties
Well isn't that precious. Pete Sessions sold his old townhouse on Thomas Court in Dallas County and moved yet again, this time to 2848 Woodside Street in Dallas. Seems he changes his Texas residence like he changed his wife. Yikes!

I published my initial blog post on Pete Sessions in 2014 pointing out how a professional politician claimed he was living in a dive of a rented apartment in Texas just to tick the residency box. In Pete Sessions Homies where we got a rather comical look at his patio plunger. Pretty apt considering how full of it he is. Oh yes, I was blasted by his virtual ruffians, claiming he couldn't afford much more, considering an apartment he has to keep in D.C. and all. Poor baby.

Turns out he doesn't exactly like when someone points out inconsistencies in his Texas residency story because he quickly emptied big bucks from his wallet, you know, the ones his groupies claimed he didn't have, to move from that rented apartment to a purchased townhouse.

Last year I published a blog post on the numerous homes he and his wife Karen held, in Sessions Home Boy. I'm wondering if the twits forming a personal barrier around him want to run that affordability claim up the flagpole once more? He since sold the Colorado property, but yup, she still owns her home in Florida.
Earlier this year I highlighted the fact that his townhouse had no homestead exemption in Pete Sessions The Florida Homsteader. Priceless for someone who vowed to represent those in the district he allegedly lives in.

Suddenly Sessions packed up and moved on so that homestead could not be determined during this election. Gee, go figure.

Check out his new digs here.

Dallas Central Appraisal District

Amazing what Sessions will do to persuade people that he lives in Texas when in reality, he lives in Florida at his wife's condo in Winter Park. Guess he reads my blog, eh?

Another Wylie Football Player Falls From Grace

Photo credit: Alan Doster,  USA TODAY Sports

This time former Pirate Nikita Whitlock is the focus of bad behavior, with his suspension from the Giants, for performance enhancing drugs (PED). As we saw from my blog post on former Raider CJ Pierson's multiple misdemeanor arrests, Wylie football players are not immune from making poor choices.

According to a article by James Kratch, this PED suspension results in Nikita sitting out for 10 games, unpaid (his 2016 $525,000 salary) and shunned from contact with the Giants. According to the rules, the 10 game suspension means this is his second offence. His first was a four game suspension last year, and if he is caught again, he will receive a two season suspension.

Too bad a stellar football player feels the need to take PEDs. What a waste of talent, but I suspect in this day of hyper-competitiveness, some athletes feel they need an edge.


Katrina Pierson House Still Sports Ted Cruz Campaign Signs

I love Google maps. I love Google maps so much because of this priceless photo of Katrina Pierson's home in Garland, Texas taken in 2012 which still shows all of her Ted Cruz signs.

By the way, Pierson is currently Donald Trump's national spokesperson, and she has spent much of her time bashing Cruz and his wife during the primary. Whoops.

Well played, Google, well played.

Anti-American Brats Do Not Define Us

As a constitutional conservative, I am taking a different stance on the numskulls moved to disrespect our national anthem and flag. I am of the mind that it is their right. After all, they have the freedom to act like buffoons in this great nation because better men and women fought for that right.

As Kaepernick sat out our national anthem because he feels his liberties have been stifled, check out the extensive shoe collection he was able to amass under such an oppressive, liberty-stealing nation. These people actually live and breathe among us, and they are bent on tearing everyone down with them.

What is ignored for that coveted 15 minutes of fame is that many black and white Americans are fighting side-by-side for all of the liberties we enjoy, including the lives of millions of black babies aborted, thanks to Planned Parenthood's genocidal goals to extinguish a race.

We are paid back by being assaulted with Cal-State's ludicrous offering to recycle segregation with black-only housing on campus. Nothing like setting people back some odd years. Surely Rosa Parks and MLK are rolling violently over in their graves.

In a moment of self-righteous insanity, Colin Kaepernick decided to take the country on as he refused to stand for the National Anthem late last month, and the lesser known soccer player, Megan Rapinoe followed suit, claiming solidarity.
Really? Rapinoe thinks that as a gay woman, her liberties have not been protected by our flag? Yes, the same piece of cloth she has wrapped herself in. Gee, I wonder how she would fare in the Middle East, poor thing.

Not surprising behavior, considering nearly every gay-rights parade brings the obligatory flag burning with it. Just Google "gay rights parade and American flag" to see what I mean.

