Pete Sessions the Florida Homesteader

Can someone explain to me why my congressman, Pete Sessions is still pretending to live in Texas? Even his garden gnome can't stand being left alone!

No seriously. How is it that Sessions and his wife Karen Diebel claim a homestead in Florida, and not in Texas, yet Pete's staff swears on stacks of bibles that he lives in Texas? That is certainly some feat of  prestidigitation.

In fact, you decide for yourself. Does Pete Sessions live in Texas, where constitutionally he is sworn to, or does he live in Florida?

Below is Pete Sessions' Dallas County Central Appraisal District tax record.

Note in the photo above that under exemptions, there are none.

If there existed a Homestead Exemption on Pete's Dallas home, it would look something like this:

Yet when we examine Pete Sessions' Florida property owned with his wife Karen Diebel, we notice something interesting - the existence of HX or Homestead Exemptions from 2012 to present. So how can that be when Pete Sessions claims he lives in Texas?

In the photo above, you will note there clearly exists a Homestead exemption on Pete's Florida home. Why? Because Pete Sessions lives in Florida.

Case closed.