Cartoon Explains Why Laubenberg is in Trouble

Wow, this couldn't describe Jodie Laubenberg's Straus support any better if it jumped up and down and did cartwheels. 

When nearly a dozen of her top conservative constituents sat around her living room and asked her not to support Joe Straus for speaker, she told us, "I know better." Sadly that means YOU NO LONGER REPRESENT US!

I'm sick of giving our politicians multiple passes, and waiting and hoping beyond hope that things will improve. Sadly, politicians hit a decade in office and they get arrogant. This is why we need term limits.

That arrogance is what is wrong with our political leadership. You stop listening to us, we'll drive in a wedge and work to get you out, even if it takes a few terms. Nobody can withstand getting shimmed because time is on our side. We're patient like that.