The fact is, the majority of Americans don't give a crap if you are black, white, brown or rainbow colored. We just want to get on with the business of raising our families. You certainly don't see hetero-pride parades marching down Anystreet USA. Get over yourselves already.

While I will continue to fight for anyone's right to disrespect our national anthem, our flag, and our country,  I will continue to believe their anger and hatred is displaced in a country where anything goes, including a bi-sexual felon and a reality television star running for president to replace a hateful black man who spent his precious time in the White House destroying our national sovereignty.

Just imagine what these two could have done by uplifting a nation instead of wallowing in their own self pity. What about the blacks caught in slavery throughout the third-world nations? What about the gays being tossed from the tops of buildings in the Middle East? Instead, these two greedy, petulant haves would rather whine about what they don't have in this nation that has given them so much compared to anyone else on the face of this planet.

I think their disrespectful behavior speaks volumes about what type of people the media is rearing in this country. These spoiled rotten brat types spotlighted by their makers do not provide an accurate definition of who Americans really are, and they should be called out for it.

The Signal is Always Greener on the Other Side

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Ever wonder why the people of Wylie often have hostile resting faces? I've got the answer - traffic lights.

What is with the traffic lights in Wylie along 544? I feel like I am in traffic hell every time I have the displeasure of driving down that road. There are so many lights that during rush-hour traffic, you had better be in your designated lane because heaven help you if you need to change lanes before the next traffic light stops the mass. Hells, you barely get moving before you get stopped again. Every intersection brings a new Dr. Seuss chorus of, "Big F, little f what begins with F?"
Dr. Seuss

At any given time of the day, cars are stopped at every light along the route, even during rush hour when drivers are forced to close their eyes, hold their breath and change lanes, hoping they make it before the flood is stopped yet again. And with every new business that goes in with expansion, we add a new light of terror - yippee.

It's not like this is new or anything and we are waiting for them to fix the lights after recent construction; this has gone on for years.

I'm not alone in my irritation either, because I often see people at the front of the line making jackrabbit starts and speeding in an attempt to make it past the next light. Gee, and I thought traffic lights were supposed to help manage traffic and keep people safe? Silly me.

The lights have become the butt of many a social media joke over the years as well. Seriously, do our city administrators not travel the same roads we do? Kind of seems like they don't.

Still, even if the city was not responsible for the lights, it is well within their power to do something about it. Even in the countrified town of Lavon, they called TxDOT to manage their lights during construction and accidents on 78 to help their people out. And hey, TxDOT can be very responsive too. Honestly, it's not rocket science.

The lights are beyond ridiculous. I swear, it's like running the gauntlet and Wylie's working citizens are the one's being flogged.

Just in case you have not heard, lights are often set to force traffic to stop and perhaps entice drivers to shop at the array of stores flanking each stoplight. Yup, it's a thing.

Newsflash: Wylie is not a boutique destination, it's a, "I have a list and I need to get in and out of the Target big box store before I pick up the kids after school," kind of destination and the lights are not helping the people out. The lights are just pissing them off and adding to those scowl lines.

Whatever the trick, it's annoying, unproductive and wasting gas, and it's not parting people with their money when they would potentially have to negotiate six lanes of heavy traffic to make it into one of those stores.

Adding to the conundrum, Wylie is welcoming the new Collin College campus on Country Club along with additional traffic from 4000+ students, but they can't even get something as simple as a traffic light right, let alone two or three traffic lights.

Oh man, and don't even get me started about Country Club where, you guessed it, the few lights are also timed to stop you at every one of them. For progress in Wylie we certainly aren't very advanced when it comes to traffic management.

If you want to see how lights are done right, just take a drive down California's streets. With the butt-load of cars, their lights are not on timers. When a car approaches a light and there is nobody around, it changes just as the car approaches and then quickly changes back to green for the main road. Imagine that?

If there is nobody in the left turn lane, that light doesn't signal and make others wait for it to cycle through either. Oh, and in some areas after rush hour in the evening many of the lights turn to flashing yellow for the main artery, since a light is really useless when traffic is low.

And this was all back in the '80s when I lived there. So if loony Californians could figure that out thirty years ago wouldn't you think Wylie could figure that out now, bless our little hearts.

