Trump, the Ultimate F U Candidate

Tomorrow is the famed Super Tuesday. But with all the jabs, name-calling and  accusations of lying, it is going to be an ugly day at best. As the old Polish proverb goes, this is not my circus and those are not my monkeys.

I never thought I would have to listen to so much nastiness from GOP presidential candidates and their followers, with references by Rubio to Trump's nether region, to innuendo on Cruz's staffing issues, to rumors of gay bubble bath frenzies naming Rubio, I've had enough of the damned circus.

What can I say about where this country is headed? Half of the GOP in this country have a rotten-ass attitude.

On one hand, people want all incumbents out. I listened to voter after voter make their way to the polls in my little town, reverberating a loud, "Anyone but Pete Sessions!" People want to puke violently over these establishysters who made their way into a seat more than a decade ago, and are still hanging on like poo balls on the backside of a sheep. If what I heard at the Collin County polls rings true for Dallas County, Sessions is in deep kimchi and we are on the verge of another Eric Cantor moment.

On the other hand, people want someone so completely foreign to politics that they often ask if the candidates have ever been a politician. If the candidate is a businessman like Russ Ramsland or Donald Trump, they are ecstatic. The conclusion? They don't - want - politicians - period. I honestly don't know how to say it any clearer than that.

People despise politicians so much at the moment, they are willing to overlook the disturbingly caustic, classless, and rude behavior of businessman Donald Trump, for their presidential nomination. Geezus, my grand parents and great grandparents who immigrated here from Poland, are all violently rolling over in their graves over the support of that man. Not in their wildest imaginings could they believe such a thing possible. After what they lived through under Russian tyrants, for the democratic publics to actually want that out of a president is unimaginable.

If people were actually looking for kindness in their politicians, they would be voting for Carson or Kasich, both of whom have stayed out of the bowels of hell. What has usually been the tamer black-glove, face-slapping fest, has morphed into a full-on sucker punching fest, with Trump standing at the top of the hill singing, "Nanny, nanny, boo, boo."

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No doubt here, the GOP is deeply divided. For every Trump voter who piles on with insults and backstabbery, there is an anti-Trump voter who is sick of the bullying tactics, and flocking to support dos Latinos on the ballot.

Both voting sides quite literally hate each other at the moment and I have to admit, I've lost more than one friend over their rabid, frothing-spittle support of Trump. No harm done, because they ain't my kind of monkeys.

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Where you really feel the pulse of voter angst is standing at the polls and greeting voters as they walk up. Many voters come wearing garlic around their necks and carrying a cross to ward off Trump's hairy chest beating, and bare teeth growling coming from his camp.

Then there are the Trump supporters who walk in with boxing gloves, bypassing the "angry-voting" moniker and making it all the way to outright "hate-voting". Trump supporters hate everyone's frigging guts. These people are beyond irate, they are ready to drop a bomb on DC. Frankly, it's frightening.

Trump followers hate what Obama and his swirling-eyed followers have done to this country so badly, that they cannot see they are doing the same exact thing. This knee-jerk reaction explains why someone as classless as Donald Trump, has gained so much popularity.

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Trump is the ultimate F U candidate. He is the one that pissed off white folks are supporting, and I can attest to the steady stream of white people coming in to vote for him.

Even black people are afraid of an angry Trump administration, as many came in telling me they were supporting Cruz, despite being Democrats. Imagine that.

After Obama's eight year divisive reign, even black folks aren't all that interested in swapping the black zealot for the white zealot. Trump scares the bejeezus out of them.

So am I calling Trump supporters racist? Well, sort of. These people are pissed off at Obama, pissed off at the fact he was elected because of his skin color, pissed off that the brown people continue to flood across our borders, and pissed off at the Arabs who want us dead. It's sort of a circumstance in the making. But do I blame them? Not really.

What I am seeing at the polls is a culmination of 5 decades of beating down white people, particularly white males. Whites have been punished with things like Affirmative Action, Black Panthers, Obama guilt, Occupy idiots, petulant award show patronizing, and now Black Lives Matter.

People recently watched Beyonce, the she-devil, twerk herself orgasmic while sporting Black Panthers hate group garb at the Super Bowl half-time show. Then they watched the ho have the nerve to stare up all smiling and googly-eyed at the stands and mouth, "love, love." When reality washed over them they realized what they just witnessed was, pure, unadulterated hatred. Hatred for police, hatred for authority, and hatred for whites.

It's not a stretch to imagine that with Trump knocking, both loving and hating everyone simultaneously, that a new breed of swirling-eyed masses would follow him, just as they did Hitler. Remember how outraged people were that conservatives suggested Obama's reign was similar to Hitler's? Well we're saying the same thing about Trump, as he vows to eradicate massive amounts of brown-skinned people from our borders. I guess instead of gas chambers, he'll use Greyhounds.

Those who are afraid of a Trump reign of terror know there is a far better way to deal with the situation. It requires coming down hard on businesses and people who are hire the illegals. Something I doubt businessman Trump would do. By removing the freebies and severely penalizing their employers,  they will head home on their own accord when the jobs dry up, slowly so as not to collapse the Mexiconomy that exists in the border states.

Those of us living in reality cannot imagine how barbaric such an action would be to watch, as a Friday night roundup of brown skins. Then again, I never imagined how barbaric a presidential campaign could be, or how barbaric voters could be.

Tonight I will have to steady myself for the dread, to once again stand at the polls tomorrow, on what used to be considered an exciting Super Tuesday.  Once again I will watch voter after voter with a baditude head in to the polls to punch that machine vigorously. I wonder if they will be battering that machine for Trump, or countering with Cruz or some other lesser of the evils?

Perhaps Donald Trump is the devil we need. On second thought, perhaps he is just the devil. Guess we'll find out.

