Election 101

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There has been recent gossip among voters and civic leaders alike about a statement made by Russ Ramsland during his campaign. It's as if he said some horrible thing when in reality, all he said was he did not exactly wish to run for Congress. Personally I think it's all much ado about nothing.

Ramsland certainly didn't wake up one day and say, "Hey, let's run for Congress!" In actuality, he lamented, thought, and prayed on the decision for months. But I would expect that out of my candidate. I would expect them to have some consternation for the job they are about to offer themselves up to like a sacrificial lamb. Any candidate that doesn't have a certain amount of dread is fooling themselves, and worse yet fooling us.

Yet the words have been tossed around and whispered about as if Ramsland is some sort of cartoon villain with a Russian accent. He is none of that. Ramsland has thought on the process, thought on the outcome, and thought on the Washington environment. If anything he has shown he actually uses his head and thinks about things before just jumping in.

In stark contrast Pete Sessions can't wait to be your congressman. He gets a willie just thinking about all those millions he's raking in up there in D.C. He's having a good old time rubbing elbows during cocktail hour, and playing good guy/bad guy all on our dime. So what if every now and again he has to sully himself by flying to Dallas and checking in at the Regency Hotel. It's all part of the game, you know.

Allow yourself to imagine even a hundredth of truth to House of Cards. That ought to make you shudder about what goes on in Washington D.C. and the type of character who can't wait to get there.

Is saying you never really wanted to run for Congress the keenest thing to point out in a campaign? Probably not, but it is certainly not the stupidest. I can think of a whole lot stupider stunts that have come out of Pete Sessions, like pairing himself in a mailer with Sen. Jeff Sessions on immigration, when in realityville Pete's actions have directly supported amnesty.

To shore up support, Sessions has been visiting Wylie with regularity for the past 9 months. Partly because he's angry like a two year old girl with her pigtails too tight that Katrina Pierson won Collin County two years ago, but mostly because he wants to buy votes.

The Sessions camp has been in Wylie stabbing his signs into the ground wherever they can get away with it, regardless of whether they got approval from the landowners or not. They even illegally placed a sign in the right-of-way. This about sums up their regard for us or the law.

Where was Sessions after the 2014 election? Did you see him in Wylie? Where was Sessions prior to 2014 when he got the pants beat off him in Wylie by a girl. That's right, you didn't see him. He forgot Wylie was even in his district, rather hobnobbing on his rare trips to Texas with the important peeps in Highland Park and Park Cities. Pete Sessions only cares about Wylie when it's time to vote. Do I really need to point the obvious out?

Shouldn't we be suspect of someone who is gung ho about hanging out in D.C. with its incredibly toxic culture? Ramsland has certainly not said he didn't want to be anyone's congressman or that he wouldn't represent us.

Ramsland has spent quality time assessing whether he should run or not, rather than getting all up in voters faces with some faux sis-boom-bah routine. His deep contemplation of what voters need in a representative is actually admirable.  Quite the opposite of Sessions in fact.

Sessions has hammered our mailboxes because he has millions of dollars to toss around, not because he cares one lick about us and our plight. He so much as told us at his Garland town hall meeting last year, that when he is in D.C., he represents the GOP leadership, not us. Those are his words.

It is easy for us to sit in our comfy seats, armchair punting reasons why someone shouldn't get our vote because they are not turning cartwheels for us in some grandiose display, but I think we should consider why someone would go through all the acrobatics.

Personally, I believe the experience with the Washington culture that Ramsland has had in his past, and his demonstrated in-depth knowledge of how things work in D.C., coupled with his desire to leave that place running back to our principled way of life, makes him the best candidate of the three running. We don't need any more stinking career politicians. Nobody has stated that more clearly as part of their platform than Ramsland.

I don't want our Congressman to be giddy with excitement about being my representative. I want them to take the job seriously. I want someone who cannot stand D.C. and is willing to take our battle there, not fit in like another dog in the pack. Ramsland has shown in his campaign speeches that he is unwilling to play those go along to get along games.

So Ramsland said something people don't like. I would rather he tell it like it is, than just tell us something we want to hear.