These simple traffic management strategies are the antithesis of lights in Texas where a completely deserted Country Club road could still promise a long wait at 10:00 p.m. on a Wednesday, despite Wylie's example of un-timed lights which can still stop you for irritatingly long lengths of time around town.

For goodness sake, even if someone approaches to turn right at one of our lights, it changes for them even after they are long gone. And let's not even get started on the left turn lights that allow two to three cars through during the lunch hour at 544 and Country Club, when an entire traffic line exists that would rival rush hour traffic. How stupid is that?

Image credit:
Still, if you want to promote Wylie, and you know it's so flipping far off the beaten path, why would you want to make the commute out of town to jobs and then back in again a virtual nightmare? Wouldn't you want to hasten people in and welcome them to your bosom? Even Preston Road from Plano to Richardson to Dallas gets it right, and if any road in Dallas had more shopping available to entice drivers, it's that road.

Wylie has taken a play right out of the playbook of those liberal areas like New York and Washington DC  where the dingle-berries believe access for bicyclists, pedestrians and a leisurely downtown shopping trip are in order rather than ease of getting home to your family so maybe, just maybe you can, uh, eat together before the kiddos run to soccer practice. Oh no, they want to part you from your dollars, your family and evidently your greenhouse gas emissions, while complaining about gas guzzling vehicles and our ozone disappearing. Um, hello?

Any way you look at it, the light situation is completely asinine when there is nothing worth stopping and looking at. We look silly and unless the lights are changed to something reasonable, our stony demeanor isn't going away anytime soon.

We may be one of the best places to live according to a couple of magazines, but we certainly aren't one of the most logical.

Donald Trump's New Clothes

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I knew nothing good could come from supporting Donald Trump in the primaries, which is why I went full force for Ted Cruz. But people whined that they didn't like Cruz's staunch supporters, they thought he was polarizing, they didn't like that he changed his mind on a couple of things such as TPA. Um ya, after his constituents blasted him for trusting the DC cartel after which he realized the error of his ways. At least he didn't change his mind on critical aspects, gee, like his entire platform.

Cruz would have been infinitely better than the current twat we have running as a Republican.

I wrote previously that there was no way to round up millions of illegals and caravan them out of the country. Turns out, he must have realized that too because Trump is now backing off his harsh anti-illegal talk

Remember when Trump first made his rounds? Last September, in grandiose sweeps and pounding fists, he exclaimed to the world that he would build the wall and remove all of those pesky illegals. In fact, there was a run on the primary election booth last March as record numbers of people turned out to the polls to vote for that fairy tale. They turned out because they were sick of the illegal alien problem in this country and how much it is costing taxpayers

There was so much talk at that time, from people like Jeff Sessions, and even Pete Sessions who barnacled himself to Jeff in one of his primary fliers on illegal immigration. Where did all that strong talk go? Yup, I thought so. Crickets.

Where Trump strong-armed the public into voting for him because of his stance on illegal aliens, now, not so much. Believe him.

Now, all those people who ran to the polls, relaxed their tea party principles and even bad-mouthed conservatives who refused to buy into the bullditty, are now finding out why the rest of us did not want Trump. He's a moderate. The emperor has changed his clothes on national television, and it's embarrassing. 

The illegal alien problem did not suddenly go away. But Trump's tough talk sure did.

For those Trumpheads who turned away from Cruz, I told you so. Oh, and thanks for putting us in this pickle as polls across the country show the Hilldabeast ahead of Trump by double digits. 

One would think after eight years and running losers against the Democrats that Republicans would have learned. 

Republicans, you had one job. 

Image credit:

Going to Pot - Legalizing Marijuana in Texas

Photo credit:
I have a lot of friends, even conservatives ones, who are all about legalized marijuana. Some are even on the fence about it. After all, it's not much unlike alcohol or cigarettes so why not tax the crap out of it and bring in some additional revenue? As an added benefit, why not put the drug lords out of business? There is a flip side to all of this bud goodness, and it isn't pretty.

To be honest, I never really had much of an opinion about legalized marijuana, that is until I went to Colorado Springs last week for our summer vacation. It certainly wasn't the first time I had been there, but I do recall people being a whole lot more fit and health conscious in the past. Now? Not so much.

I was taken aback during this visit by the number of smokers, fat people, panhandlers and those just passed out in the park. If that isn't enough to tell you legalizing the wacky tobacky will cost taxpayers dearly, I don't know what is.