Jodie Laubenberg Spanked at Wylie Polls

Dalton Lytle
Jodie Laubenberg

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. State Representative Jodie Laubenberg showed up at the polls in Wylie with only 55 minutes of early voting left. Over the past two weeks I had not seen her there at all but suddenly she picked the absolute worst time she could have possibly picked to show up.

In what was the spanking of the lifetime, voter after voter arrived who knew Dalton Lytle, or had met him at a meet and greet, or who had talked to him earlier in the week. One after one left the polls giving him the thumbs up and saying they voted for him.

Dalton's kids also did a great job of winning voters over as well, despite Laubenberg's campaign manager Suzanne Bowers shouting to folks as they walked up, even to people clearly there just to work out. I supposed it would help if they knew there was a Rec Center behind them as well. Awkward.

Laubenberg busied herself with only a handful of voters during that excruciating 55 minutes. I almost felt sorry for her. Then again, she made her bed and well, you know how the rest goes.

None of this would have happened if she had just listened to her constituents who sat in her living room and asked her to vote for Scott Turner instead of Joe Straus for Speaker of the House in Texas. Instead, she told us she knew better. The moment she uttered those words, she was no longer representing us. Nearly a dozen of us sat utterly stunned. It's sad too, because she had such a great reign.

Laubenberg's active support of Straus caused those top Collin County conservatives to support Dalton Lytle this election season. Regardless of what she thinks, Lytle's run is a direct result of her support for Straus, and had she just listened to her constituents, it is unlikely she would have pulled an opponent.

Still, Laubenberg pulls a good crowd and I'm sure she will get many voters, especially since her campaigners did things like place fully filled out sample ballots in Churches; with her name pre-selected, of course.

Amazingly I heard someone chatting with her at the polls say, "lies about you." I can only hope she isn't denying telling a dozen people that she knew better than us. Because a dozen different people can corroborate that fact.

I have also heard justification rumors from the Laubenberg crowd drinking her Kool-Aid, that Scott Turner ran away so it is just as well she did not support him. Well, that isn't exactly an accurate description of what happened is it? Especially because one cannot correlate Turner not seeking reelection with running away. Had he been successful in pushing Straus out, he would have accomplished his goal whether he remained in office or not, and Texas would have had a chance at real conservative leadership for the future. But we'll never know now will we? We'll never know because people like Laubenberg pledged eternal friendship with anti-conservative Joe Straus.

Yet despite Laubenberg physically standing at the polls in Allen, her 55 minutes allotted for Wylie, and her visits to nursing homes this week, the seed has been planted. A seed which will take root and continue to sprout, and if Dalton Lytle is unsuccessful in unseating her, a forest will grow over the next couple of years. This is the beauty of politics.

I wish Laubenberg well. She has served us dutifully, until the last term that is. It's a tough life being an incumbent right now. However, she let grass grow under her feet and it's now turning into some saplings, and soon that forest will take over.

Introducing THE candidate to get behind for Wylie City Council in May

Introducing Jeff Forrester for Wylie City Council

I know everyone is sick of campaigns at the moment, but this one is simply too important for Wylie voters to ignore. 

Jeff Forrester, who is a Godly and conservative man, is running for Wylie City Council. Not only is he a veteran of the United States Navy, but this man worked for the Navy Seals. Hot digity freaking-dog. 

Finally, someone else with substance I can actually get behind is running, because you know, it's so difficult to support candidates who walk on board unchallenged, those who have been in their seats for years, and those people who lack conviction filing to run at the last minute.

When I met Jeff, I instantly liked him. He's sharp. This man can hold his own, and coming from me, that's saying something. Firmly planted in Wylie, Forrester attends New Hope Church and has a daughter at Wylie High unlike his opponent.

Unfortunately that stale Bennie Jones who does bad so badly, and who was voted out last year because of ethics violations with his former City of Dallas employer, is back and bringing with him a stymieing case of deja vu. Be prepared for his Bennie mobile blasting music to pimp by and stabbing his campaign signs on every corner house down Country Club that he knocked at. 

Best thing ever is that there isn't one attribute Bennie has over Jeff. Seriously. You don't get to work for the Navy Seals by lying on your job application, like Bennie did with the City of Dallas application. 

Forrester is the real deal and is THE candidate to get behind for Wylie City Council in May. He has my early endorsement.

Cartoon Explains Why Laubenberg is in Trouble

Wow, this couldn't describe Jodie Laubenberg's Straus support any better if it jumped up and down and did cartwheels. 

When nearly a dozen of her top conservative constituents sat around her living room and asked her not to support Joe Straus for speaker, she told us, "I know better." Sadly that means YOU NO LONGER REPRESENT US!

I'm sick of giving our politicians multiple passes, and waiting and hoping beyond hope that things will improve. Sadly, politicians hit a decade in office and they get arrogant. This is why we need term limits.

That arrogance is what is wrong with our political leadership. You stop listening to us, we'll drive in a wedge and work to get you out, even if it takes a few terms. Nobody can withstand getting shimmed because time is on our side. We're patient like that.

Litany of an Angry White Dude: The Typical Trump Fan

See this truck? It belongs to what I have discovered is the "typical" Trump voter. Real charming people.

I say this because I have had to deal with them rushing into the polls the past week, all wild-eyed and irrational.

Sunday morning, the man who owns this truck parked at the polls and stormed toward his Trump sign to fix it. It had bent around pretty good as it was buffeted by winds the past several days. You see, he didn't bother finding out what the City of Wylie sign ordinance was, he just placed his Trump signs and came back every day to make sure the cheapie plastic baggie-type sign hadn't slipped up and off the posts. Never mind the fact his signs have been up illegally all night long since Thursday.

I knew Code Enforcement would be back at it again on Monday and if his signs are left up, they would pull them down Monday night.  I thought I would be kind and let him know so he could make arrangements.