Washington is nothing more than a confluence flow, like a backed up sewer that explodes a stench throughout the neighborhood. Sessions really digs that culture, 20 years worth in fact. It makes his pants dance with delight.

Yet, when someone admits they don't want to sully themselves with the smut and slime that is D.C., somehow it provides a bizarre reason to turn back to supporting Sessions. Indeed I've seen it, because Sessions has been in Wylie buying sign locations. At one prominent Wylie home in particular, where once a Pierson sign stood two years ago, now sports a Sessions sign, making credibility a laughing stock.

I get how and why the sign placement took place, but is it right to be afraid of our congressman? Is it right that if we don't show support he won't do anything for us? Did we somehow forget it is his flipping job to so stuff for us whether we support him or not? That's how it was intended by our founding fathers. Is it now us who are beholden to Sessions the God over us? Wowser.

I cannot make the connection between supporting Pierson two years ago and then going back to supporting Sessions two years later. Evidently his voting record doesn't matter to these people.

What's worse, someone that could go back to supporting Sessions obviously has no trouble with his direct defiance of the Constitution, which states our representatives must reside in the state they represent.

It has well been proven Pete Sessions lives in Florida and is only pretending to live in Texas. Even in one of the most legal statements a homeowner can make, shows he avows his homestead is on the Florida property and not on the Texas property. Florida is where his homestead exemption is. If you don't find issue with this, you may as well wipe your backside with your pocket Constitution then.

There are three viable candidates running against Pete Sessions, with plenty of opportunity to select one that has the ability to take our principles to Washington and not Washington's lack of principles to us. Sessions isn't one of them.

Nothing To See Here Birthers

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Newsflash for those birthers out there who have a hard-on for their birth certificate, there is another type of person that is also considered a citizen. Surprise! It's not just all about your selective ownership of a piece of state paper.
A natural born citizen includes a child born abroad to an American parent not just one born within this country. It's how children born overseas to American military parents can claim they are natural born citizens. It's how John McCain was able to run for president though he was born in Panama. Yup, all day long.
I would suggest that because Cruz's popularity is similar to that of Ronald Reagan's prior to his landslide election, this birther thingy is only now cropping up as an issue.
Just like Cruz pointed out to a rather dumb-sounding Donald Trump who said only a few short months ago that he had his lawyers check Cruz out and the natural born citizenship wasn't an issue then, but last night Trump whipped out a liberal judge's assessment and flip-flopped on it like a tuna. Idiot.
It certainly wasn't an issue when John McCain ran for President. I dare say nobody cared about McCain's claim as a natural born citizen because they knew he didn't stand a chance against Obama. But compare the wave of hyper-conservative support behind Cruz as opposed to McCain and suddenly, Cruz's birth is an issue, and the media are on board with their usual leg-humping.
The Nationality act of 1949 outlines it this way: to be considered a natural born citizen, a person must be born to at least one American parent who has spent a certain number of years in the US and Cruz's mother fulfills that. She was born in Delaware and in fact, she didn't live long enough in Canada to even be considered a resident there.
So lets apply this birther logic to all people who claim US citizenship. It means these birthers accept not one person who was born outside of the country, to any American at all, to be considered a citizen of the US. Or does this only apply to Ted Cruz? Give me a break.
This is all an attempt to smite Cruz because his popularity is growing. It's why the focus of most of the candidates on the debate stage last night targeted their smack-down attention on Cruz, rather than giving much in the way of attention to more important issues.
But I am a firm believer that where the attention goes, so does support. Think back.The more Trump took punches in the beginning, the more people pulled him to their bosom. I would be willing to bet Cruz's popularity continues to increase because of the food fight last night. Believe me, it did not escape the notice of voters who are wondering exactly why so much attention was paid to the Senator from Texas, with the droopy eyebrows and puppy dog eyes.
In order to topple Cruz's popularity and pad their own birther egos, because these birther people just have to be right, they will file lawsuits, which they did on Thursday. As proof, just look at the rabid Obama birther accusations that have been perpetuated by the GOP for years. GOP establishysters insist upon being right and need a way for their favored golden-haired Bush boy to move up, so they will labor voters with noisy lawsuits hoping they can affect the election outcome. Won't happen. Why? Think on this.
What court is going to rule that Cruz is disqualified as a natural born citizen with an American born mother? Really. Who?
Canada certainly doesn't claim Cruz as a citizen. So how would the courts then address hundreds of thousands of others who fell under this category through the years? Will they strip them of their citizenship status because they were born outside of the US? Will we have a host of people who just don't have a US citizenship any longer thanks to this Cruz birthing thing? Not going to happen folks.
Move along you little birther bitches, because your argument against Ted Cruz is absurd.