These loosers were everywhere. Nearly every corner had someone with a sign. Up and down the streets brought dozens of glass-eyed panhandlers sitting on benches, lying on the street corner or sitting on brick half-walls.

There was even an entire group of completely able-bodied people holding signs and lying down on the center median just outside the Old Downtown area. Next to them lay a guitar.

There were people passed out in the park, lying on the grass while on grass. They would even come up to people and ask them for money.

One guy we passed on Tejon Street held a sign that said, "I'm not gonna lie, I want $ for weed." Well at least he's honest about it.

It's disgraceful and it is well beyond what a reasonable person might expect, considering what we already know about the homeless and alcoholics.

Most of these people did not appear to be homeless, nor unfit for work; they just don't want to do the work necessary to make their own money. They would rather lie down doped up on a street corner and hold a sign and a cup. Less effort while they come down from the last high.

Oh sure, the people there are super friendly, like they used to be in Dallas back in the day. What's not to be happy about when you are sitting on the street corner, all mellow yellow, and living on the dole?

Meanwhile, your liberal policy-makers are happy to rake in the additional revenue and turn a blind eye to the increasing scourge that is taking over a once beautiful and healthy city.  This year in June alone, they took in nearly $17 million in taxes, licenses and fees. They are up 63.8% over this month last year.

Another byproduct of a lazy, doped up population is lower wages and prices. Frankly, we found the prices of everything in the city to be extremely low, compared to Dallas. I suspect that is because they are desperate to make a sale, what with so many people not working and all. When a city has a highly paid workforce, they can command more money for products and services. Just take a gander at the price tags in downtown McKinney's boutiques and you'll see what I mean.

Yet boutique after boutique, we found nothing but bargains from Colorado Springs, to Manitou Springs, to Denver.

What little in ordinances against panhandling exist, at least they are happy panhandlers. Clearly, liberal policies completely deincentivize people to work and if I were to dig deeper, I would bet most of these panhandlers are on welfare as well.

From their own handout on panhandlers, the City of Colorado Springs admits most are not homeless and cost taxpayers in emergency services for drug and alcohol use.
"Guidelines for dealing with panhandlers:
  • DO answer requests for money with a firm NO 
  • DO treat people with respect, realizing that only a small portion of panhandlers are actually homeless 
  • DO offer information on where they can get help, including the Springs Rescue Mission, Marian House, Urban Peak and ESM 
  • DO make donations to organizations that have a proven track record of helping the homeless 
  • DO contact your City Council representative with your concerns 
  • DON’T give money or food
  • DON’T allow anyone to camp on your property 
  • DON’T allow anyone to store shopping carts, bedding or other personal belongings on your property 
  • DON’T assume you’re making a difference when you give to panhandlers
In El Paso County, a $5 handout can cost more than $2900 in emergency services from police, fire,and medical response when that handout is used for drugs or alcohol." 
Is this something to aspire to in Texas?  No thank you.

For those of you thinking that legalizing marijuana might not be such a bad thing, you need to think again.

Caprock Canyon's Rock Star

Photo credit: D. Beard
I have a new favorite rock star. Meet Donald Beard, the park superintendent of Caprock Canyon State Park. Actually, he is my Caprock star. Ok, ok, so that was a bit corny. But seriously, this man is a Dude with a capital "D".

Donald Beard
I hooked up with Beard several years ago on Facebook. I've admired his work from afar, and I finally got to admire it up close this past week. He took the hubster and myself on a tour of the park and gave us a close and personal view of some of the American bison heard that dwell in the park. Well, as close as you dare get, because you never want to step out of your vehicle unless you like agitating 1400 lbs of furry beast.

Beard is responsible for not only all manner of activities involved with running a state park, but also the park's bison heard. During our visit he gave us some history and talked about how the heard increased since he came to the park in 2009.

The bison originally came from the Goodnight family who had rounded up descendants of the original southern heards that roamed the prairies. Once standing at 30-60 million strong across the plains, they were decimated after Europeans settled the region, leaving roughly 1,000. The amazing thing about the bison in Caprock is that they are genetically identical to those that once roamed the land, which is truly exciting.

