Introducing THE candidate to get behind for Wylie City Council in May

Introducing Jeff Forrester for Wylie City Council

I know everyone is sick of campaigns at the moment, but this one is simply too important for Wylie voters to ignore. 

Jeff Forrester, who is a Godly and conservative man, is running for Wylie City Council. Not only is he a veteran of the United States Navy, but this man worked for the Navy Seals. Hot digity freaking-dog. 

Finally, someone else with substance I can actually get behind is running, because you know, it's so difficult to support candidates who walk on board unchallenged, those who have been in their seats for years, and those people who lack conviction filing to run at the last minute.

When I met Jeff, I instantly liked him. He's sharp. This man can hold his own, and coming from me, that's saying something. Firmly planted in Wylie, Forrester attends New Hope Church and has a daughter at Wylie High unlike his opponent.

Unfortunately that stale Bennie Jones who does bad so badly, and who was voted out last year because of ethics violations with his former City of Dallas employer, is back and bringing with him a stymieing case of deja vu. Be prepared for his Bennie mobile blasting music to pimp by and stabbing his campaign signs on every corner house down Country Club that he knocked at. 

Best thing ever is that there isn't one attribute Bennie has over Jeff. Seriously. You don't get to work for the Navy Seals by lying on your job application, like Bennie did with the City of Dallas application. 

Forrester is the real deal and is THE candidate to get behind for Wylie City Council in May. He has my early endorsement.