Divided States of 'Merica

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By now you have either watched or heard snippets of President Obama's Disparate of a Union speech and it brought shivers to your spine. This man wreaks of crotchety, ill-tempered warrior.

Not only has Obama fundamentally changed, "'Merica," as he promised in 2008, but he plans to damage it as irreparably as he possible can with his illegal executive actions. Yes, I heard his ghastly voice in my head there as well.

As much as people prized hating the Dubbya, I think Obummer takes the cake. Not only is he widely and passionately hated, but he hates us with a passion as well. Sadly, this is something we have never had to endure from any POTUS ever, until now.

What a crap-bag legacy to leave. Moreover, what a crap-bag "first black president" to offer up to the people. He did absolutely nothing to heal racial tension in this country, rather he perpetuated it with his snide remarks and selection of favorites from appointments to his selective highlight of crimes.

I shudder to think what this jackass has in store for us. I shudder just thinking that I even feel compelled to call the President of the United States, the greatest nation on earth, a jackass. For he turned this nation into a world-wide laughing stock full of infighting misfits.

For all his exultations of glory for his black members of society, Obama certainly left them worse for the wear.

So his final days heading up, "Merica" will consist of spending to his heart's content on whatever strikes his twisted fancy. Why? Because boners like Rep. Pete Sessions (R-?) handed him a blank check with that handy Omnibus bill they passed in December. Idiots.

When they fund crap like that and then turn around and claim they are using another bill to completely defund Obamacare as their test pilot, they are absolutely full of it. They have no desire to test the bill, they only care about scoring a show vote so they can come home and tell their constituents they did what we asked, when in reality they did the opposite.

If our congressman Pete Sessions and others like him were serious about defunding Obamacare, the illegal amnesty program, Planned Parenthood, and the Syrian Refugee resettlement program, they would vote 'no' for funding them, every time, without fail. But they haven't done that, have they? They funded every bit of Obama's 19 Trillion debt and coupled with the Omnibus they voted in favor of, it should rightfully be the final nail for some of these scumbags in DC, including Pete Sessions. But will it?

One can only imagine the damage that will have to be undone once we get a Republican president in office. And should we get Hillary Clinton instead? Well then, we deserve everything we get, for who would be the idiots then?

I cannot wait until this man is out of office, and I pray that we can one day live up to that greatest nation on earth bit once again. One thing is for sure, as long as Obummer is running this country, we are no longer united.

Laubenberg's Twighlight

                               Jodie Laubenberg                                         Dalton Lytle

Quite a few people have asked me what I think of the Dalton Lytle race against Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, so here it is.

To be honest, I like Laubenberg. I supported her fully in the past and voted for her without hesitation. She has done some great things for us in the past. But the past is the past.

After multiple pleas to her to vote for Scott Turner for Speaker last session fell on deaf ears, this go around I simply cannot support her again.

A group of Collin County's top conservatives met with Laubenberg in her home at the beginning of last session. We outright asked her to support Scott Turner for the Speaker race and she outright refused. She essentially told us, her voters, her constituents, that she knew better. Strike one.

During the meeting, it was intimated that she was looking for some sort of special committee chairmanship as her motivation for supporting Straus for Speaker. She insisted up, down, and sideways that it simply wasn't the case. Doubtful.

Laubenberg had come off a high after her abortion bill win, and was pining for a chairmanship on the Health and Human Services commission. It became obvious as the session played out that she was selling her soul to Joe Straus for a chair. Strike two.

