Pete Sessions and the Great Do Nothing

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And the sun sets on yet another day of Congress and their nonsensical political games. I swear these people running our country are the intellectual equivalent of a third nipple. Useless unless you want them to suck something dry.

Today Congress passed yet another ridiculous bill knowing full well it will be vetoed. Incredibly, the shiver is running all across our sofas this evening, looking for someone, anyone who's spine it can possibly run up. Are you excited at their great feat yet?

In a manner we've become used to, today marks yet another "show vote", just so ya'll can applaud and pat your Congressman Petey RePetey Sessions on his backside when he comes around for town halls saying, "Lookie what I did!" for pretending to pass legislation that he already knew would be vetoed. Is there really anyone left out there buying this bullshit from Pete Sessions, because if you are, you truly need a lobotomy.

Yesterday, Uncle Pete posted all sorts of strong words aping some massive dislike of Obama's Executive Action on Guns. Seriously? Pete Sessions is responsible, along with a dozen or so others, for passing every piece of Obama legislation for the past two years. The hell?

And whoa Nellie, when I said as much in my comment on his Facebook post, I noticed a whole lotta hatin' going on. In fact, a huge percentage of comments on his post show me that people really hate that man.  So why the heck is he still sitting in office?  For the love of God, people, vote that piece of excrement out already.

It's not like you don't have other options. We've got Russ Ramsland, Paul Brown, and Cheri Myint Roughneen (say that name three times quickly, I dare you). Honestly, Paul Brown's new baby could do a better job legislating in his diaper than Sessions has these past two years. 

If you're buying the bag of crap Pete Sessions is selling, there is just no hope left for you.