Election 101

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There has been recent gossip among voters and civic leaders alike about a statement made by Russ Ramsland during his campaign. It's as if he said some horrible thing when in reality, all he said was he did not exactly wish to run for Congress. Personally I think it's all much ado about nothing.

Ramsland certainly didn't wake up one day and say, "Hey, let's run for Congress!" In actuality, he lamented, thought, and prayed on the decision for months. But I would expect that out of my candidate. I would expect them to have some consternation for the job they are about to offer themselves up to like a sacrificial lamb. Any candidate that doesn't have a certain amount of dread is fooling themselves, and worse yet fooling us.

Yet the words have been tossed around and whispered about as if Ramsland is some sort of cartoon villain with a Russian accent. He is none of that. Ramsland has thought on the process, thought on the outcome, and thought on the Washington environment. If anything he has shown he actually uses his head and thinks about things before just jumping in.

In stark contrast Pete Sessions can't wait to be your congressman. He gets a willie just thinking about all those millions he's raking in up there in D.C. He's having a good old time rubbing elbows during cocktail hour, and playing good guy/bad guy all on our dime. So what if every now and again he has to sully himself by flying to Dallas and checking in at the Regency Hotel. It's all part of the game, you know.

Allow yourself to imagine even a hundredth of truth to House of Cards. That ought to make you shudder about what goes on in Washington D.C. and the type of character who can't wait to get there.

Is saying you never really wanted to run for Congress the keenest thing to point out in a campaign? Probably not, but it is certainly not the stupidest. I can think of a whole lot stupider stunts that have come out of Pete Sessions, like pairing himself in a mailer with Sen. Jeff Sessions on immigration, when in realityville Pete's actions have directly supported amnesty.

To shore up support, Sessions has been visiting Wylie with regularity for the past 9 months. Partly because he's angry like a two year old girl with her pigtails too tight that Katrina Pierson won Collin County two years ago, but mostly because he wants to buy votes.

The Sessions camp has been in Wylie stabbing his signs into the ground wherever they can get away with it, regardless of whether they got approval from the landowners or not. They even illegally placed a sign in the right-of-way. This about sums up their regard for us or the law.

Where was Sessions after the 2014 election? Did you see him in Wylie? Where was Sessions prior to 2014 when he got the pants beat off him in Wylie by a girl. That's right, you didn't see him. He forgot Wylie was even in his district, rather hobnobbing on his rare trips to Texas with the important peeps in Highland Park and Park Cities. Pete Sessions only cares about Wylie when it's time to vote. Do I really need to point the obvious out?

Shouldn't we be suspect of someone who is gung ho about hanging out in D.C. with its incredibly toxic culture? Ramsland has certainly not said he didn't want to be anyone's congressman or that he wouldn't represent us.

Ramsland has spent quality time assessing whether he should run or not, rather than getting all up in voters faces with some faux sis-boom-bah routine. His deep contemplation of what voters need in a representative is actually admirable.  Quite the opposite of Sessions in fact.

Sessions has hammered our mailboxes because he has millions of dollars to toss around, not because he cares one lick about us and our plight. He so much as told us at his Garland town hall meeting last year, that when he is in D.C., he represents the GOP leadership, not us. Those are his words.

It is easy for us to sit in our comfy seats, armchair punting reasons why someone shouldn't get our vote because they are not turning cartwheels for us in some grandiose display, but I think we should consider why someone would go through all the acrobatics.

Personally, I believe the experience with the Washington culture that Ramsland has had in his past, and his demonstrated in-depth knowledge of how things work in D.C., coupled with his desire to leave that place running back to our principled way of life, makes him the best candidate of the three running. We don't need any more stinking career politicians. Nobody has stated that more clearly as part of their platform than Ramsland.

I don't want our Congressman to be giddy with excitement about being my representative. I want them to take the job seriously. I want someone who cannot stand D.C. and is willing to take our battle there, not fit in like another dog in the pack. Ramsland has shown in his campaign speeches that he is unwilling to play those go along to get along games.

So Ramsland said something people don't like. I would rather he tell it like it is, than just tell us something we want to hear.

Washington is nothing more than a confluence flow, like a backed up sewer that explodes a stench throughout the neighborhood. Sessions really digs that culture, 20 years worth in fact. It makes his pants dance with delight.

Yet, when someone admits they don't want to sully themselves with the smut and slime that is D.C., somehow it provides a bizarre reason to turn back to supporting Sessions. Indeed I've seen it, because Sessions has been in Wylie buying sign locations. At one prominent Wylie home in particular, where once a Pierson sign stood two years ago, now sports a Sessions sign, making credibility a laughing stock.

I get how and why the sign placement took place, but is it right to be afraid of our congressman? Is it right that if we don't show support he won't do anything for us? Did we somehow forget it is his flipping job to so stuff for us whether we support him or not? That's how it was intended by our founding fathers. Is it now us who are beholden to Sessions the God over us? Wowser.

I cannot make the connection between supporting Pierson two years ago and then going back to supporting Sessions two years later. Evidently his voting record doesn't matter to these people.

What's worse, someone that could go back to supporting Sessions obviously has no trouble with his direct defiance of the Constitution, which states our representatives must reside in the state they represent.

It has well been proven Pete Sessions lives in Florida and is only pretending to live in Texas. Even in one of the most legal statements a homeowner can make, shows he avows his homestead is on the Florida property and not on the Texas property. Florida is where his homestead exemption is. If you don't find issue with this, you may as well wipe your backside with your pocket Constitution then.

There are three viable candidates running against Pete Sessions, with plenty of opportunity to select one that has the ability to take our principles to Washington and not Washington's lack of principles to us. Sessions isn't one of them.