Divided States of 'Merica

Photo credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-z8bZNVAS2u8/UVWkXBhjlrI/AAAAAAAAosM/hNV4a0yS8WI/s1600/12160OBAMaDONKEY.jpg

By now you have either watched or heard snippets of President Obama's Disparate of a Union speech and it brought shivers to your spine. This man wreaks of crotchety, ill-tempered warrior.

Not only has Obama fundamentally changed, "'Merica," as he promised in 2008, but he plans to damage it as irreparably as he possible can with his illegal executive actions. Yes, I heard his ghastly voice in my head there as well.

As much as people prized hating the Dubbya, I think Obummer takes the cake. Not only is he widely and passionately hated, but he hates us with a passion as well. Sadly, this is something we have never had to endure from any POTUS ever, until now.

What a crap-bag legacy to leave. Moreover, what a crap-bag "first black president" to offer up to the people. He did absolutely nothing to heal racial tension in this country, rather he perpetuated it with his snide remarks and selection of favorites from appointments to his selective highlight of crimes.

I shudder to think what this jackass has in store for us. I shudder just thinking that I even feel compelled to call the President of the United States, the greatest nation on earth, a jackass. For he turned this nation into a world-wide laughing stock full of infighting misfits.

For all his exultations of glory for his black members of society, Obama certainly left them worse for the wear.

So his final days heading up, "Merica" will consist of spending to his heart's content on whatever strikes his twisted fancy. Why? Because boners like Rep. Pete Sessions (R-?) handed him a blank check with that handy Omnibus bill they passed in December. Idiots.

When they fund crap like that and then turn around and claim they are using another bill to completely defund Obamacare as their test pilot, they are absolutely full of it. They have no desire to test the bill, they only care about scoring a show vote so they can come home and tell their constituents they did what we asked, when in reality they did the opposite.

If our congressman Pete Sessions and others like him were serious about defunding Obamacare, the illegal amnesty program, Planned Parenthood, and the Syrian Refugee resettlement program, they would vote 'no' for funding them, every time, without fail. But they haven't done that, have they? They funded every bit of Obama's 19 Trillion debt and coupled with the Omnibus they voted in favor of, it should rightfully be the final nail for some of these scumbags in DC, including Pete Sessions. But will it?

One can only imagine the damage that will have to be undone once we get a Republican president in office. And should we get Hillary Clinton instead? Well then, we deserve everything we get, for who would be the idiots then?

I cannot wait until this man is out of office, and I pray that we can one day live up to that greatest nation on earth bit once again. One thing is for sure, as long as Obummer is running this country, we are no longer united.