Bernie's Boobs


A couple weeks ago the phone rang. As always I was the one to answer. I swear, you would think everyone else that lives in this household doesn't know how the phone works. What is that thing ringing? 

The hubster doesn't want to talk to anyone and ignores the phone and the younguns barely tiptoe close enough to hear it announce who is calling. Guess they are afraid of that robotic voice that I programmed in that says, "Mom calling, answer the damned phone. Mom calling." 

Meanwhile, I'm in the shower and my parents go to voicemail while three grown men stand there looking at each other. Don't anyone help the mom out, or anything.

When I answered the phone there was a perky voice on the other end of the airwaves telling me she was with Bernie Sanders and she was calling for my darling son, the youngest in the household. 

Now I don't know what possessed me, but for some reason I found that to be inexplicably, side-splitting hilarious. I burst into massive rounds of laughter, nearly wetting myself, while she waited patiently on the other side. 

When I finally caught my breath, I told her, "You sure picked the wrong house to call. Nobody here would vote for that." Click. Seriously, nobody in this house would be silly enough. 

To me it's an obvious conclusion to draw. How in hells bells can Bernie pay for all the free crap he is promising the young, impressionable, and just plain simple? 

By the very fact that his campaign is calling the youngsters means he thinks they are uneducated and inexperienced enough to buy into the socialist sack of crap he's selling. 

Obviously Bernie knows our educational system doesn't exactly spoon feed our kiddies the founding principles of our country. And many of our kiddies have neither a pocket constitution nor a personal Jesus to consult. 

Good thing I got to my sons' minds before anyone else did. It's called parenting.

Still, there are a lot of people around that are supporting Bernie. People I want to shake violently, slap the eyeballs out of, and tell them to wake the feck up. 

Then it dawned on me. The reason these simpletons can support Bernie so easily, and still look at themselves in the mirror every morning, is because they have no tangible understanding of what $20 trillion dollars of national debt looks like. It's just words. 

In the era of fast money and instant gratification, many people have no understanding. They just make those payments every month, the numbers increase and decrease in their accounts, and they don't ever have to touch, what's that paper stuff called again?  Oh yes, cash. 

With nothing entering and leaving their hands, they have no tangible way to make a measurement. It goes inta and goes outta as simple as that. It's all just numbers that fluctuate on a sheet of paper.

For those of us that can rationalize through what $20 trillion might look and feel like, we easily comprehend that we have a bunch of twerps in Washington DC that have been spending with wild abandon and nothing, nothing is better in this country for it. 

The poor are still poor, in fact many are worse off than they were in 2008. The politicians, now they benefited. They are wealthier than they have ever been. 

When people hear the repetitive and reverberating "change" and "free shit" message, that is something they desperately want to buy into. 

Yet the Bernie boobs keep hoping that the change they were promised by the black one will somehow magically materialize. This time they are obsessing over a wrinkly white dude who has conditioned them to drool like Pavlov's dogs every time he says the word "free". It's almost obscene.

Truth be told, the leaders of this country would have done better to cut a check to everyone with that $20 trillion. Those of us with half a brain would have done something stellar with it. Guess that means the politicians in DC have less than half a brain. It fits.

This country has gone nearly $20,000,000,000,000 into debt and not a damned thing was done to improve the lives of anyone in this country. Not one damned thing.