Silly me, I should have known what to expect.  It was as if  he thought I had done something to his signs. He said they hadn't taken them down yet. Then he showed his true colors by shouting, "I'm a 36 year veteran. Don't give me no bullshit." Wowser.

I had another swirling-eyed ingrate who used his military service as some sort of shield against following the rules. Like I'm supposed to somehow be indebted to his service with an attitude and mouth like that?

I told him we were on the same team and that he could be nice. He got in his pickup and stared me down, clearly deciding if he was going to come back over and get in my face and intimidate me for daring to respond. Glad he thought the better of it because I believe he would have laid a hand on me. He was that angry. Over his stupid, cheap signs. Over a woman who dared try to help out. Wow, just wow.

This is the Trump mentality so pervasive in this country right now. This man verbally accosted a defenseless woman standing alone at the polls early on a Sunday morning with a completely empty parking lot surrounding her, and on God's holy day! And he cussed her out for trying to help him. Kind of screams Trump, doesn't it? Evidently they are learning from the best foul-mouth, rude, angry white dude in the GOP.

More important, it screams disgrace. This man disgraced our military service members for bullying a woman and invoking the military as an excuse to do so. Except I was married to a Marine and I know what they're taught. They aren't taught to be disrespectful to defenseless women who are trying to be kind.

Voters better wake the hell up and see what they have become. If you have lost all common decency toward other human beings as well as yourself, that you can't be kind to others, then you are disgracing our entire country.

Meanwhile, I put down my campaign sign this morning to chase after a little old lady with a walker headed into the parking lot toward the assisted living facility and memory care truck waiting in the back. It's called common decency, and we all have it within us. Well, all of us that are not Trump fans evidently.

More Poll Greeting Highlights

I love messing with people while I'm standing at the polls. My favorite time is over the weekend, when multiple kiddie parties are scheduled. When I see people bringing up goodies I always tell them how nice it was of them to bring us some food. The response is always entertaining.
Yesterday one of the women took pity on us and brought out cupcakes. People can be so kind!
There was also a Democrat who wanted to debate over Obamacare. I informed him of the people I knew personally who could not afford the premiums and other young adults in college paying the fine instead. He told me they were doing it all wrong then. I can only imagine he meant they should lie.
He also demanded that I agree that it was impossible to commit voter fraud. I informed him that I do my research and it is possible, citing the cases in Ohio during Obama's campaign where there was 100% turnout in a couple precincts, and that it was statistically impossible. He huffed in and gave Ruthie hell inside about having to show his ID to vote. He demanded that his voter registration card was enough. You just can't make this stuff up.
Then there was Chuckie, the retired Democrat and coach from Iowa. Yup, he showed up. He's the one who hovered threateningly over two different petite retired ladies at the polls two years ago, yelling in their faces and trying to intimidate them. I placed my recording of him on YouTube as well as in my blog. Indeed, he tried to have a go at me yesterday; as if that boded well for him.
As you can imagine, I recanted his bullying of those women and I told him to get to stepping right on by me, all while recording the incident. He demanded my name and I told him I wasn't giving it to him. I told him I knew his name, who he worked out with at the rec center, that I wasn't afraid of him, and he wasn't going to intimidate me like he did to those petite women two years ago. I turned my back and he stood dumbfounded, ultimately walking away in silence.
Now I lay in wait for the next round, when he's had time to get good and mad and formulate a comeback. I'll be recording again....

Poll Greeting Highlights

I feel as though I should provide some encouragement by sharing some poll greeting highlights.

Only one in every 10 voters I speak with supports Pete Sessions. No joke.

The resounding message, as people approach the polls, is that they don't necessarily know who they want to vote for but it ain't Pete Sessions.

People are pissed off at Sessions for, "Selling us down the river with the Omnibus bill," as one guy put it. Yup, people actually took note of his vote in favor of funding Planned Parenthood, lest he forget he promised us at his Wylie town hall meeting that he would do everything he could to defund it.

Trump voters are rabid. No, seriously. Their eyeballs are rolled back in their heads as they storm toward the polls. These people are so pissed, they will knock down anything or anyone in their way. Except I might note that, when you're that angry, you are going to get what you ask for.

One woman wearing her Trump hat told me she was voting for Sessions because he was great. Gee, there's an informed voter. She wants an anti-establishment president and an establishment congressman. I wonder if that cognitive dissonance hurts?

Another man walking in with his veteran cap on said he thought Sessions was tops, and when I told him as House Rules Chair, Pete was passing Obama's policies because every piece of legislation passes his desk, he replied, "Not necessarily." Yup, I had me another informed voter. I asked him if he knew what the House Rules Chairman even did and that Pete sets the rules for every piece of legislation that crosses his desk. Seriously folks, don't hurt yourselves thinking too much.

To top off my day yesterday, there was the same DINO (Democrat in name only because in reality they are socialists) that harped at me two years ago during Katrina Pierson's campaign. He comes to work out the same time every day at the rec center wasting my precious time trying to bicker with me and take my attention away from real voters.  I'm on to him.

He wanted to debate and I told him I was working, you know, actually holding a sign for my candidate and I wasn't sharing my personal opinion. After all, if the man wants to debate, he can feel free to reach out to my candidate. I told him I wasn't wasting my time on a Democrat who interrupted a conversation I was having with a person who was actually there to, um vote. Now wait for it. He replied "That's too bad because I'll talk to anyone." Really? Gee, let me see, I work full time, I'm in school full time, I blog, and I am working on a political campaign. You know, if he feels that vehemently about his candidate, perhaps he should take the time out of his busy workout schedule to stand up there and spread his message. When he wants to actually get serious about walking the walk, I'll bother wasting a breath on him.

I'm still waiting for Chuckie. The loud-mouthed Democrat who verbally abused two petite retired ladies volunteering two years ago, causing me to lose their help this time. Who wants to stand out there with a fat man in your face, calling you names and yelling at you? Guess he can't stop reliving his old coaching days. I have my video camera ready for him at all times, just waiting for him to touch me so I can file charges.