I did not blog about our meeting at the time, out of respect for Laubenberg. Like I said, I really like her. I figured I would wait and see how it all played out. And play it did.

When Straus essentially punished her for her past support of Ken Paxton for Speaker, the bubba clearly holds grudges, Laubenberg was tossed an Elections Committee chairmanship and then Straus made her completely irrelevant by tossing any major campaign finance issues to his pals. Laubenberg sat relatively idle, twiddling her thumbs for the entire session. Strike three.

With her decision to support Straus, Laubenberg made herself completely useless to us. There cannot possibly be any changes toward conservative leadership without a change at the top. She knew this.

Worse yet,at that fateful meeting in her living room, when we asked her to trust us and vote for Scott Turner, she came up with lame excuses as to why she wouldn't. She intimated he was weak and wouldn't get the job done, yet the man took his speaker race to the floor, an incredibly difficult task he mastered. In my opinion, when the cards all fell, she had egg on her face.

Laubenberg's had a good run, and after well over a decade it's time to retire her.

I have met Lytle and his wife. They are upstanding citizens and super committed to this race. There is nothing halfsies about Dalton. He is all in.

Lytle is a very strong conservative with dual PoliSci, and Management Information Systems degrees from SMU. He has served as President of Collin County Conservative Republicans and on the executive committee for Collin County Republicans so he has some pretty strong knowledge of how things work in Austin, as well as pretty strong backing in the district.

This is my official endorsement of Dalton Lytle for Texas House District 89.

The Sessions Weenies Lame Retaliation

It just doesn't get any more lame than this. Rep. Pete Sessions' and his campaign weenie's lame retaliation for my outing his homestead exemption in Florida, brought a 4x4 Sessions campaign sign in the right-of-way right outside the exit of my neighborhood. If there is one thing you can count on from Pete Sessions and his rabid followers, it's total disregard of human decency.

In their sad little world, they belittle anyone who doesn't support their beloved Sessions. So too, they disregard the law as evidenced in my photo below .

Obviously, they have mapped my home and possibly followed me to find out which exit I leave the neighborhood from. Can we say stalker?

The interesting part is, these Sessions campaign dickweeds don't even care if they get caught and fined. They don't care about campaign law either, even though Pete's sign has the following required disclaimer on it.
Second, Title 15, Section 255.007 of the Texas Election Code stipulates that campaign signs must feature the following right-of-way disclaimer (verbatim):“NOTICE: IT IS A VIOLATION OF STATE LAW (CHAPTERS 392 AND 393, TRANSPORTATION CODE) TO PLACE THIS SIGN IN THE RIGHT-OF-WAY OF A HIGHWAY.”
Evidently Pete Sessions' employees don't even care about Wylie's sign ordinance either, which clearly states the sign cannot be placed in the right-of-way.

Why? Because Sessions' employees, supporters and volunteers believe  the law doesn't pertain to them. It's not a difficult stretch for them either, considering Sessions' questionable living arrangement these past few years.

If you can support your congressman who pretends to live in the state he supposedly represents, you can accept just about anything out of the douchepimple. Obviously the Sessions' camp doesn't care about anything but themselves.

Sad part is, his campaign juvenile brats will probably come remove the sign before Sessions gets fined. And this is their 'A' game.

But then again, they learned from the best. Pete Sessions doesn't care what the U.S. Constitution says about his residency. He is only pretending to live in Texas while his real home, his wife and her kids, and his homestead exemption are in Florida. Go figure.

Battle for Good over Evil after Tornado Outbreak

The moment stood still in my mind, though I heard work buzzing on all around us as as we stood in the Wylie Dollar General store as Shelley, one of the store managers, uttered the words, "There was something about her; some mannerisms; it just concerned me." She was concerned about a woman who, just a short time before we stepped foot in the store, had told the manager she was there to pick up all the donations for the First Baptist Church of Copeville.

We were discussing with Shelley why my husband and I were in the Dollar General buying up their supply of bandages, gauze, ointments, peroxide and alcohol, pain relievers, cough and cold medicine for adults and kids, antacids, and even feminine napkins.

