Another GOP Group Hijacked by Campaigners

When did Wylie's Barbara Bush Republican Women's Club stop being unbiased? 

Seems they have no problem with their president making posts supporting favorite candidates such as this campaign post made today for Jodie Laubenberg, and avoid posting anything on Dalton Lytle.

Dalton certainly has endorsements that can be shared as well. But that's not exactly the point here.

The point is, I had these exact same posts on Katrina Pierson removed from that page during the 2014 congressional race, claiming they only allow "informational" posts and not campaign posts. At that time it became apparent the BBRWC leadership was supporting Pete Sessions through their actions and through their deeds.

So let me get this straight. It's OK for the president to post campaign material for her favorite candidate but not anyone else? 

Actions certainly speak louder than words and it has become crystal clear once again that the BBRWC has become nothing more than a campaign machine for the candidates of their liking.

It's why I no longer give my money to these groups, rather I give it to the candidates of my choice.

Just another hijacked GOP group.