Once donated to the park, the heard had been kept in a smaller pen, unable to roam the park freely. This was one of the tasks Beard took by the horns, so to speak. The majestic animals now roam freely in the park and he often shares photos of them, even pics of them congregating just outside his office window. How would you like that view from your desk every day?

The heard has grown from a couple handfuls too, and for every calf that is born, they pull some fur from the tail and draw blood, tracking the parentage. A few of them have tracking collars on, and aside from being used to vehicles, the bison just do what bison normally do.

Beard is also tasked with maintaining the park's ecosystem. That means brush that grows where it isn't supposed to is in the process of being removed in order to restore what would have been natural grasslands.

Every year they celebrate the bison at BisonFest, bringing in some amazing country music groups. This year bringing in Robert Earl Keen among others.

This park is truly amazing and if you like camping, you may find yourself within the thick of the bison heard, who are allowed to roam where they might. If camping is not really your style, you can stay an hour down the road in Childress, which offers a variety of hotel and dining options.

If you make the trip to Caprock, be sure to bring your hiking shoes, because this is some truly beautiful land you will want to hike. And keep an eye out for my favorite rock star because you never know what he might be up to next.

Wylie is Increasing Property Taxes Despite Faux Two Cent Decrease

I can only imagine the nerve it took for Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue to walk back his half cent tax decrease discussion and change it to a two cent decrease this tax season. Kudos to him for making my happy camper list again. At least he is moving in the right direction, but it's not enough.

While everyone is heaving a sigh of relief, it still means the City of Wylie has increased our taxes.

Whaaaa? How's that?

There's this little thing called the effective tax rate. When the effective tax rate is announced by Collin County Central Appraisal District (CAD) on August 7th, the city of Wylie should replace our current tax rate by adopting the recommended effective tax rate, instead of gouging existing homeowners.

You see, there is money that existing homeowners pay into the pot. That is what the taxing entity's, Wylie's in this case, budget is based upon. It doesn't take into consideration taxes to be earned on new builds. When the city keeps the rate the same, they are double-dipping by collecting money from the existing tax base while also collecting new revenue from new properties added. It's partly the reason we had a nearly 3 million dollar excess from last year's budget. That, and the continued increase in sales tax revenue.

By adopting the effective tax rate, it will not result in budget cuts, layoffs, reductions in services or lower our bond rating or our ability to repay debt, as they always threaten. Instead, it means growth would pay for itself as the tax revenue needed to cover services these new properties demand are covered by themselves rather than double dipped from current taxpayers as their property values increase.

Let's break this down into simpler terms.

You have 100 sheep. You pay 50 sheep to Wylie.
The new neighbor who just built their home this year has 100 sheep and needs to pay their own 50 sheep to Wylie.
Wylie gets 100 sheep total from you and your neighbor.

Appraisal values increase which means you would now have to pay 80 sheep to Wylie.
Your new neighbor has to pay his 80 sheep too.
Wylie is excited because they are now going to be getting 160 sheep! Holy sheep shit!

But people start to grumble, and Wylie's blogger begins to point out what is really taking place.

Now lets say that Wylie wants to give you back some of your sheep as a little break because they realize how bad it looks for them to have 160 sheep in such a dramatic increase.
So instead if 80 sheep, you pay Wylie 60 sheep.
Your new neighbor pays 60 sheep too.
Now Wylie claims they have helped you out by lowering your sheep rate but instead of paying the original 50 sheep, you are now paying 60 sheep.  It's still an increase, folks.

Oh sure, paying 60 sheep is better than the 80 you might have had to pay, but Wylie has just increased their sheep count from you and your new neighbor from the original 100 last year to 120.

Wylie should lower your sheep required back to 50 because they are already getting the 50 additional sheep from your new neighbor, which should cover their share of necessities like road use, fire and police protection along with reasonable expenses. But Wylie likes to tell you that adding new properties means everyone must pay more sheep to cover the cost of these new properties. NO, NO, NO! The new property owners are covering their own costs when they start paying into the system!

According to the Texas Comptroller's office, when property values increase, and cities keep the tax rate the same, by definition it is considered a tax increase. When Wylie's tax rate increased 7.47% based upon property values, the two cents Mayor Hogue suggests we are given back only correlates to a 2.3% reduction. This means Wylie is moving forward with increasing your taxes by 5.17%.