Then there have been the absolutely lovely people. The Asian lady who came three days in a row and got my voting recommendations. She was so thankful for my help, she brought me an Asian snack.

There were others who stopped and chatted with me. The elderly vet headed in to workout who popped his suspenders holding up his sweatpants. He teased me that he might ask me to hook it back up for him, to which I shocked him by telling him I might enjoy that. Hard to shock a vet.

There was the Irishman who was headed in with two ladies, and he asked if Ruthie was working the polls because he really loved her. Well, who doesn't love Ruthie? I replied that she was indeed working and she had grown her hair out long now and is quite the hottie. Without a pause he said that in that case, he needed to get in there and steal her away.

There have been loads of people who went in stone-faced, and then came out all giddy and told me they voted for my guy. Many thanked me for standing there and doing what I'm doing. These are the people who make it all worthwhile.

Now on to the polls! And Lord, please don't let Chuckie come today because I'm in a sour mood from only four hours of sleep thanks to a sinus headache last night.

Yup Sessions, It's Called Following The City Ordinance

Where once a dumping ground of multi-colored campaign signs once stood along Country Club, only one row of signs made the cut. Apparently Russ Ramsland for Congress campaigners are the only ones who bothered obtaining a copy of Wylie's sign ordinances.

My Ramsland signs were placed correctly. The others? Well, they were illegal and got pulled by Wylie Code Enforcement. Yup. It's how we do stuff around here in Wylie. We follow the rules.

Then again, if your candidate really cared about Wylie, their ordinances and their people, they might have taken the time to find out a little something something about the place rather than dashing in and out, trying to buy votes during campaign season, and dumping signs illegally.

Somewhere in Wylie, a campaign sign graveyard sighs, as plasticized placards belonging to Pete Sessions and a few others, die a slow and lonely death.

Befuddled by the Clowns Official Endorsements

We are in the swing of early voting and Election Day is March 1st.

Below are my official endorsements for contested Republican candidates in Wylie:

President: Ted Cruz

US Representative, District 32: Russ Ramsland (rest of Wylie)
US Representative, District 3: John Slavens (Riverchase area)

Railroad Commissioner: Weston Martinez

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3: Michael Massengale

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5: Paul Green

Justice, Surpreme Court, Place 9: Eva Guzman

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2: Ray Wheless

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5: Brent Webster

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6: Michael E. Keasler

State Representative, District 89: Dalton Lytle

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 7: David John Schenck

District Judge, 401st Judicial District: Jim Pikl

District Judge, 416th Judicial District: Andrea Thompson

Judge, County Court at Law No. 7: James Angelino

District Clerk, Unexpired Term: Yoon Kim

Campaigning is Like Sex

I have now entered what I coined as "contemplation weekend". It's like that moment when your terrified virginal self allows that first penetration. All your emotions take flight at once and you question everything, and then question nothing. You fall into a tantric trance and your body and mind move together in a beautiful unison.

It is a time when I not only reflect upon all the work that has been done to make it to the early voting stage, but also upon the reasons I selected my candidate in the first place. I also use it as a time to prepare and steel myself for the running of the gauntlet. Standing at polls and making that sales pitch is a bitch. You feel naked and exposed and all the things you dislike about yourself become your worst enemy if you allow them. You must overcome that and reach the conclusion that the voters only see you as an obstacle blocking their insemination of that voting machine. You must do your best to impregnate them with your message and that means using whatever pheromones and sexy images you can grab their attention with.

It is especially difficult for someone as anti-social as I am. I would rather like to hide under my fuzzy blankie at home than stand out there baring my soul. Sure, I learned sales years ago but I left that world behind because I despised it. Yet the tools I learned can be applied in so many areas of life. These tools are now to be called upon one more time.

The next two weeks mean a coordination of volunteer efforts. Thanks to our early voting location being directly across from the rec center, it also means preparing for that nasty retired Democrat with the butch cut that came to the polls every day. He insulted us, yelled at us, called us names and got in our faces trying to intimidate us. It takes every fiber of my being not to unload Detroit psycho potty-mouth on him and sucker punch him. He should be thankful I learned years ago to put that punker girl with the Mohawk, black makeup and strange piercings away. But when I get mad enough, every now and again that side comes knocking and I have to suppress it.

I make it through this grueling and exhausting time sleeping and eating only for survival, and playing that campaign theme song on auto repeat in my head, along with a few other motivational themes. Some people use porn to get going, I use songs.

Two years ago when I did this for Katrina Pierson, I never contemplated the next step. This go around, I have. I am fearful, excited, and shockingly somewhat aroused all at once about the idea that I may have to do this all over again for a runoff. Serious confession time here, there is actually something very sexy about the idea of getting my candidate in office. I suppose because every action for months has permeated my being. I cannot take the campaign out of myself, like the hormonal pump that pushes you to obsess over sex in your younger years.

The climax comes on Election Day when you feel like you are the most important person in the world. Those voters actually do want to talk to you that day. Perhaps only because they are so relieved to have made it on time to vote. Thank God for procrastinators on this day because they truly make that climax fun.

When the day after comes, unfortunately there is no afterglow. The body is exhausted and you sleep like the proverbial man who does his deed and rolls over, leaving you lying there alone and ready to go clean the house because that happy endorphin is now tumbling about.

The afterglow for me comes a couple days after when I finally recover and turn the electronic world back on again. It is then that I realize I want another go. 

It is very difficult for me to turn off the campaign mode. I even entered Kubler-Ross' 5 Steps of Death and Dying after Katrina's campaign. Strangely, I mourned the loss of the campaign and camaraderie instead of my candidate's loss. I so wanted to be with these people who aroused a fire deep in me because they felt really good; like good, slow sex that builds through the grind.

