Laubenberg's Twighlight

                               Jodie Laubenberg                                         Dalton Lytle

Quite a few people have asked me what I think of the Dalton Lytle race against Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, so here it is.

To be honest, I like Laubenberg. I supported her fully in the past and voted for her without hesitation. She has done some great things for us in the past. But the past is the past.

After multiple pleas to her to vote for Scott Turner for Speaker last session fell on deaf ears, this go around I simply cannot support her again.

A group of Collin County's top conservatives met with Laubenberg in her home at the beginning of last session. We outright asked her to support Scott Turner for the Speaker race and she outright refused. She essentially told us, her voters, her constituents, that she knew better. Strike one.

During the meeting, it was intimated that she was looking for some sort of special committee chairmanship as her motivation for supporting Straus for Speaker. She insisted up, down, and sideways that it simply wasn't the case. Doubtful.

Laubenberg had come off a high after her abortion bill win, and was pining for a chairmanship on the Health and Human Services commission. It became obvious as the session played out that she was selling her soul to Joe Straus for a chair. Strike two.

I did not blog about our meeting at the time, out of respect for Laubenberg. Like I said, I really like her. I figured I would wait and see how it all played out. And play it did.

When Straus essentially punished her for her past support of Ken Paxton for Speaker, the bubba clearly holds grudges, Laubenberg was tossed an Elections Committee chairmanship and then Straus made her completely irrelevant by tossing any major campaign finance issues to his pals. Laubenberg sat relatively idle, twiddling her thumbs for the entire session. Strike three.

With her decision to support Straus, Laubenberg made herself completely useless to us. There cannot possibly be any changes toward conservative leadership without a change at the top. She knew this.

Worse yet,at that fateful meeting in her living room, when we asked her to trust us and vote for Scott Turner, she came up with lame excuses as to why she wouldn't. She intimated he was weak and wouldn't get the job done, yet the man took his speaker race to the floor, an incredibly difficult task he mastered. In my opinion, when the cards all fell, she had egg on her face.

Laubenberg's had a good run, and after well over a decade it's time to retire her.

I have met Lytle and his wife. They are upstanding citizens and super committed to this race. There is nothing halfsies about Dalton. He is all in.

Lytle is a very strong conservative with dual PoliSci, and Management Information Systems degrees from SMU. He has served as President of Collin County Conservative Republicans and on the executive committee for Collin County Republicans so he has some pretty strong knowledge of how things work in Austin, as well as pretty strong backing in the district.

This is my official endorsement of Dalton Lytle for Texas House District 89.