Only a few days earlier, Jamee Cook at First Baptist Church of Copeville had suggested we use some funds my parents were sending for the tornado survivors. to buy small sizes of just about everything at the dollar store so we could help as many people affected as possible.

I was happy my parents had wanted to help out and they sent a very nice check for the efforts. I recall back to the moment the storm passed over us and I felt utter relief. I had to call my parents and let them know we were safe because I knew they would be worried when they heard it on their 11 O'clock news that evening.

As I chatted, I turned on the light to the patio and was greeted with the sight of debris. It was very confusing and I'm certain I began talking gibberish at that moment. My mom said she better let me go.

I had only met Jamee at the church a few days after that when my youngest son and I heeded their Facebook call for plastic storage bins, work gloves, and batteries to aid those who were trying to clean up their shredded homes.

After turning up the road next to the disintegrated Willard's convenience store, the feed store and the daycare, we picked our way to this grayish white little church with a steeple out in the country. Seeing organized chaos as we stepped in, we could tell that more than anything they needed help, and when I asked who was in charge of the volunteer and donation efforts, several people pointed to the kitchen and confidently said, "Jamee."

Indeed, there stood a very attractive, youngish woman with long, dark brown hair, and some interesting piercings. Surprisingly, I felt an instant kinship with her. She is a bit like me; someone who takes charge in a situation when others are left wringing their hands and unable to organize. We are organizers.

The work seemed never ending. Steams of cars, trucks, and trailers brought donations. At night when everyone was gone, other interesting things showed up, like a new in the box trampoline, and an old, 1960s chair covered in cloth with a cut velvet green floral pattern, but missing the seat cushion. Hells bells, what is someone going to do with that?

There is that moment in time when you see all that is good in this country clash with all that is bad. As various family members and I worked the next couple days sorting clothing, boxing them up, and sorting them again after they were moved to the rectory, you cannot help but wonder about the psyche of people and why they do what they do.

Part of the circumstances were filled with well-meaning folks donating what they could to help out, because in an instant there were people in the community who had lost everything and needed something. But did they need the soiled thermal underwear? Did they need the bustier and box of sexy lingerie my son unpacked? Did they need a massive men's 2XL Ghostbuster's jumpsuit costume I unpacked?

In this time when people were giving, and feeling good for it, there was an element of well thought out giving, but there was also an element of not taking the time to go through the donations that had been sitting in their storage closet for months. Unfortunately, there was also a bit of just cleaning out their garages, to make it someone else's problem.

We did as Jamee directed. She needed someone to sort those clothes by gender and size, and we accomplished that to the extent that I earned the name, "The clothes guru." That's me, the germaphobe who was the least likely person to be sorting through people's soiled clothing and shoes. But I did it because it needed to be done. Then the slathering of antibacterial lotion commenced once safely in my car, and I showered as soon as I got home.

Still, there were others who brought brand new clothing with the tags still on. Someone had gone to Kohl's and shopped the clearance racks, bringing some very well thought out clothing items. Some people from wealthier areas like Sachse's Woodbridge bagged up their teen daughter's clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch as well as beautiful business clothing in every size.

Some brought underwear and socks that must have been brand new for Christmas, never worn yet, but freshly unpacked into their drawers and then removed and bagged because someone else needed them more. And there were those blanket rolls. Dozens of people must have received fleece blanket rolls for Christmas and there were piles of them, one with a little bit of wrapping paper and tape still stuck to it.

It's not as much about the quality of the donations as the thought behind them that really counts here.

Then there is the woman who promised she was at the Dollar General to pick up the wall full of donations to take to First Baptist Church of Copeville. I sent a text to my new fast friend Jamee and she checked around for me. Nobody had delivered a trailer full of Dollar General donations.

The delivery had not been made the day after either, as I stood in the church with the handful of other volunteers who I have gotten to know by face, and none of them know of this woman bringing the items. I will not go into any details here because I believe there should be a police investigation into the matter. But still, who does that?