This time I truly believe I will get to do it again. I will get to achieve that multiple climax I wanted so desperately after Katrina's campaign. This time I believe Pete Sessions is going down and we'll be headed to a runoff. I just hope I can go through the recovery phase a little faster this time.

Russ Ramsland's Time is Now

I had a reader reach out to me asking about Russ Ramsland. They were concerned because they claim to have attended 3 events in the district and felt Russ wasn't connecting with the voters.

My response to this individual was:
"I would suggest that the inexperience with campaigning and working a room so to speak, proves Russ is not a professional politician. Isn't that what we don't want?
Frankly, I witnessed those same tendencies you mention in all 3 candidates running against Sessions. The three candidates are a far cry from the oily Pete Sessions who mouths by rote. When Russ is approached, he is very warm, engaging, and truly cares about the district."
In my opinion, what this reader is comparing Russ to is the slick 20 year incumbent presentation that Pete Sessions and other career politicians have down. In fact, they have worked the rooms for so long, they can do it with their eyes closed. 

Truth is, we don't want that. We shouldn't aspire to that. We want average folks going to DC, doing the job, and coming home. If our candidate is "Sessions slick" then we haven't done our job. 

Sometimes you just have to remind people that what we have is a product of years of GOP leadership grooming and primping. Though it may be shiny to look at, I want to spank it for not listening to us, and quite frankly so should my readers. We didn't come this far in our journey together to fall prey to shiny packaging. It's about substance. It's about who has the experience to go up there and not be eaten by their own.

If we don't vote for principle over looks, principle over insults, principle over Trumpertantrums, then we will end up with another Democrat in the White House and another two years of their policy pal Pete Sessions passing their agenda. I simply don't know how to make this any clearer. We must rally behind one candidate.

Russ Ramsland is a principled man and you can hear that in his message.

Hear his message:

View his photos:


I am happy to report that Russ Ramsland is not Pete Sessions. If you want the same thing, then continue voting for the same, stale candidate. 

If you want to send a different message to Washington DC, send a different messenger. It's that simple.   

Another GOP Group Hijacked by Campaigners

When did Wylie's Barbara Bush Republican Women's Club stop being unbiased? 

Seems they have no problem with their president making posts supporting favorite candidates such as this campaign post made today for Jodie Laubenberg, and avoid posting anything on Dalton Lytle.

Dalton certainly has endorsements that can be shared as well. But that's not exactly the point here.

The point is, I had these exact same posts on Katrina Pierson removed from that page during the 2014 congressional race, claiming they only allow "informational" posts and not campaign posts. At that time it became apparent the BBRWC leadership was supporting Pete Sessions through their actions and through their deeds.

So let me get this straight. It's OK for the president to post campaign material for her favorite candidate but not anyone else? 

Actions certainly speak louder than words and it has become crystal clear once again that the BBRWC has become nothing more than a campaign machine for the candidates of their liking.

It's why I no longer give my money to these groups, rather I give it to the candidates of my choice.

Just another hijacked GOP group. 

Bernie's Boobs


A couple weeks ago the phone rang. As always I was the one to answer. I swear, you would think everyone else that lives in this household doesn't know how the phone works. What is that thing ringing? 

The hubster doesn't want to talk to anyone and ignores the phone and the younguns barely tiptoe close enough to hear it announce who is calling. Guess they are afraid of that robotic voice that I programmed in that says, "Mom calling, answer the damned phone. Mom calling." 

Meanwhile, I'm in the shower and my parents go to voicemail while three grown men stand there looking at each other. Don't anyone help the mom out, or anything.

When I answered the phone there was a perky voice on the other end of the airwaves telling me she was with Bernie Sanders and she was calling for my darling son, the youngest in the household. 

Now I don't know what possessed me, but for some reason I found that to be inexplicably, side-splitting hilarious. I burst into massive rounds of laughter, nearly wetting myself, while she waited patiently on the other side. 

When I finally caught my breath, I told her, "You sure picked the wrong house to call. Nobody here would vote for that." Click. Seriously, nobody in this house would be silly enough. 

To me it's an obvious conclusion to draw. How in hells bells can Bernie pay for all the free crap he is promising the young, impressionable, and just plain simple? 

By the very fact that his campaign is calling the youngsters means he thinks they are uneducated and inexperienced enough to buy into the socialist sack of crap he's selling. 

Obviously Bernie knows our educational system doesn't exactly spoon feed our kiddies the founding principles of our country. And many of our kiddies have neither a pocket constitution nor a personal Jesus to consult. 

Good thing I got to my sons' minds before anyone else did. It's called parenting.

Still, there are a lot of people around that are supporting Bernie. People I want to shake violently, slap the eyeballs out of, and tell them to wake the feck up. 

Then it dawned on me. The reason these simpletons can support Bernie so easily, and still look at themselves in the mirror every morning, is because they have no tangible understanding of what $20 trillion dollars of national debt looks like. It's just words. 

In the era of fast money and instant gratification, many people have no understanding. They just make those payments every month, the numbers increase and decrease in their accounts, and they don't ever have to touch, what's that paper stuff called again?  Oh yes, cash. 

With nothing entering and leaving their hands, they have no tangible way to make a measurement. It goes inta and goes outta as simple as that. It's all just numbers that fluctuate on a sheet of paper.

For those of us that can rationalize through what $20 trillion might look and feel like, we easily comprehend that we have a bunch of twerps in Washington DC that have been spending with wild abandon and nothing, nothing is better in this country for it. 

The poor are still poor, in fact many are worse off than they were in 2008. The politicians, now they benefited. They are wealthier than they have ever been. 

When people hear the repetitive and reverberating "change" and "free shit" message, that is something they desperately want to buy into. 