It's a game, folks. Though it is certainly admirable that our mayor agrees our taxes are too high and he wants to lower them from the ridiculous 86.89 cents to 84.89 cents, it still means our city administrators are toying with the increase in property values bestowed upon us by Collin County CAD as well as the excess retail sales revenue and taxes on new property builds taken in above last year's budget. Plus, they'll rake in even more in the coming year.

For taxpayers, it is a lose-lose situation that council members don't seem to understand as part of their fiduciary responsibility to not only the city, but also the taxpayers; and administrators hope they never figure it out.

Where do you think this excess money is going, anyway? They're spending it on salary increases, improved benefits, and larger expense accounts. They are having a field day while they screw you and your 100 sheep.

New Kids

Wylie ISD
Sometimes it turns out great to have a new kid kicking around in Wylie. You know, someone who cares enough to pay attention to Wylie ISD school board meetings and city council meetings. Someone who can strategically replace a bad seed. Sometimes, ...... not so much.

Turns out this time is not really the best time for Wylie ISD Trustee Lance Goff to pick up an opponent. That's right, someone is running against the incredibly popular and well-liked Goff, and they are a member of Wylie's First Baptist Church (FBC) to boot. Arrive Matt Atkins.

The fact that we have all those good little FBC sheeple running around town, trying to run everything is, well, not really advantageous. In fact, I cringe every time I hear of another FBC member running for something. Too much of anything isn't good, particularly for a growing city run by teetotalers or pretend teetotalers who allow their personal views, or their fear of FBC leadership, to stifle city growth. We've got enough FBC peeps with their hands around the city's neck, thank you very much.

Many moons ago, I might have supported Atkins for a run. Nope, never met him, but many moons ago we had a derelict board with a good ole boy sitting in the superintendent's seat.

Now, we have a board that has gelled and, though we pay too damn much in taxes and the administrators are paid ridiculously outrageous salaries for what they do compared to teachers (an unfortunate symptom everywhere it seems), they have been very successful in putting Wylie on the map as the school district to get into. Because of this, we no longer have to tour dilapidated schools in a caravan of shame, led by the super, in order to be snookered for yet another bond where money will invariably go to football anyway. Yup, it happened just like that pre-Dr. Vinson days.

Instead we have brilliant schools where every student has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and steadily increasing home values. The schools have achieved what I said years ago, and that is to draw in high-quality, high-income tax payers, and they did just that with the current school board. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Honestly, if I had to put my finger on board members that should probably be scrutinized, it certainly wouldn't be Goff. To be honest, in this go around Gooch is the last holdover from the bad board days. Why not her? Though to be truthful she doesn't seem all that bad. At least she brought some class to the presidency, always looking ship shape and smart at every event. She's certainly dedicated.

If I were Mr. Atkins, I would hold off until the next time Trustee Mitch Herzog comes up, considering he is also a Wylie Economic Development board member who profited greatly on the little piece of property the school district sold to his boss, Mr. Parker. If that's not someone who needs to be removed, I'm not sure who, then.

But Trustee Lance Goff? Meh, I'm just not all that deeply incentivized to remove him because it serves no real purpose other than to pad someone else's resume.

We'll catch you next time Mr. Atkins. Hopefully then you will select someone more tactically beneficial to run against.

Interesting Lavon Employment Opportunities

Recent Wylie News employment advertisements

When employees began filing official complaints with Lavon city council, the council was wholly unequipped to handle them. The answer was simple, but for political, or perhaps other reasons, council members swept the complaints under the carpet.

Lavon was simply too podunk and did not have the money to hire a city manager or city administrator. Sure, it was talked about when the mass exodus of employees and volunteers took place from late 2013 to early 2014 citing the city secretary for her odd behavior as the catalyst for their departure, but council mistakenly thought Mayor Teske could handle everything as acting city manager. Except, he was part of the problem.

It's kind of hard to pretend that the volunteer quilting group and head of the activity center didn't walk out because of the city secretary's behavior. Indeed, the group can be located at one of the local churches there, probably still holding their pot luck Tuesdays.

It's also hard for Lavon to pretend that five employees did not leave because of the city secretary as well, considering they left a long paper trail of formal complaints behind them. Still, Mayor Teske and the bobbleheads on council back then seemed to know better.