It's so difficult to imagine the evil that exists still in all the good I have witnessed during this cleanup effort. From companies donating their time to feed volunteers or haul away rubbish, to complete strangers descending upon this little known church from as far away as Dallas, Decatur, and Lone Oak, and working side by side with strangers to sort clothes. To the most difficult task my husband and a group of volunteers and Boy Scouts took on in helping move a retired police officer's scattered belongings into two donated PODS, so that he would no longer have to camp out at his shattered home because he caught looters there the night before.

Then there is the wonderful BBQ group Operation BBQ Relief that travels all over the country feeding volunteers and victims during tragedy. These people are an incredible blessing and the rest of the funds my mom and dad sent to help out will be donated to them. Every day that we helped out at the church, we were fed their hot, delicious BBQ meal, and the food was even boxed up and taken out to cleanup volunteers and tornado survivors at their homes and in the field.

This group fed volunteers and survivors in Garland, Rowlett, Farmersville, and Copeville, and also traversed to other areas in the country who were flooded.

You just never know about these types of organizations until you need them, and I am so grateful for their service and hope I can give back what I took in the meals.

What drives people to do evil when there is so much good around? How can someone pretend they are tornado victims and shop the donations at the church? This is precisely what happened the first night I helped sort clothing. What I thought were two displaced families, were people who came in pretending to have lost their house. They shopped the clothing, even offering to open boxes and "help" which in reality meant they wanted to shop the boxes as well.

When they were politely forced to leave because they were in the way of volunteers sorting and because one of the volunteers knew they had no damage, they went to the First Baptist Church in Famersville to shop their donations. They were found out because they complained to Farmersville that Copeville turned them away and a volunteer in Farmersville called Copeville to ask why. These people even went so far as to show photos of someone else's damaged house on their cell phones to the Farmersville volunteers.

How does someone do that? How do you take stuff donated by kind-hearted people, which is meant for someone else in need, and lie about it in the hallowed house of God?

Shelley from Dollar General said that if people had been really bad in this world, they could possibly make it into heaven for doing what my husband and I were there doing, buying bags full of medicines for others. Yet we don't want recognition. I only mention our help because there is a compelling story to tell, and it should be heard.

My family, friends and I helped this little community because we are so incredibly grateful that it wasn't us. And I like to think that if that tornado had remained on it's path toward Wylie, that our neighbors from Copeville would have come out to help us.

That tornado was above us, because it rained down rubbish all over our neighborhood. In doing so, it sent me out of the comfort of my home and domain, and forced me to do something for someone else, something for someone other than myself. That tornado forced me to meet some incredible people I would never have met otherwise.

It's no surprise why I like Jamee so much. She leads her own battle for women who are left sickened by their breast implants. She seems to be a one-woman army of compassion, intelligence, and the will to educate women about it by sharing her own story.

I've seen good and I've seen bad in this effort, and sadly the bad is what leaves such a bad taste in my mouth for humanity. Still, we cannot allow those few bad people to dissuade us from helping others and from doing good. We must not allow ourselves to become overwrought with cynicism. It's not as easy as it sounds though.

I can only continue to do what I do to help others, and know that somewhere a just God sits and watches, and I find comfort in the knowledge that those who need to be judged harshly, will be.

Pete Sessions the Florida Homesteader

Can someone explain to me why my congressman, Pete Sessions is still pretending to live in Texas? Even his garden gnome can't stand being left alone!

No seriously. How is it that Sessions and his wife Karen Diebel claim a homestead in Florida, and not in Texas, yet Pete's staff swears on stacks of bibles that he lives in Texas? That is certainly some feat of  prestidigitation.

In fact, you decide for yourself. Does Pete Sessions live in Texas, where constitutionally he is sworn to, or does he live in Florida?

Below is Pete Sessions' Dallas County Central Appraisal District tax record.

Note in the photo above that under exemptions, there are none.

If there existed a Homestead Exemption on Pete's Dallas home, it would look something like this:

Yet when we examine Pete Sessions' Florida property owned with his wife Karen Diebel, we notice something interesting - the existence of HX or Homestead Exemptions from 2012 to present. So how can that be when Pete Sessions claims he lives in Texas?

In the photo above, you will note there clearly exists a Homestead exemption on Pete's Florida home. Why? Because Pete Sessions lives in Florida.