Yet the Bernie boobs keep hoping that the change they were promised by the black one will somehow magically materialize. This time they are obsessing over a wrinkly white dude who has conditioned them to drool like Pavlov's dogs every time he says the word "free". It's almost obscene.

Truth be told, the leaders of this country would have done better to cut a check to everyone with that $20 trillion. Those of us with half a brain would have done something stellar with it. Guess that means the politicians in DC have less than half a brain. It fits.

This country has gone nearly $20,000,000,000,000 into debt and not a damned thing was done to improve the lives of anyone in this country. Not one damned thing. 

You're Invited! BBRW Candidate Forum Announcement

Though all congressional candidates from CD32 have been invited, there is a much larger candidate forum being hosted in NE Dallas County that conflicts with this event. The BBRW were notified of this conflict months ago but decided to move forward holding their event on the same day anyway. In light of this conflict, it appears the CD32 candidates will not be attending this event. 

You're Invited! Texas CD32 Congressional Candidate Forum

NE Dallas County TP Coalition Presents

2016 Primary Candidate Forum
Moderator will be Chris Salcedo of WBAP's Chris Salcedo Show

All candidates running for Congressional District 32 have been invited.

Also featured will be candidates from 
Texas House District 112
Texas House District 113
Texas House District 114

Free to attend and everyone is welcome. 
As an added feature, a Presidential straw poll will be conducted, and winner announced at the end of the program.

Highland Oaks Church of Christ
Dallas, TX 

NE Dallas County TP Coalition is made up of Casa Linda Tea Party, Far N Dallas Tea Party, Garland Tea Party, Richardson Tea Party, Mesquite/Sunnyvale Tea Party & Red Texas Forum

Sessions Intern Causes Quite The Stir

It looks like Team Sessions is at it again with a social media post meant to confuse voters in Congressional District 32.

A cancellation notice went out for an event called Texas 32 Congressional Candidate Forum, causing people to falsely believe that the NE Dallas County Tea Party Coalition event was canceled.

You can see from the message that this individual thought the forum canceled was the tea party forum.

I can only venture to guess how this confusion occurred, because there exists an SMU event which does not appear to have been canceled on Facebook. Obviously there must have been two invites for this event, one conveniently causing confusion when it was canceled.

So I did a little sleuthing and I found out that the Alexandra Douglass who canceled the event lists her employment on Facebook as Pete Sessions' intern.

Yup Uncle Pete, that rather handy man, seems to like his interns young and hot and one can only imagine the diversion he hopes they stir. Literally and figuratively.

I will reiterate that the Candidate forum scheduled for this Thursday which is sponsored by the NE Dallas County Tea Party Coalition is still being  held, though I am pretty certain Pete Sessions hopes it along with the SMU forum are poorly attended.

Team Sessions Hijacks Local Republican Club


Where once we thought Team Sessions rid themselves of the barnacle Kim Locus presented on Uncle Pete's backside, it appears she has been rehired as his campaign director once again. Because you know, she's just so stellar.

It's a terribly long read but if you feel so inclined, you can go on to read it all in context below with red text where I felt emphasis was needed. However in the course of time savings, allow me to give you the highlights here:

In my opinion, Kim Locus is nothing more than an ass hat that hid her employment with Sessions while pretending to qualify as president of a local GOP club. In the real world her employment with Sessions disqualifies her as president, but she takes no note of that. Instead, she felt compelled to write a nastygram to the entire club, showing how adept she is at employing Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Still, there she goes again. Locus is spreading her uber-sunshine all over the place, winning friends and influencing others. And because, well, because she wants her little bubby Sessions to remain in office so bad she can feel the burn.

Problem is, so can everyone else.