Several months ago, one of the council members reached out to me about my Lavon blog post because they wanted additional information. I told that individual that I had moved on, but I did suggest that the member seek out the documents listed during the shenanigan timeline. Those documents should have revealed everything a newish council needed to know. Since then, my Lavon blog posts have been hit pretty consistently, according to analytics.

Fast forward to now. Those who left Lavon are still employed with the organizations they left for, nearly three years later. So how can it be that Lavon council members at the time pretend that those employees were the problem? Well, obviously they weren't. Hence the interesting job advertisements that showed up in the Wylie News the other week. It seems, the City of Lavon is hiring for a secretary and an administrator.

Imagine that.

National Review Cruz Article Hits Nail on Head

Many complaints have been levied against Ted Cruz since his RNC speech last night. Why the Trump crowd bothered booing is a mystery because they knew full well that Cruz would not be endorsing Donald Trump after he rolled in the mud like a squat pig. Perhaps Trump invited him to speak at the RNC hoping to damage the momentum he has been picking up. Hells, Cruz not running is more powerful than Cruz running for president. Clearly Cruz is not going away, as we see images and videos on the webosphere of just how many Texas delegates adore him.

What is amazing are the establishment and Trumpkin weenies complaining that Cruz lied about supporting the GOP nominee. Particularly because that request came at the beginning of the debates when it seemed as if there were 3032 people running for the office, far before Trump and his camp showed how unethical they are.

The establishment GOPers are complaining loudly in order to keep negative press on Cruz. You know, it's what you do when you are deathly afraid of the power behind the rise of someone who can give the people another Reaganesque bump. Such a bump in the US would topple the slop trough the a-moral establishyster crowd in DC and their pret-a-porter supporters around the country are feeding from.

In the linked article above, Jeremy Carl writes, "Donald Trump insulted Cruz’s wife, (presumably) planted false tabloid stories about him in the National Enquirer, and suggested, completely baselessly that his father might have been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy."

Unless you are a half-wit or completely lack scruples, you would not endorse a man who made those types of allegations about you and your family. For Cruz to endorse Trump after that crap, would be a total failure of his principles. Cruz certainly isn't perfect, but he isn't stupid enough to compromise his principles over the orange-faced chump.

Still, soulless people would rather call Cruz a liar and bully and shame the #NeverTrump crowd for rejecting that behavior, than accept the basis of Ted's principles. I suppose when you have no trouble compromising your own principles, you can find fault in those who refuse.

Trump's Whig Party 2.0

The Republican National Convention (RNC) was the only opportunity to truly unite the party, and the GOP establishment not only failed miserably, but saw to its demise today.

The RNC chairman ignored obvious signals from all over the floor, microphones were turned off indiscriminately so grassroots could be conveniently ignored, the chairman selected the roll call vote outcome of his choosing and objections went ignored declaring, "no objection" when clearly there  was an abundance of it. When floor rules mean nothing to leadership, and they use bully tactics on their grassroots base, no other conclusion can be drawn.

Welcome to the new Whig Party 2.0, the party interested in aristocracy and bully tactics, none of which will unify the party or the country.

One thing is clear, they just lost their grassroots, and the GOP will never be the same.

Obama Supporter Reality Check

One humbled, one full of pride. Photo credit:

To apply just a little critical thinking on Obama's statements at the memorial service for fallen officers in Dallas, he equated the Dallas police murders to that of the two black men, Sterling and Castile, who were killed by police officers last week, however there is no evidence that race played any role whatsoever in those two killings since a complete investigation has not been completed. Yet we know from the Dallas murderer's own words that he intended to kill white cops and white people! This statement did not belong in a memorial service. 

Obama suggested that today's police departments are rife with legacies on slavery, subjugation and Jim Crow, yet there is no evidence of this on any scale. But somehow he sums up all police officers as biased. I wonder how exactly he was able to determine that? And to make that kind of sweeping statement at a memorial service for police officers is disgusting. 

Obama also suggested that we need big government and funding to help people find a will, and that it isn't about finding policies. This is absolutely ludicrous. It isn't the government's job to help people create id, ego and super ego; it's the government's job to create policy. 

Obama also cited fantastical and maniacal statistics that have no basis in reality such as criminal activity and putting guns in teenager's hands. The shooter was not a teenager, in fact almost no high profile mass shooters have been teenagers. The man who shot at Dallas PD was highly specialized and military trained in combat. 


There is your reality check.