Case closed.

Pete Sessions and the Great Do Nothing

Photo credit: https://fumbledreturns.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/do-nothing1.jpg
And the sun sets on yet another day of Congress and their nonsensical political games. I swear these people running our country are the intellectual equivalent of a third nipple. Useless unless you want them to suck something dry.

Today Congress passed yet another ridiculous bill knowing full well it will be vetoed. Incredibly, the shiver is running all across our sofas this evening, looking for someone, anyone who's spine it can possibly run up. Are you excited at their great feat yet?

In a manner we've become used to, today marks yet another "show vote", just so ya'll can applaud and pat your Congressman Petey RePetey Sessions on his backside when he comes around for town halls saying, "Lookie what I did!" for pretending to pass legislation that he already knew would be vetoed. Is there really anyone left out there buying this bullshit from Pete Sessions, because if you are, you truly need a lobotomy.

Yesterday, Uncle Pete posted all sorts of strong words aping some massive dislike of Obama's Executive Action on Guns. Seriously? Pete Sessions is responsible, along with a dozen or so others, for passing every piece of Obama legislation for the past two years. The hell?

And whoa Nellie, when I said as much in my comment on his Facebook post, I noticed a whole lotta hatin' going on. In fact, a huge percentage of comments on his post show me that people really hate that man.  So why the heck is he still sitting in office?  For the love of God, people, vote that piece of excrement out already.

It's not like you don't have other options. We've got Russ Ramsland, Paul Brown, and Cheri Myint Roughneen (say that name three times quickly, I dare you). Honestly, Paul Brown's new baby could do a better job legislating in his diaper than Sessions has these past two years. 

If you're buying the bag of crap Pete Sessions is selling, there is just no hope left for you. 

Lamesville Attack on Katrina Pierson

Photo credit: Katrina Pierson Facebook
Lamesville called the liberals and they want their regurgitated 2014 attack on Katrina Pierson back.

A Facebook pal sent me a link to a blog-site claiming that Pierson collected unemployment benefits while still working. Jeez 'o Petes, are little whiny girls really going to play the semantics game as they look for any tool possible to attack Donald Trump?

Accusations like those made by writers for liberal loon sites Addicting Info and Daily News Bin all relate back to a Texas Observer article written during Pierson's 2014 run for Congress against Pete Sessions. The article lists $11K unemployment collected by Pierson, which by the way was made public as part of her  required campaign financials. It's not like she was attempting to hide her unemployment stint or anything.

The article also highlighted Pierson's shoplifting conviction from over two decades ago which is purely old news being recycled yet again in a half-assed attack on Trump, through her. He's the real target here.

The article sent to me is full of nothing but speculation. There are no document copies or links to anything that corroborates the accusations. Why? Because they have no proof other than the mysterious word, "work".

Oh my actual good gosh and golly, Pierson "worked" on a campaign while collecting unemployment benefits. Really? This is their big claim against her? So where's the unemployment commission's case?  Where's the big investigation? It's over the rainbow along with all the other nonsensical tripe.

The article cited is shamefully make-believe, because Pierson was not paid for her volunteer work on Ted Cruz's campaign for Senate, though these liberal ass-trumpets certainly intimate she was.

The term "work" has been bastardized here in a pretend game of Candyland, where the pesky little fact that Pierson did not get paid one thin dime for her volunteer work on Cruz's campaign is candy coated over. Frankly, she didn't get jack out of the man, and barely a mention during her own campaign.

Yet the preposterous accusation is made that she bilked the unemployment commission out of money. The article links all pretend to show some sort of "proof" yet they relate back to an old article written in 2014. This attack is totally lamesville and I am left yawning.

She's Baaaack!!!!

From Pete Sessions' Weekly Newsletter addressing the Tornadoes in Garland and Rowlett:
"If you have been affected by these storms and need assistance please click here to learn more about the shelters, resources, and services near you. If you would like to help with the relief efforts, please contact Kim Locus at Kim.Locus@petesessions.com to join members of my staff in Garland and Rowlett on Saturday."
Note the contact name. In my best Johnny voice, She's baaaaaaaack.