From: Susan FountainDate: February 4, 2016 at 11:50:35 AM CSTCc: recipient list not shown: ;Subject: Response to Kim Locus email of Jan. 29, 2016Reply-To: Susan Fountain  Dear Lake Highlands Republican Women Members: If you are are an ACTIVE member of Lake Highlands Republican Women you are receiving this email.  As we believe that silence is tantamount to agreement, we also believe it imperative to respond to the myriad untruths in the email Kim Locus sent to MOST active and associate members of Lake Highlands Republican Women.  (Note that all text in ITALICS is taken from the email letters sent by Kim Locus                                                                 What could be the motive for Kim Locus writing the email dated Jan. 29 attacking two members of Lake Highlands Republican Women and using the quote from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals:  Rule 12:  Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it".  Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.  Go after people and not institutions, people hurt faster than institutions.  (This is cruel, but effective.  Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)When I received this email from Kim, I thought that she has put this rule into practice rather well!!!!!! We want the Lake Highlands Republican Women to continue the strong tradition of following the bylaws of the TFRW and the LHRW and to continue to serve in the political arena and in the community.  It is imperative that our officers be transparent and truthful and reveal their connections with political campaigns so that problems can be avoided.  Only two officers in the Lake Highlands Republican Women are prohibited under certain specific conditions by the bylaws of the TFRW and the LHRW from endorsing candidates, the president and the campaign activities chairman. (See the following sections from the bylaws of the Texas Federation of Republican Women - Article III - Policy, Section l; Article IV, Section 9 A ,7 and Lake Highlands Republican Women by-laws 2015,  Article III- Policy, Section 2. Candidate Endorsement attached).  If Kim had revealed that she was or was planning to work for Pete Sessions as Campaign Director during the Republican Primary Period when she was being considered for the position of President by the Nominating Committee, all of this controversy would have been avoided.  Instead of submitting full disclosure that she was Campaign Director for Pete Sessions, she instead chose to say nothing, purposefully suppressing this information.  Some of you may have received an invitation to an event for JASON VILLALBA, 'KENDRA SCOTT GIVES BACK' that is scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2016 at the Park Cities Club.  Two of the Hosts for this event are KIM LOCUS [our President] and ELIZABETH BINGHAM [our Campaign Activities/Political Activities Chairman]. This, I believe, is a clear violation of the TFRW and the LHRW bylaws that are referenced above and listed below.  Since both Pete Sessions and Jason Villalba have primary opponents the TFRW and the LHRW bylaws are applicable.It is very important for you to know the facts and the truth concerning matters addressed in the letter from Kim. Our goal and desire is to protect and preserve the reputation of our club and its members. We have worked with Kim in campaigns in the past and have not had problems working together. Please refer to Kim's email of Jan. 29 with the Subject:  Resignation from TFRW (sic) I will present the truth from my perspective in the following numbered paragraphs:  1.  Susan Fountain and Linda Russell did not know that Kim Locus was working for Pete Sessions currently until the January 29, 2016 email letter in which she stated, "I have been working for Pete since November and have worked for him for 4 years.  I have done nothing wrongThis did not seem to be a problem when they nominated me and voted me in".  If we, and the members of the Nominating Committee, had been told by Kim that she works for Pete she would have been disqualified before being nominated.  Instead, they were told she was employed by the NE Chamber of Commerce.  Yes, we believe, she purposefully withheld this information from LHRW members. As stated above, she has violated the bylaws of TFRW and LHRW. 2.  I strongly disagree with the statement in Kim's email letter of Jan. 29, "Linda Russell has become so embedded with Eagle Forum that she wants to push their talking points and agenda I removed her from my board as our Legislative person, one because I felt that was not in line with our bylaws, and second because I wanted to give one of our new YR members an opportunity to serve."  She did not state which specific bylaws she is referencing!  I am a member of Eagle Forum.  There is no conflict between the Republican State Platform and the mission of Eagle Forum which is to enable conservative and pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy making so that America will continue to be the land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise.  My views come from my Judeo-Christian Worldview, and I strongly support the Republican State Platform.  Through approximately thirty years as a member of the Lake Highlands Republican Women, I have held many offices including President and I have been the chairman of several standing committees. I has been an active Republican at the local, state, and national level.  I have served as an alternate delegate to the National Republican Convention in 1996 and was a member of the State Republican Executive Committee from 2000-2004.  Recently I have served as the Legislative Chairman and I have provided timely information to our members.  I volunteered to continue serving in this capacity and Kim accepted me as a member of the LHRW board in this position.   On Sunday, January 24, 2016, I was one of three members of the LHRW who held a meet & greet for Russ Ramsland (Pete Sessions' opponent), as individuals and not in the name of the LHRW club.  The LHRW bylaws did not prohibit me from hosting this event while holding the position of Legislative Chairman. However, on Monday, January 25, 2016 at 11:19 AM, within 1 day of co-hosting the meet & greet for Russ Ramsland, I received the following email from Kim Locus, "Linda, First I want to thank you for your past support of our club, but I have decided to go with another person as our legislative director.  I have decided to give one of our newer members a chance to serve.  Thank you Kim Locus".   (Note: the email just quoted was prior to her email letter of Jan. 29)  The timing of her email dismissing me inclines me to believe it retaliatory.  3. At the January 12, 2016, LHRW board meeting, Susan Fountain and I were concerned that information about candidate events and requests for volunteers would not be distributed in a timely fashion.  Kim said that she would have all candidate websites posted weekly in a Lake Highlands Republican Women newsletter along with timely information for the membership. Elizabeth Alvarez Bingham, Campaign Activities Chairman, explained the exact form that candidates would need to use for their information about events and volunteer opportunities for their information to be published.  After Kim Locus and Elizabeth Alvarez Bingham explained their plan for distributing the information through a weekly newsletter, the board agreed that the system should be fair and work well for all concerned.  However, there have been no regular weekly newsletters. There has been only one "test" newsletter and only presidential candidates were listed.  No other information has been sent out about primary voting, early voting, etc. It was stated in Kim Locus' letter that "Susan Fountain and LindaRussell pitched a fit". You can ask members of the LHRW board that attended the meeting about this false accusation. The meeting was respectful and orderly. 4. In the next paragraph of the Jan 29 email letter from Kim sent to the LHRW membership she stated, "I moved our board meetings out of Pete's office as well as our Monthly Meetings. I moved them into Lake Highlands to attract more members within the area.  Then Susan and Linda scheduled and hosted a meet n greet with Russ Ramsland in the same spot.  I told them that I would now have to find another spot for our meetings because now it looked like an implied endorsement of our club because we had pushed (sic) out that Audelia Library was our official meeting spot." The reason I believe that Kim felt compelled to move the location for our meetings was that I had contacted the President of TFRW, Theresa Kosmoski about this matter.  Ms. Kosmoski's response was as follows:  "Linda, As you know, we have a responsibility to be fair to all of our Republican candidates.  It is my opinion that, at this time, conducting your club meetings at the headquarters of a Republican candidate who has a primary opponent would telegraph a message that the club is endorsing that particular candidate, and as such would violate TFRW policy as outlined by our Bylaws.  Your club should meet elsewhere until at least after the primary election has concluded.  Thank you, Theresa."  I had sent a copy of this letter to Kim prior to the Jan. 12 board meeting that was held at Pete Session's Headquarters.  When we discussed a place to hold our LHRW monthly meetings at the board meeting, we suggested the Audelia Branch Library to Kim Locus.  5. On January 23, at 8:52am  Kim sent a very terse email to Linda Russell, Susan Fountain, and Jane Howell because we had scheduled two "Meet and Greet" events at the Audelia Branch Library to be held on Jan. 24 and on Jan. 26 where the LHRW had met a few days earlier.  One of these events was for Russ Ramsland, (Pete Sessions' opponent in the upcoming Primary). The email read as follows:"We will no longer have our meetings at the library.  This now look like an endorsement of our club.  I am very disappointed in the deception.  You may vote and support who you would like but atleast (sic) own it ladies. Kim Locus."  We had planned the Meet and Greet events at the library prior to the LHRW scheduling the January monthly meeting there.  The library's meeting room is available to those organizations that meet their guidelines and pay the fee.  There was no deception on our part.   We are not bound to ask approval or serve notice to LHRW.  The event was hosted by interested individual voters who happen members of the LHRW, and in no way by the LHRW club. 6. On January 23, 2016 at 10am Kim Locus prominently posted on Facebook as her profile a photo of Pete Sessions' District Director, herself, and Pete Sessions, all attired in monogrammed jackets promoting Pete Sessions for Congress, and listing her position as "Director of Campaign."  Apparently this was in response to her being newly aware of the impending Meet N Greet on January 24 for Pete Sessions' opponent, Russ Ramsland.   (See photo at the end of document) 7. Kim states in the Jan. 29 email letter, "This is all personal coming from Susan and Linda and I find it offensive and insulting". Susan and I are not attacking Kim personally, but we do expect all board members to comply with the TFRW and the LHRW bylaws.  We find it curious that Kim would be offended by being informed that she had violated our bylaws.   Kim also states, "It has also come to my attention that there is a statewide agenda from Eagle Forum and Cathy (sic) Adams to infiltrate our boards, shut out those who disagree and stack the message in favor of her run for Vice Chair."  This is a false accusation and there is no basis to support her unfounded assertion. 8. According to the LHRW bylaws, it is the duty of the lst Vice President to perform the duties of the President in her absence.  Since the 1st Vice-President has evidently disqualified herself from assuming the duties of the President, the question then becomes who is qualified to appoint an interim President.  Should it be Kim Locus who was in clear violation of TFRW and LHRW bylaws when elected or should it be someone elected by the LHRW membership?  Likewise Elizabeth Alvarez-Bingham, when appointed as interim President by Kim, was also in violation of TFRW and LHRW bylaws and therefore ineligible.  While serving as Campaign Activities Chairman she was a member of the host committee for an event for Jason Villalba, a candidate who is opposed in the Republican Primary.                                                                                                                                           Through the years it has been the policy of the Lake Highlands Republican Women to abide by THE BYLAWS OF THE TEXAS FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN and THE BYLAWS OF THE LAKE HIGHLANDS REPUBLICAN WOMEN.  Please find attached portions of both TFRW and LHRW By-Laws by which we are governed.                           We have nothing personal against Kim Locus or Elizabeth Alvarez Bingham.  In the past Kim, Linda and Susan and Elizabeth have worked together on Republican matters and campaigns and we had no problems.  Elizabeth had not been a member of our club until last year, and we are looking forward to working with her.  We as members expect our leaders to lead with integrity by following the bylaws clearly as set forth for our local club and the parent organization TFRW. We have worked tirelessly for Lake Highlands Republican Women to make our club one that deserves respect and recognition, and we will continue to do so.  Sincerely,Linda Russell, past President of Lake Highlands Republican WomenSusan Fountain, past President of Lake Highlands Republican Women

According to the applicable sections of the BYLAWS OF THE TEXAS FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN as posted on the TFRW website that are not being adhered to are the following:
Section 1. Candidate Endorsement:
The President of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, the Vice-President - Campaign Activities, and local clubs, their Presidents and Campaign Activities Chairmen shall not publicly
endorse any candidate for public office in contested Republican Primaries,
Runoff Elections, Special Elections and/or non-partisan elections when more than one Republican is in the race. No
candidate shall use the TFRW logo in any political advertising, and any political advertising shall contain the following disclaimer: "This endorsement is given by the individual(s) only, NOT
the Texas Federation of Republican Women."
Section 2. A local club shall include the following provisions in its bylaws:
C. A statement of policy that the local club, its President and its Campaign Activities Chairman shall not endorse or work for any candidate for public office in contested Republican Primaries,
Primary runoffs, and/or Special Elections.
Section 9. Removal of Local Clubs:
The Texas Federation of Republican Women may remove local clubs from membership by two-thirds (2/3) vote of its Executive Committee present and voting.
A. Causes for Removal:.
7. Publicly endorsing or working for a known candidate of another party in a partisan or non-partisan race where one or more Republicans are in the race, or endorsing a candidate in a
contested Republican Party Primary, runoff or special election by the club, its President or Campaign Activities Chairman. Exception: other than at a regular club meeting, a club is
allowed to be involved in a voter education program or forum that concerns a non-partisan election and the candidate's party affiliation is not announced. If the President or Campaign
Activities Chairman violates this policy, it shall fall to the local club to remove her from office. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the club from the Federation. (my emphasis)
The applicable sections of the BYLAWS OF THE LAKE HIGHLANDS REPUBLICAN WOMEN - 2015 as written in the 2015 LHRW directory.
Article III - Policy
Section 2. Candidate Endorsement: This organization, its president, and its campaign activities chairman shall not publicly endorse any candidate for public office in contested Republican
primaries, runoff elections, and special elections, and/or non-partisan elections when more than one Republican is in the race. Individual members of this organization, with the exception of
the President and Campaign Activities Chairman, may work for any candidate of their choice in contested Republican primaries but not in the name of the organization.
Article VI. Officers and Their Duties
Section 2. Duties of Officer
The Vice Presidents shall perform the following duties:
The 1st Vice President shall perform the duties of the President whenever the President is absent or otherwise unable to serve and shall serve as Program Chairman. She shall perform such
other duties as the President may designate.
The 2nd Vice President shall serve as Membership Chairman, maintaining contact with members and keeping accurate records of names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers,
interests and abilities of members. She shall perform such other duties as the President may designate.
The 3rd Vice President shall serve as Campaign Activities/Political Action Chairman, shall have a full understanding of local, state, and national political activities, keep the membership
informed and encourage participation. She shall perform such other duties as the President may designate.